Retirement Life

Chapter 31 Daughter-in-law and coquettish

Lying in bed in the morning until noon, and in the afternoon Cheng Yan cleaned up the yard, and accompany Lin Mo in the shade under the trees. This was the first day of the wedding couple.

The evening sun was not so bright, only the rest of the sun was shining on the ground. Lin Mowo slept with his eyes closed next to Cheng Yan, and his body was warmed by the twilight of the evening, and there was a peace of mind around him.

For a long time, the sun had set in half, and Lin Mo had not seen any signs of waking. Cheng Yan had doubts, but thinking that he was weak, he was tossed into the middle of the night last night, and Cheng Yan felt some distress.

Cheng Yan carefully picked Lin Mo, who was next to him, and got up and walked into the room. Lin Mo seemed to be moved, and under Cheng Yan's steady footsteps, he quickly fell asleep.

After putting Lin Mo on the bed and covering him with a quilt, Cheng Yan walked out of the room. Within a few minutes of Cheng Yan's departure, Lin Mo, who had been sleeping peacefully, suddenly frowned slightly, and the hand resting on the quilt fumbled unconsciously as if to confirm something.

After fumbling for a long time, he didn't find what he wanted, Lin Mo's brows frowned even more. For a long time, Lin Mo opened his eyes with great effort. He only felt that the eyelids were very heavy, and the sight in front of him was a little blurred.

"Brother ..." Lin Mo's eyelashes slightly trembled, and he finally opened his eyes, his eyes a little dazed.

Lin Momeng saw his elder brother, which was a picture before the end of the world. The family picked fruits in their orchards and played with them. In the dream, the brothers were still fifteen or sixteen years old. The young Lin Mo was lifted up by his brothers, which was what he most expected when he was a child. Parents aside smiled at them as they picked the fruits.

Lin Mo hasn't dreamed of a picture of their family together before the last days. In the dream, he smiled happily, but Lin Mo, who woke up, wanted to cry.

Lin Mo pushed back the tears in his eyes, propped up and got out of bed. I slept a little bit today, but my head was still awake when I woke up, and Lin Mo was a little weak.

"Cheng Yan ..." Lin Mo murmured as he walked out of the room with a few steps.

Cheng Yan was cooking dinner, and faintly heard Lin Mo shouting his name, looked over his head, just to see Lin Mo come over.

"How come? When did you wake up?" Cheng Yan put a few bowls of water in the pot to cover the lid, wipe his hands with an old cloth at random, and walked quickly.

"Just woke up and came out without seeing you ..." Lin Mo looked up at him.

Cheng Yan saw his reddish eyes, and somewhere in his heart softened for a moment. His daughter-in-law is too sticky, and when he wakes up to see him, he cries and sees that his eyes are red.

"Is there any discomfort in the body?" Cheng Yan sighed in his heart, held the person in his arms, and comforted his head, asking.

"No." After suppressing the abnormal mood, Lin Mo, who had returned to normal, wondered when Cheng Yan was so active.

Being embraced by Cheng Yan, Lin Mo reached out and hugged his neck. The whole person seemed to be hanging on him, and his body weight was pushed to Cheng Yan's side. With a messy hair in his arms, it seemed to others to be coquettish.

Sure enough, the daughter-in-law loves coquetry.

"I boiled bone soup for you, what else do you want to eat?" Cheng Yan asked.

"Eat what you do, I don't pick."

Men like Cheng Yan who seem to be less likely to cook, Lin Mo's requirements are not high. Anyway, he can cook well.

"Sit down in the hall, and it will be done soon." Cheng Yan touched his head, and widened the distance between the two.

Cheng Yan walked behind him, untied the development belt, carefully helped him straighten his hair, and then tied it. Lin Mo stood still all the way.

After getting it done, Cheng Yan asked him to wait in the lobby, and then returned to the kitchen to continue cooking.

After the meal was done, Cheng Yan brought the dish into the hall. As soon as I wanted to sit down to eat, I heard the door was knocked, and then Lin ’s voice came from the door.

"You're eating, I'll open the door." Cheng Yan told Lin Mo, and got up and went to the gate.

Cheng Yan opened the door, and stood outside Lin Lin and Big Brother Lin Cheng. Father Lin carried a basket of eggs and duck eggs, while Lin Cheng was carrying a large bag of grain. Cheng Yan had helped move it into the warehouse before, so he knew what the bag contained.

"Dad, brother, you are here ... why are you bringing these ..."

"Okay, don't say that there are some of them, there is a lot of food in the house, and you don't need to spend those money to buy them." Father Lin waved his hand to stop him.

Looking at his eyes, Father Lin knew what Cheng Yan wanted to say, but after he just finished building the house, the two became close again. Even if Cheng Yan had no money before, he wouldn't spend it. Besides, there are still many places to spend money in the future.

Moreover, even if Cheng Yan had suffered, Father Lin couldn't bear to have his son follow him.

Father Lin walked in with something in hand, and Lin Cheng followed and went over to the kitchen. Cheng Yan closed the door and followed behind them.

"I went to the mountains a few times before." So he didn't lack money.

"... I brought it all, and you still want your father and me to carry it back."

Before waiting for them to go far, Lin Mo also came.

"Dad, what are you bringing here?" Lin Mo walked over, wondering.

"Your mother picked you some eggs and duck eggs, which were laid by our chickens and ducks before. Remember to eat one tonic every day, and then go home to take it after eating." Father Lin instructed.

