Retirement Life

Chapter 25 Uncle Wu did n’t see him (included in the V announcement)

In the evening of the Lantern Festival, there are a lot of fun on the street, and there are also many stalls selling things. Some people gathered around to guess the crossword puzzle and win the lantern, while others were playing acrobatics.

"There over there ... there are fire-breathing fires." Lin Xiaoya patted Cheng Yan's shoulder excitedly, the other finger was not far from the right.

"Where? I'll take a look!" Lin Xing heard, his eyes lit up. After talking with Lin Mo, he ran away, and many people who spoke before were not allowed to run away.

"Huan? Wait a minute ..." Before Lin Mo finished, Lin Xing ran away.

"Let's go and see." Cheng Yan said to Lin Mo.

"Then let's hurry over, and I'm worried that Axing's kid will squeeze into the crowd later." Lin Mo frowned slightly.

With so many people on the street now, I am going to be shoulder to shoulder with strangers when I walk. They walked a little harder, Lin Xing's kid and the courage to walk around in the crowd. Sure enough, the most uneasy thing in the family was Lin Xing.

"Uncle Wu is gone." Lin Xiaonan followed Lin Xing's eyes and saw that Uncle Wu ran far away and couldn't see, Lin Xiaonan said quickly.

"We lost Uncle Five." Xiaoya turned to look at Uncle Four, her face full of tension.

"It's okay, we can see it in the past," Lin Mo said, touching Xiaoya's head.

But one who didn't notice was met by someone who walked by. Lin Mo took a few steps back without taking precautions. Cheng Yan quickly turned around and walked over.

"Is it okay?" Cheng Yan said nervously.

"It's okay, it's just taken a bit." Lin Mo shook his head, but his arm was slightly numb.

"Hurry up my clothes. There are more people here."

Lin Mo nodded and walked next to Cheng Yan. But after they passed, they couldn't see where Lin Xing was.

"Can't find it." Lin Mo looked at Cheng Yan anxiously.

People here and there, Lin Xing, a ten-year-old child, couldn't see anyone as soon as he squeezed in. Lin Mo's mind is a bit messy now, and it seems that someone was a trafficker in ancient times. When there are many people and children, isn't it the time when traffickers are most active?

"You held Xiaoya and waited in front of that shop, I went in to look for it." Cheng Yan put Lin Xiaoya in Lin Mo's arms and pointed him to a shop door where few people were walking.


"Obviously, if Lin Xing is inside, I will find it soon." Cheng Yan touched his cheek and looked at his eyes and said.

"... Okay." Seeing Cheng Yan's calm eyes, Lin Mo's flustered heart settled for the time being.

"Be careful in the past, don't let people run into it." Cheng Yan told.

Lin Mo held Xiaoya and nodded. Then he stood in the same place and watched Cheng Yan holding Xiaonan into the crowd. Lin Xiaonan clasped Uncle Cheng's neck with both hands and looked around.

"Uncle Four, where are we going now?" Lin Xiaoya held Lin Mo's neck in both hands, wondering.

"Go and wait for your uncle Cheng, there are too many people here." Lin Mo took Xiaoya up and hugged tightly, and walked to the place that Cheng Yan pointed to just now.

Lin Mo found an empty and bright place to stand, however, Xiaoya had eaten half of the sugar candied gourd in her hand and had not seen anyone return. Lin Mo, who was originally calm, slowly showed some anxiety on his face.

Here on Lin Xing, he squeezed in for a while and felt a bit boring, thinking about leaving. Unexpectedly, all of them turned around after turning around, and they were still crowding forward.

Lin Xing's heart panicked for a moment, and then he remembered that he seemed to be running too fast, and the fourth brother did not keep up. Lin Xing is small, surrounded by middle-aged and tall people, and his eyes are blocked. Now he doesn't know which direction to go.

No way, Lin Xing could only bite the bullet and find a small number of people to squeeze out. After going out, go to the fourth brother and let them go. If it doesn't work, go back to Zuiyunlou first.

After Lin Xing struggled to squeeze out the crowd, he looked around, but found that they had not visited the place before. Lin Xing casually found a direction to go, looking for someone while recognizing the location.

After walking for a while, I finally saw a familiar person. Lin Xing's eyes brightened and he hurried to run over there.


After discussing business with friends, Yan Ningxi, who was about to take someone back to the drunk Yunlou, heard some familiar sounds behind him, turned to look at it, and found that the man was his little sister-in-law.

Yan Ningxi looked behind him, but found no other members of the Lin family, and could not help but frown slightly. "Axing, why are you alone? Others?"

When Lin Xing heard her brother-in-law asking this, she felt guilty, but still told the truth honestly. After Yan Ningxi listened, her brows frowned even deeper.

"Brother Yan, since your little sister-in-law met you, it will be all right. What I have to do now is to find other people. I guess they are in a hurry right now." The young man standing beside Yan Ningxi spoke out.

"Yeah, yeah, find Brother Si and Brother Cheng as soon as possible." Lin Xing looked up at the man who helped him speak, and quickly agreed.

"Brother Yan, I'm sorry, otherwise you will go back to Zuiyunlou first, I will pass later." Yan Ningxi apologized.

