Retirement Life

Chapter 10 Grape picking

In the summer morning, it is very early in the morning, and the people in the village are used to getting up after dawn. Occasionally, the bark of dogs makes Lin Mo, who is lying in bed, come back to life.

He slowly turned his head and looked out of the window for a long time, realizing that it was already dawning, Lin Mo entered the space, lay a bit stiff for a night, and took a sip of spiritual spring water as usual.

The small tomatoes that are planted in the space are also irrigated with Lingquan water every day, and the branches have grown to be as thick as a small tree. The small tomatoes on the thin branches are also ripe, and they are hung up in a bunch, looking at it from a distance. Bunch of red grapes.

Lin Mo folds it down and walks to the small 'medicine land' while eating. The small part that was thrown into the space has been planted by him, because he wants to make it grow faster and better. A medicine field, Lin Mo poured a lot of spiritual spring water.

After getting the seeds, I continued to plant it, so I tossed it a few times in a row, but I tossed a small piece of "medicine land" to Lin Mo. Because I was not in a hurry, Lin Mo didn't water them with spring water, just let They are so kind.

Lin Mo stood aside, staring at them while eating little tomatoes. After eating the last one, he washed out the dirt on the soles of his feet and went out of space.

After having a good breakfast, everyone took the tools and left the house to go to Guolin. Because there was still an injury at home and two three-year-old children, Lin Chen stayed to visit the house.

Within a few days, the fruit tree on the tree was about to ripen, and some green fruits had powder on the surface a few days ago, Lin Mo stomped and picked a peach, gently wiped the fluff on the surface and bite Take a sip, the ripe peach juice is very sweet, Lin Mo's mouth bends, and his mood improves a lot.

Because of the rush to make wine, everyone took a short approach to the bottom of the cliff and began to pick grapes. The vines are very strong, and it should be decades to look at the vine age.

The vines almost covered the entire cliff face. Lin Mo watched that they had stopped picking the five big baskets and stopped them. As for the rest, they gave up.

The five large baskets are enough for Lin Mo to make two barrels of wine. The two men worked together to bring the basket with grapes up and pushed it home after the car was installed.

Lin Mo went back with his father in a cart. Others were picking other fruits in the fruit forest. The cart was not large, and they could only put three baskets at a time.

The path is not the flat concrete road or the asphalt road, but the kind of potty dirt road, which is full of mud when it rains. This kind of road was previously seen by Lin Mo, who fled to the countryside before he fled. At that moment.

It was raining at that time, and the road was full of yellow mud. At that moment, Lin Mo took a few steps and the whole man fell into the mud.

The road in the village is flat, maybe the fruit forest here is deserted, so it doesn't matter much about the road here.

Lin Mo followed the cart, and the road here was bumpy, and they could only slow down to prevent overturning.

Lin Mo put his face down and only looked at the cart. After thinking about it, he asked, "Dad, does anyone have a donkey cart in the village?" The rickshaw is too tiring, but unfortunately, the people here do n’t use cattle car.

"There are donkey carts, but those who have donkey carts are used to pull goods or take people to town. They want to use donkey carts to make money. How can they lend us?"

"Okay, just follow along." Father Lin saw Mo Geer's face was a bit too white, and said quickly.

Some Lin Mo, who couldn't breathe, saw that Lin didn't seem to have any difficulty, and knew the difference between their physical constitutions, and gave up.

Lin Mo released his hand and walked beside the car slowly, because suddenly he straightened up, his head was a little **** and painful, and Lin Mo's eyes turned black instantly. It took a few seconds to slowly restore his eyes, during which Lin Mo kept slow. Moving forward, it seemed unaffected.

Finally, the bumpy road was gone, and the clothes behind Father Lin were soaked in a thin layer of sweat, pushing the car up the avenue, and Lin's original bowed back was straight.

Lin Mo returned to his previous position and continued to push carts. On the way, he met or greeted villagers in the past, all of which were his father's response. Lin Mo just lowered his head and said nothing to push the cart.

"Dacheng, why don't you get in here?" Father Lin, who was going home, saw Cheng Yan standing not far from the doorway, surprised.

"Uncle Lin, I have just arrived."

The car was parked at the door, and before Lin Mo reacted, the basket on the car was removed. Lin Mo looked at it and saw only a strong back. It didn't take long for Cheng Yan to come out and the two eyes collided.

Cheng Yan glanced at the young man standing by the car panting, seeing his white, abnormal face, his frown slightly, but passed away momentarily.

"Thank you for coming here, just wait for your help to move in the barrel you brought in. I am worried that the barrel will be too heavy. Brother can't move it. His brother can't get up now."

"No problem, I have nothing to do today." Cheng Yan said, shaking his head.

