Retirement Life

Chapter 29 education

After Lin Mo was dressed up and down, everyone else went out, and the children of the Lin family walked in. The clothes they wore were also red and looked particularly festive.

"Wow! Uncle Four is so beautiful, and his clothes are also pretty red, like red sugar gourd!" Lin Xiaoya broke away Lin Xing holding her hand, ran to the bed, put her hands on Lin Mo's legs, and stared up with bright eyes. He sees.

The words in the front are fine, but the words in the back are like candy gourds. Why is this so strange?

"The clothes are slippery." Lin Xiaoya carefully touched Lin Mo's clothes.

"Okay, why are the three of you standing there? Come and sit and I have something to say to you." Lin Mo said helplessly.

"I feel like the fourth brother today is a little strange, so I hold it." Lin Xing smiled embarrassedly.

Lin Xing stepped aside and sat in a chair. Lin Chen took Xiao Nan to the fourth brother and hugged him to the bed to sit. Then she also held Xiaoya to the other side and sat down. After finishing these, she sat on another chair.


"Huh? What's the matter? Brother Si." Lin Chen looked up, wondering.

"If you are interested in doing business, you can learn from your elder brother, but you must go to the academy to study seriously in a few days."

"Ah? Ah Chen, you're going to the academy." Lin Xing heard that there was some gloating, but Lin Chen hated reading.

"You're going, too, what's the joy?" Lin Mo glanced at him with no emotion.

Since the Lantern Festival that night, Lin Xing has been a little embarrassed at the situation of the fourth brother looking at him without expression, so Lin Xing obediently sat down in position.

"After the second brother goes to Beijing to pass the imperial examination, our family will move there, and the elder brother's shop is only in the early stage, and it will grow bigger and bigger in the future, maybe bigger than Zuiyunlou.

Therefore, it is necessary for you to go to the academy to study, and you must study it carefully, not just for fun, and there is not much money for you to play in the family ... "

"Four brother, we are all in their teens, and they started school at the age of eight, and we are two years later than others." Lin Xing couldn't help but say.

"It's not for you to take a test of your fame, at least until you can recognize the characters. Don't let your second brother be an official in the court, his brother is still illiterate," Lin Mo said.

"If we recognize the characters, we can let the second brother teach us later, don't we have to go to the academy to study?" Lin Chen asked.

"Four brother, how do you know that second brother will pass the exam?" Lin Xing whispered.

"Oh, Brother Wu, you actually doubt the strength of Brother Brother, and I won't tell ... oh ..."

"Don't make any noise, when did I doubt it ?!" Lin Xing quickly reached out and covered Lin Chen's mouth, and then looked nervously at the doorway, but thought that the second brother now seemed to be Brother Cheng, now he felt instantly Relieved.

"Huh ... you said just now!" Lin Chen drew away Lin Xing's hand, exhaled, seeing that he wanted to cover it again, and quickly avoided it.

"Uncle Liu hit him, and Uncle Wu angered Uncle Four before!" Lin Xiaoya sighed angrily.

"Yes, it was the day when the lights were looked at!" Lin Xiaonan echoed.

"It's been so long, why do you two still remember so clearly?" Lin Xing said madly.

"Hum, who told you to provoke four uncles!" Lin Xiaoya proudly tilted her head aside and didn't look at him.

"Well, don't bother you," Lin Mo said.

Lin Xing guarded his silly brother against him and waited for Lin Chen to sit back before returning to his position.

"But when it comes to the Lantern Festival ... A Xing, you are not too young. Before I went shopping that night, I remember I told you many times. Do n’t run around, but when you see something fun, turn around and turn it I forgot everything.

If you do n’t meet your brother-in-law, do you know what will happen? With so many people that night, there may be traffickers among them. Do you know what will happen to you after being captured by traffickers? Lin Mo looked at Lin Xing with a serious face.

"I'm sorry Brother Si, I know I'm wrong, and will obediently obey in the future." After Lin Xing heard Brother Si's words, he realized the consequences.

Lin Xing also remembered that when he found Si Ge that night, Si Ge's face was ugly, and Cheng Cheng was too busy sweating to find him.

"Don't just make mistakes after admitting mistakes. Some of the elder's words are not told to you for no reason. This may be their experience. After listening, you can avoid taking more detours."

"I know Si Brother, but Si Brother, why do you suddenly remember to tell us this?" Lin Xing wondered.

"What is suddenly remembered, when do you want me to tell you?" Lin Mo looked at him.

"..." Well, you are free, I won't bother. Lin Xing sat up obediently and did not speak.

After Lin Mo educated them for half an hour, the sound of a honour from outside the door rang, and Lin Mo had nothing to say. He took a sip of tea to moisturize his throat.

"What I said just now, you think about it later." Lin Mo said after a few sips.

"Um." Lin Xing Lin Chen nodded nicely.