"Nothing, anyway, the matter has been settled, I will go with you to find out, just to see how this Lantern Festival is different from previous years." Yan Yan laughed.

Seeing this, Lin Xing walked beside his brother-in-law and described his approximate location. After walking for a long time, Lin Xing, looking around, seemed to see a familiar figure, Ding Qing took a look, and found that it was Sige and Xiaoya.

"Brother-in-law, I saw four brothers ..." Lin Xing turned to look at Yan Ningxi with a happy expression, then turned around and ran to Lin Mo without waiting for him to say anything.

"You slow down ..."

"Brother Yan, your little sister-in-law is quite out of character." Yan Yan laughed.

"Four brother! Four brother!" Lin Xing shouted as he ran over.

Waiting until Xiaoya had finished eating a bunch of sugar gourds before seeing Cheng Yan return, Lin Mo was anxious that she was going to find it in person, and heard Lin Xing's call from the right.

Lin Mo's heart that had been raised was finally put down, and what followed was anger and anger. Lin Mo hugged Xiaoya, walked over, stood still, and looked at him blankly.

"Four brother ... what's wrong with you?" Lin Xing, who was unresponsive, finally realized that his fourth brother was wrong.

"Uncle Five, you are bad! Make Uncle Four angry!" Xiaoya said arrogantly, holding Uncle Four's neck.

"Four brother ..." Lin Xing saw Lin Mo keep looking at him with expressionless expression, immediately persuaded, reached out and pulled his clothes, and whispered.

"Very patient, so many people dare to squeeze in." Lin Mo said with no expression.

"Uh ... I didn't think so much at the time ... What about Brother Cheng and Xiao Nan?" Lin Xing looked around, trying to change the topic.

"I'm looking for you, Xiaoya didn't return after eating a bunch of sugar gourds."

"Yes, yes, both Uncle Cheng and my brother left for a long time, I will tell Uncle Liu when I go back and let him hit you!" Lin Xiaoya clenched his fists and made a move to punch him.

"Whoever hits is not necessarily ..." Lin Xing muttered in a low voice.

"Mo brother, why are you and Xiaoya? Other people?" Yan Ningxi came over and asked.

"Going to find Lin Xing, I haven't come back yet." Lin Mo glanced at Lin Xing and said, Lin Xing stood by and pretended not to speak.

"Let's hug Xiaoya." There are many people here, and you won't find acquaintances if you pay little attention. Yan Ningxi knows that Lin Mo must not dare to put Xiaoya down.

"Trouble." Lin Mo nodded.

"Uncle Three, why are you here? Where is Aunt Three?" Lin Xiaoya put her little hand on Yan Ningxi's shoulder and asked.

"Your three aunts are at home." Yan Ningxi laughed.

"Oh, who is this uncle?" Lin Xiaoya looked at Yan Yan standing aside, wondering.

"I'm your third uncle's friend." Yan Yan smiled.

Lin Mo glanced at him, knowing that he was Yan Ningxi's friend and stopped paying attention to him. Then he continued to look in the direction that Cheng Yan had disappeared before. The dim warm light of the lantern made him faintly see the familiar figure.

When he heard Xiao Nan's voice in the distance, Lin Mo was sure that Cheng Yan was back. Lin Mo was completely relieved. Before long, Cheng Yan approached Xiao Nan.

"Brother Cheng ... I'm sorry, it's all my fault ..." Lin Xing saw Cheng Yan coming over with sweat on his forehead and obediently bowed his head to admit his mistake.

"Wait back and let your mother talk about you!" Lin Mo poked at Lin Xing's head.

"It's okay, just be fine."

"Put Xiaonan down and wipe your sweat." Lin Mo said. Fortunately, today he listened to Lin's words and took his handkerchief.

Cheng Yan put down the man and took the handkerchief Lin Mo handed him. He hesitated to wipe the sweat. Cheng Yan felt inexplicably that this handkerchief was a waste of rubbing on him.

"Brother! Just four uncles bought me a sweet gourd ~" Lin Xiaoya asked her three uncles to put her down and ran to Lin Xiaonan to share with him.

Lin Xiaonan heard that, looking up at the four uncles in front of him now, looking forward.

"Buy it for you in a moment." Lin Mo touched his head.

"Four brother, what about me?" Lin Xing heard, rushed to his side and asked in a low voice, his eyes full of expectation. Obviously, he had forgotten what had happened.

"Do you still want to eat?" Lin Mo looked at him blankly.

"Well, don't eat if you don't eat." Lin Xing asked again.

"The children of your father-in-law's family are kind of funny." Yan Yan, who was standing beside Yan Ningxi, watched their interaction and laughed. This is much more lively than the children in his family.

"Indeed, every time I talk to them, I'm very relaxed." Yan Ningxi looked at them standing not far away and laughed.

"Go back and wash it before I give it to you." Cheng Yan saw that the handkerchief in his hand had been wet for most of the time, a little embarrassed.

"It's okay, I'll give it to you." Lin Mo frowned slightly and smiled.

The dim warm light was reflected on Lin Mo's face, and Wei Yan's eyes were full of light, making Cheng Yan who had been looking at him for a moment lost his sight.

It also made me occasionally look up to see Lin Mo's face Yan Yan shaking for a few seconds, and after returning to God, she talked to Yan Ningxi without any difference.

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