Retirement Life

Chapter 13 discuss

Lin Mo told them about it, but he didn't know how to make it. He made dried fruits, but he had eaten jams and canned fruits. He only ate them and never made them. The specific steps were not clear.

However, it is similar to make a simple version. Anyway, the novelty is very profitable at the beginning, and Lin Mo does not plan to use them for long-term profit.

"What is this ... jam? Canned fruit? Will anyone buy it when we make it?" Lin Mu was a little worried.

"You can do some first and sell it in town. If someone buys it, we will do more." Lin Cheng said.

They are not sure, but Lin Cheng knows that someone will buy this, and there are many, and their family started to make money in this past life.

After the first life, Lin Cheng can now see Lin Mo's restraint and faint alienation at this time. It seems that Lin Mo has just arrived soon, and at this time he has not completely regarded them as family members.

When Lin Mo heard Lin Cheng's words, he turned his head and looked a little surprised. In his few memories, the elder brother Lin Cheng rarely spoke, and in the eyes of others, he was an honest farmer.

He didn't expect that the first person to agree with him would be Lin Cheng. Lin Mo tried to explain it to them. It seems that it is not needed now.

"Father and mother, the fourth brother made something very delicious, and it can definitely sell for money." Lin Chen looked left and right, and when no one spoke, he said, even if they could n’t sell it, they could eat it. Anyway, Lin Xing thinks that the fourth brother makes something delicious.

"Are we going to set up a stall in the town?" Lin Xing looked up and asked, he really wanted to go to the town to see. There were many things in the town. They had been there once before, and Lin Xing wanted to see the last one Read on.

"Daddy and mother, anyway, it's been a while since we're busy with farming, and we have nothing to do. We might as well try Mo Geer's method. The fruits are all from our own fruit forest. Even if we don't sell them, we won't lose much money." Lin Seeing that everyone else was talking out, Dasao advised after thinking about it.

Lin Dazhen feels that he can make money, and the hawkers in the town who sell candy canes also make money by selling them.

Lin Mo heard others support him, blinked, and looked down at them slightly.

"We didn't say we didn't agree ..." Mother Lin said with a smile and scolded.

"What else do you need? Dad get it." Father Lin said.

"Let's go to the town tomorrow, if you don't, you can only find someone to do it ..." Lin Mo thought for a while and said.

Dried fruits can be packed in small cloth bags. If you want jam or canned fruit, you need to use a special container. I do n’t know if it is in town, but there are advanced fruits. Should n’t they be worse? Lin Mo was a little uncertain.

This era is not ancient as Lin Mo knows, so he will not look at it with his inherent thoughts, maybe it is true in the town.

"Where do we sell our wine? Dad and brother know which restaurants in the town will collect it?"

Lin Mo thought that although the problem of fruit wine brewing was solved, it seems that he still has to find a buyer's channel. He can't take the wine to the town to set it up, right? It is estimated that no one bought the stall to sell wine.

"There are indeed several wine shops in town, tomorrow ..."

"Dad, we can sell wine to Zuiyunlou." Lin Cheng suddenly said.

"Drunk Cloud Tower? This ..." Father Lin heard hesitantly on his face.

Although Zuiyunlou's reputation in the town is not as great as that of the first restaurant, there are still many tourists.

Although Zuiyunlou is in the name of their third daughter Lin Lanfu's family, Father Lin still does not want to collect them in the name of his in-laws. If the quality of the wine they make is good, it ’s better to say, but the key is that they do n’t know the wine yet. how is it.

If you mess it up, the relationship between the two will definitely become awkward, and after that, Lin Lan will probably be in an unflattering position at the Yan family.

When Lin's father was still alive, the relationship between the Lin family and the Yan family was fine. After all, they were business partners and friends, so the two became close relatives.

But by the time of Lin ’s father, the Lin ’s family had changed from a merchant to a peasant, and the exchanges between the two had gradually decreased. The relationship between the two was still maintained.

This is why Father Lin never thought of selling fruit wine to Zuiyunlou.

"Just try it. I didn't say I had to sell it to them. If it doesn't work, go to the wine shop."

Lin Cheng knew his dad's concerns. In the last life, it was because these did not go to Zuiyunlou at the beginning. After that, there was no small trouble later. Although the Yan family took the help later, they were also troubled by those people. fork.

Lin Cheng knows how good the wine made by his younger brother is. The Yan family has industries all over Laos. If the wine was brought to Zuiyunlou from the beginning, with the background strength of the Yan family, there would be no wrongdoing. People have the courage to trouble them.

"I made a small altar before, so I can show it to them."

When Lin Mo and Lin's mother went to town before, they paid close attention to the news in the town. Naturally, they knew that Zuiyunlou's status in the town. Compared with restaurants, restaurants are naturally better restaurants.

Lin Mo is confident in his craftsmanship. If he can, he still wants to cooperate with the restaurant.