Here comes the pick-up, and they also have to go. Lin Xing left Xiaonan's hand and walked back to the door with a little hesitation. "Four brother, can we go to Brother Cheng for you in the future?"

"When will I say no?" Lin Mo said strangely.

"After that, I took Xiaoya and Xiaonan to the fourth brother to play!" Lin Xing smiled brightly, and then led people out of the house.

Lin Mo shook his head and smiled helplessly.

It is not so complicated for the villagers to get married as the rich, and Cheng Yan has no elders in the family, and it does n’t take much time to follow the process directly.

After Cheng Yan took Lin Mo back to the marriage room, he gave him some food to fill his stomach.

"Then ... I went out." After Cheng Yan glanced at Lin Mo, he looked away with some dodge.

Cheng Yan feels that Lin Mo looks particularly good today.

"Um." Lin Mo looked up at him with a smile and answered. Then he saw that Cheng Yan walked out as if he was fleeing, and vaguely saw that his ears were redder.

Alas ... Chen Yan's response was really interesting.

Lin Mo sat at the table eating pastries to fill his stomach. Before waiting long, he heard the sound of the door squeaking open. Lin Mo looked over and saw that the door was opened a gap, and then slowly pushed away by people outside.

Before waiting for Lin Mo to think about someone's prank, the door was pushed open again, and then Lin Mo saw Xiaoya squeeze in hardly, and the fleshy body was squeezed into a small column by the door.

"Hmm ..." Lin Mo couldn't help laughing and spraying.

"Why are you here, Xiaoya, don't you go outside to eat meat?" Lin Mo walked over, opened the door for her to come in, and saw Xiao Nan still standing outside the door. It seems that after Xiaoya enters, he Squeeze in again.

"My brother and I wanted to come to Uncle Four. Uncle Cheng said that Uncle Four is here. This door is too messy and my brother and I can't push it open." Xiaoya blushed slightly, apparently she also knew that she was just being looked at Arrived.

"Xiao Nan also come in." Lin Mo laughed and closed the door when they came in.

"Have you eaten out just now?" Lin Mo took the two of them to a high stool and sat down, then moved two plates of pastry in front of them.

"Eat, uncle Si, can I eat this?" Xiaoya pointed at the cake and looked at Lin Mo with anticipation.


After Xiaoya heard his answer, she grabbed a small bite and ate.

"What's wrong with Xiao Nan?" Lin Mo saw he looked at himself all the time, wondering.

"Uncle Four, will you not go home in the future?" Lin Xiaonan clenched his fingers nervously and asked quietly.

"Why did Xiao Nan say that?" Lin Mo asked.

"Because the third aunt is like this."

"Yes, the third aunt and the third uncle used to be in red with the fourth uncle Cheng, and then the third aunt didn't come back for a long time." Xiaoya swallowed the cake and said.

"Isn't you still small at that time? How do you remember these?" Lin Mo smiled helplessly.

"Uncle Wu told me, he said that Uncle Four will not go home afterwards and will sleep at Uncle Cheng's house." Xiaoya pursed her lips, unhappy.

"Just don't go back to sleep, during the day you can come to Uncle Four to play." Lin Mo touched her head and comforted.

"Uncle Cheng's home is too far away, father and mother won't let us go out." Xiao Nan shook his head.

"Isn't there still your five uncles and six uncles, just let them bring you over when you want to come."

"Eh? Seems to be happy too!" Lin Xiaoya's eyes brightened, and she suddenly realized.

Having figured out what has been worrying about, Lin Xiaonan and Lin Xiaoya can finally eat pastry with peace of mind. After eating, the two walked around the room again, reaching out and touching something novel.

"Uncle Si, Uncle Cheng's house is so beautiful." Lin Xiaoya lay aside and stared at the things on the table.

"This is also Uncle Four's house." Lin Mo laughed.

"Huan? Uncle Four? Great! I will also live in such a beautiful house when I grow up."


After a full meal, I played for a while, and Xiaoya and Xiaonan were too tired to fall asleep on the table. Lin Mo hugged them to bed to rest, and when it was getting darker, the voice outside the room gradually decreased.

Before long, Lin Mu and Lin Dazhen came in and picked up the two of them. They said something to Lin Mo and left.

Lin Mo packed up the things on the table and sat back to the bed. Listening to some whispering conversation outside, the tension that belongs to the marriage slowly appeared in Lin Mo's head.

After tonight, he and Cheng Yan are two husbands and wives. When thinking of this, Lin Mo suddenly remembered some pictures, and his face flushed.

At this moment, the door of the room was suddenly opened, Lin Mo looked up, Cheng Yan, dressed in a suit, came in with a basin of water, and placed it on the side of the washstand.

"Come and wash your face." Cheng Yan turned to look at him.

"Um." Lin Mo nodded, and took a deep breath, then got up and walked over.

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