His son was not very good since he was young. He had to drink a bowl of egg porridge every day to make up, but he hasn't seen him continue to eat recently.

"It's all up to Xiaoya and Xiaonan, and I don't need it now." Lin Mo refused. His physical care didn't need these at all, and the supplement was white supplement. It might as well be reserved for the children at home.

"Dad take it back now, your mother must have brought it back tomorrow, isn't it going to toss time back and forth?" Father Lin said. After Lin Cheng came out, Lin Lin handed him the basket. Lin Cheng took it and put it in the kitchen.

"Dad, do you want to have dinner together?" Lin Mo asked.

"No, you two eat it yourself ... Before the vegetables are planted well, remember to pick them in the vegetable garden at home." Father Lin said.

"Um." Lin Mo stood aside and nodded.

"My mother and I have separated your share of land ..." Father Lin said as he took out a title deed from his arms. This was a decision made by Lin and Mother Lin before Lin Mo and Cheng Yan became married. .

Cheng Yan has no field. Vegetables can be grown on their own and meat can be bought. However, if you have to buy food all the time, it is also a big expense. It is better to grow your own food.

Before Lin Fu finished talking, Lin Mo pushed back the title deed he had handed over. Lin Mo never planted land, Cheng Yan didn't know how to farm, and it was useless to distribute the land to them.

"Dad, neither Cheng Yan nor I can farm, and it's no use for us." Lin Mo refused to shake his head.

"Cheng Yan won't be able to learn, hasn't he done well before?" Father Lin disagreed.

"Dad, we share the recovered grain with Mo Geer by the same amount." When Yan Yan came to help when planting or harvesting, this is also a method of division, and there is no need to divide it out.

Lin Cheng also knew that Cheng Yan had no talent for farming, so he went out and planted them. He didn't know how much they could recover in the harvest season. They might as well plant them together at the beginning and divide them later.

"Cheng Yan and I plan to open a small shop in the town, even if we don't have time to plant it for us." Lin Mo shook his head.

In the end, Lin Chenglin returned, and the title deed was also taken back. Just now Lin Mo also talked with his elder brother for a few minutes, and knew that his elder brother had begun to publicize the shops.

After they left, Lin Mo and Cheng Yan sat down to eat, and Cheng Yan occasionally helped him with some vegetables.

"In a few days, I will go to the mountains to find what kind of vine climbing flowers, which fruit trees do I want to plant?" Cheng Yan asked.

Their yard is large enough to plant five or six trees. Cheng Yan had no opinion on what kind of tree to plant, mainly to look at his wife's thoughts.

"Let's plant persimmon and plum trees, plant some grapes in the corner of the wall, and I will go with you that day." Lin Mo thought for a while and said.

In fact, Lin Mo actually wanted to plant some peach trees and pear trees. The flowers of these two trees look very good, especially when the petals fall, it feels like petal rain. At that time, the yard was covered with pink and pear-colored petals, and it must be beautiful.

But Lin Mo thought that the meaning of these two kinds of trees in the yard seemed bad, so he dispelled this idea. He didn't believe in these ghost theories before, but since he was reborn here, Lin Mo didn't dare to completely ignore it. It is always good to be cautious.

"It's not safe in the mountains. You stay at home obediently, and I will be back soon." Cheng Yan rejected Lin Mo's offer to go with him.

Cheng Yan's own safety in the mountains can be guaranteed, but if he takes Lin Mo, he is worried that his daughter-in-law will be hurt by something.

"Serpents often climb over trees in the mountains, and if they are not careful, they will fall in front of you and bite you. Many snakes are poisonous. There are various insects that will smell and they will itch when they touch , And ants that hurt when they bite ... "

In order for Lin Mo not to follow, Cheng Yan said so much at once. Of course, he said that these situations are in the deepest part of the mountain, where the sun cannot shine.

Lin Mo listened to what Cheng Yan said, and he automatically completed the picture in his head, his body shaking. Lin Mo was pale and frightened by the pictures in his brain. He was scared of mollusks, especially snakes and caterpillars, from an early age.

"What's wrong?" Cheng Yan watched his face pale again, and his heart tightened. Cheng Yan felt a little remorse, and he shouldn't have spoken so terribly. He forgot that his brothers seemed quite afraid of those bugs.

"It's okay." Lin Mo shook his head. In the end, Lin Mo also gave up his plan to follow him to the mountains.

On the Lin's side, they are planning to go to Lizheng these days to talk about the processing of fruits in the fruit forest of other villagers in Dalin Village. The production of fruit wine requires a lot of fruit, and their village fruit forest is the source of supply.

The Lin family bought the fruits of the village's fruit forests, which solved the problem of supply sources themselves, and also allowed the villagers to use their nearly deserted fruit forests to make money. This can be said to be an opportunity to make money for free, and I believe not many people will refuse.

Later, Lin Lin and Lin Cheng went to Li Zheng to discuss the matter in detail. Li Zheng gathered the villagers to talk about the incident, and other villagers reacted as Lin Mo expected.

Moreover, the Lin family's reputation in Daling Village has also become more prosperous. First, the Xiu Cai son of the Lin family passed the township test before, but now he is a master of the others, and it has also helped the others in Daling Village to add some light. Now the Lin family has brought them an opportunity to make money, and the villagers are naturally more enthusiastic about the Lin family.

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