"Isn't Zuiyunlou's brother-in-law's home? We can say something to my brother-in-law." Lin Xing scratched his head and said, "No, just tell my brother-in-law directly. Is it necessary to think about it here?"

Lin Chen patted his stupid brother's head, asked him to shut up, and he didn't expect what he could think of, and there was no problem he could solve with a single word.

"Then take it to see tomorrow, and I also have something to ask Alan." Lin mother finally decided, but did not give Father Lin a chance to refuse.

"Then I'll go with you tomorrow ..." Lin Cheng saw his mother respond, and knew that the matter was mostly resolved.

"It's not good for you to get hurt. I'll go with your mother and Moge tomorrow."

"But ..." Lin Cheng hesitated to see his father refuse.

The previous Lin family's industries were managed by Lin Cheng and Lin Chen. Lin Cheng was also used to doing this by himself, but he did not expect that he was still injured.

Lin Cheng knew that his father and mother didn't understand this, and he hadn't seen his brother Lin Mo talked about business with anyone, so he asked the three of them to go. Lin Cheng was really worried that this business would be successful.

"Since it belongs to my brother-in-law's family, as long as the quality of the wine has passed, there should be no problem."

Lin Mo did not expect the relationship between the host family behind Drunk Cloud House and their in-laws. Since this is the case, things will be simpler.

As long as the problem with the wine is not big, that's basically fine. As long as Zuiyunlou sells the wine, even if they have a regular wine supplier, Lin Mo can let them buy his wine.

Lin Cheng heard Lin Mo's words, thought for a while, and nodded in agreement.

As a family relationship, as long as the quality of the wine is qualified at the beginning, the Yan family will not refuse, and Lin Cheng knows that if they do not refuse after a bite, Lin Cheng knows his brother's ability to make wine. The taste is unique, others can't imitate it if they want to imitate it.

After the matter was settled, other people also went back to the room to sleep. On the bed, Father Lin tossed and thought for a long time, always feeling that his wife-in-law had just said something strange.

"What to do over and over again? Are you sleepy if you don't sleep so late?"

"Father-in-law, you just said that it was Mo Ge's business to find Alan someday?" Father Lin turned and lay flat on the bed and asked.

"Well, I always think Cheng Yan and Mo Geer are not suitable. I want to ask Alan if there is a suitable candidate." Lin Mu thought for a while and said.

"Why aren't they two? Didn't you see Cheng Yan today? There are few people who can talk diligently ..."

"Is this how you chose Mo Geer's husband? Neither of them loves to talk, and I don't see that they are interested in each other."

Today, she looked at them from time to time, but she could not see what they did, and at noon she deliberately vacated the position next to Mo Geer. She gave them both a chance to get along. I didn't look at each other a few times.

"Both of them are a bit restrained. How can they be seen in such a short period of time? If it doesn't work, we will ask them what they mean when everything is done." Lin said.

"Also, although Cheng Yan's life experience is a bit confusing, but it's been a year since it was okay ... Besides, even if we want to find other people, we have to ask Mo Geer what he means."

In fact, Father Lin was very optimistic about Cheng Yan. Although Cheng Yan had no land at home, he had good hunting skills. Moreover, Mo Geer would also be allocated a few acres of land after he got married, and he would not be full.

The only thing to consider is, is Cheng Yan interested in his brother Mo Geer? Father Lin intends to observe for a few days and then ask Cheng Yan, if not, there is still time for Mo Geer to find other people.

"Then let's talk later." Lin Mu thought for a while and said.

That night, Lin Mo lay in bed with his eyes closed to rest, and his ears sang unique insects in the night.

It didn't take long for Lin Mo to fall in love with the life here. Here he can eat and warm himself, as long as he cooks and plays with children every day, and occasionally think of some ways to make money.

Do n’t have to watch out for zombies and abilities all the time. Except that you ca n’t sleep at night, everything here is too beautiful, so beautiful that it makes Lin Mo feel a bit unreal.

In the middle of the night, Lin Mo, who couldn't sleep, went into Lingquan space to kill time. There was only one Lingquan and a piece of land in the space. Besides that, there was white fog around. At a certain time, Lin Mo tried his best to walk into the white fog to see what was inside Things are blocked by an invisible barrier.

Lin Mo drew an area on the field to plant a tuber medicinal plant. When I planted it, I didn't remember that the plant had to be planted in water. I didn't realize it until I got the second generation of the plant, but

Continue planting after seeing little change.

In addition to the medicinal plant, Lin Mo also planted a lot of things, such as bunches of tomatoes, purple grapes, and other seasoning plants. Anyway, what he sees pleasingly will be thrown into the space and planted at will, and then water it After some spiritual spring water let it grow freely.

If there is no magical effect of the spiritual spring water, according to his method, I am afraid there will be no crops in space.

Lin Mo picked a bunch of purple grapes and sat under a fruit tree. He looked at the Lingquan not far away while eating.

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