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Restart Home
Author: Hydra Cat
Alternative names:重启家园
Genre: Action, Sci-fi

Restart Home

Chu Xiang wakes up and realizes that the world is dead…

T virus ravages the whole world in a short time, only 10% of the 7 billion people have immunity, and More than 300 million people have died from the chaos caused by the virus. There are only 400 million human beings on the 510 million square kilometers of the earth. In addition, there are countless zombies and creatures infected by viruses, land, sea and air. They are all the time. Hunting the surviving humans…

What school flowers, police flowers, hot flowers, radish flowers, in the face of danger and hunger, they are just the vassals of men, ‘the real thing to survive!’ Female star? Give you a box of pure and unpolluted mineral water for change? Jade girl? A bag of cookies, please dance and do it? Miss Qianjin? Sorry, in this world where ants can kill, they can only be eliminated.

The food crisis has forced surviving humans to self-help in the wild. The neon-lit squares are now flourishing, and the once-populated buildings are now pigs. There is no shackles and pollution. Without nine to five and Sunday, when you are fine, you can go to the ruins to find valuable treasures. When you are bored, you can make friends with your former girlfriends…


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