"Dad, brother, you are back!" Lin Chen stepped out of the room, holding Lin Xiaoya in her arms.

"Well, look at Xiaoya Xiaonan, and make your fourth brother not too tired. Dad went to Guolin."

Father Lin told him, and then went out.

"Brother Cheng." Lin Chen greeted.

"Well, do I need to do anything?"

Because the man and his brother also wanted to avoid suspicion, Cheng Yan didn't expect to have too much contact with Lin Mo.

Lin Mo took a break and calmed down, washing a bunch of grapes for his nephew and niece, and let them sit on a small stool not far away, then began to deal with the three large baskets of grapes set aside .

Cheng Yan helped fetch water from the well. After filling the water tank, Cheng Yan stood by and watched the teenager squatting by the water basin to wash the fruits.

Lin Mo washed a bunch of grapes and laid it on a bamboo dustpan. He stood up with both hands holding the edges and holding it. It seemed to be squatting for a long time. The blood circulation was not smooth. The ground stepped back a few steps.

"All right?"

There were some low voices in his ears, and Lin Mo's ears trembled sensitively.

"It's okay." Lin Mo whispered, shook his head slightly, and when the sight in front of him returned to normal, he distanced himself from the man.

"Your complexion is a bit abnormal, have you taken a rest?" Cheng Yan said withdrawn, still a little uneasy.

Lin Mo's eyes flashed in surprise, Lin Mo was a little surprised by the man's observation ability. It stands to reason that after drinking Lingquan water in the morning, other people could not see that he had not slept all night because There are no dark circles.

Recently, Lin Mo often suffered temporary blindness for a few seconds, which was also caused by lack of blood and blood caused by not sleeping all the time. Lin Mo thought that he would use the spring water to recuperate this body for one month. The body's constitution should be able to As in previous life, at least there will be no temporary blindness.

"No, only physical reasons." Lin Mo denied.

Lin Mo put the bamboo dustpan covered with grapes aside and let the water drain, and then went back to wash the grapes. Lin Chen also squatted in another basin to help wash. When Lin Mo washed and put it in the bamboo dustpan to take it, Cheng Yan first Pick it up and set it aside to dry.

Lin Mo froze for a few seconds, looked up, and waited for Cheng Yan to turn around and lower her head to continue washing the grapes.

The cleaning work is very fast. After an hour, all the grapes have been washed and put in the shade to dry. Lin Mo stood aside and moved some sore hands and legs, then went into the kitchen.

Not long after, Lin Mo came out with a pot of herbal tea and put it on the stone table, and asked them to come and drink tea to quench their thirst. This tea was made by Lin Chen before going to the fruit forest, and now it has been cooled.

The leaves floating in the tea are mint leaves, which are usually grown near ponds, river banks, river beaches, and other places near the water. This mint leaf was picked by Lin Mo before.

"Cool and cold ~" Lin Xiaoya took a sip, and seemed to be stimulated by Mint's unique coolness, her body shook, and then she turned her lips and looked up at Lin Mo, milking her milk.

After Lin Xiaonan took a sip, his face wrinkled tightly and his tongue stuck out, trying to drive the cold air out of his mouth.

Lin Mo touched Lin Xiaonan's head and said nothing, grunted and drank a bowl, and finally eliminated the drowsiness in his head.

God knows why he suddenly wanted to sleep just now. If it was usually Lin Mo who had already returned to the room to make up for sleep, after all, this sudden drowsiness was exactly what he expected every night but not.

But there is still a lot of work today, Lin Mo has no time to sleep at all.

It didn't take long for Father Lin to deliver the custom wooden barrels yesterday. Cheng Yan got up and went out, moved the wooden barrels in. The wooden barrels used to make wine are the same as modern ones. Others who do n’t understand will feel Somewhat strange.

According to Lin Mo's request, Cheng Yan brushed the two barrels several times, then wiped off the water with a clean cloth, and set it aside to dry it.

Lin Mo moved the drained grapes to the stone table and put things in wooden barrels in order of two layers of grapes and one sugar, while Lin Chen and Cheng Yan continued to carry the two big baskets that Lin had just returned. Grapes are washed and drained.

After they both washed the grapes, Lin Mo's side was almost ready. There was a little empty space in the barrel. Lin Mo closed the lid and tightened it tightly.

"Cheng ... Brother, can you help me move this bucket into the house?" Lin Mo looked at Cheng Yan with an unnatural expression.

"Yes, you can lead the way." Cheng Yan nodded, and easily lifted the barrel filled with grapes with both hands.

Lin Mo nodded and took him to the grain silo. Lin Mo Yuguang kept watching Cheng Yan. He didn't expect this manpower to be so big. Also, this man's body was similar to his older brother as a soldier. Where to go.

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