Retirement Life

Chapter 34 Do you like those?

After Lin Mo woke up, the two got up and rinsed their teeth. After having breakfast, I took the good things and locked the door and left. There were as many people going to town in the morning as usual, and when Cheng Yanlin Mo arrived at the village intersection, Lin Cheng was already waiting there.

Lin Mo walked over. Lin Xing, who was standing next to the big brother, saw the fourth brother come over early, changed his calm look before, and beckoned to his fourth brother happily, "Four brother! Here!"

Lin Xing saw his fourth brother walking so slowly, but he ran over by himself, then stopped next to him and walked back, "fourth brother, are you and Brother Cheng going to town?"

"Um." Lin Mo reached out and touched his head, and responded.

Lin Xing and Lin Chen basically went to the town academy to study in the morning and didn't return until the evening. Since Lin Mo became married, he has never seen Lin Xing and Lin Chen. To be honest, there is no word about his younger brother, Lin Mo is still a little accustomed to it.

"Four brother, Ah Chen and I have listened to the teacher well." Lin Xing looked at his fourth brother, his expression glaring in praise.

"Yes, keep it up."

"The master's story is too simple. He asked us to endorse it. I will recite it a few times. But Achen is a bit stupid and always dozes in class."

"That's what the Master said is too difficult to understand, and I will do it when the second brother teaches me." Lin Chen heard Lin Xing talking badly in front of the fourth brother and could not help but retort.

"Then I can understand, it's not you ..."

Before Lin Xing finished speaking, he was interrupted by Lin Mo. "Everyone has something they are good at. Don't let Achen's shortcomings persist. Now that you have talent for reading, try harder. Can it be like second brother. "

"Ah? Brother Si said before that you just let us learn to recognize Chinese characters, and didn't require us to take the same fame as Brother 2." Lin Xing said he was frightened. The body shuddered at the thought that he had to read a book every day like his second brother.

Lin Cheng stood aside and listened to a few of them talking, without interrupting.

"I just want you to work hard, but you don't have to get your fame. Isn't that what the Master said is simple? Why was this scared?" Lin Mo glanced at him.

"I didn't say that I was scared ... well, then I try." Lin Xing looked at his fourth brother, and then he twitched again, his expression embarrassed.

"Good rewards," Lin Mo said, and Lin Xing was resurrected with blood in an instant. The contrast between the previous and the next made the people next to each other smile.

After enlightening Lin Xing, Lin Mo went to Lin Chen. Lin Chen, the youngest of their brothers, has the opposite personality.

Lin Xing and Lin Chen are twins, but their personality is not similar. In general terms, Lin Xing is too outgoing and always lacks consideration when doing things. He always does it immediately when he thinks of it, and does not consider anything after it is done.

Lin Chen's personality is too restrained, but he always knows what he wants. The characters of the two brothers are completely replicas of Lin Xiaoya and Lin Xiaonan.

"I feel boring listening to the Master's lecture?" Lin Mo asked.

"It's not ... it's boring." Lin Chen was a bit embarrassed, and now he still remembers that the fourth brother told them not long ago that he should study hard when he goes to the academy.

"What do you think of learning from Big Brother?" Lin Mo said nothing to his ambiguity and continued to ask.

"It's very interesting!" Lin Chen heard, his expression before the change was calm, and he looked at his fourth brother with bright eyes.

"How did you learn character recognition? Can you easily read a book?" Lin Mo continued to ask.

"Not yet." Lin Chen shook his head.

"When you have recognized all the words, let the elder brother teach you those. You also need to understand the account book in business. The elder brother does not know how to read, and then you have to take care of these." Lin Mo said.

"I see, Brother." Lin Chen nodded, and answered with some enthusiasm.

Lin Cheng, who was standing aside, heard Mo Geer say that he was illiterate, his eyelids jumped, and he wanted to speak up. He learned from his second brother while running a restaurant in his previous life. Why is he illiterate? But when he thought he was illiterate at this time, he shut up.

After Lin Mo did the ideological work for the two younger brothers, villagers came here one after another.

Cheng Yan and Lin Mo were sitting in the back again. When Cheng Yan thought about the accident that happened before Lin Mo's donkey cart, he was a little worried.

"Momo, can you stand it?" Cheng Yan approached him and asked in a low voice.

"It's okay, that was an accident." Lin Mo shook his head so that he didn't have to worry.

The last time was due to the three stresses of walking in the town for a long time, a bit of stress, coupled with an uncomfortable stomach in the empty stomach, and too much tension. Now he doesn't have all three, so naturally nothing will happen.

After hearing what he said, Cheng Yan was still uneasy. I glanced at the people in the car and saw that they were chatting with other people and didn't notice this side. Cheng Yan moved to Lin Mo's side and approached him.

"Uncomfortable remember to tell me." Cheng Yan whispered.

"What's the use of telling you?" Lin Mo looked up and whispered, maybe the wheel hit a small stone or there was a dirt pit on the road. Arm.

"..." Cheng Yan was stumped by his question, it seemed useless.

Lin Mo saw that he was thinking again, and the corner of his mouth couldn't help but raise it slightly. Seeing that Cheng Yan was stumped by his problem again, Lin Mo always wanted to tease him again, but in order not to let him notice it, Lin Mo still didn't speak.

After a long time, the donkey cart finally arrived in town. Cheng Yan got out of the car first, and then helped Lin Mo down. Lin Mo crossed Cheng Yan's arms with both hands, and his body was a bit stiff. The donkey cart was numb with his buttocks.

In the future, I often get up in town. I should buy a carriage or buy a house in town after making money.

"All right?" Cheng Yan helped Lin Mo, worried.

"It's okay, I have to buy a carriage or move to town in the future." Lin Mo said that if he had to let him go through this every day, he might be in trouble.

"Okay." Cheng Yan helped him up, allowing Lin Mo to lean his body on him as much as possible.

After saying goodbye to the elder brother and Lin Xing, Cheng Yan and Lin Mo went to Zuiyunlou to find Yan Ningxi. The two looked at the shop that Yan Ningxi was looking for, and Cheng Yan didn't express any opinion, anyway, Tavlang had an idea.

Lin Mo walked around the shop, thinking hard about some things his second brother taught him in the previous life, and the decoration plan after the shop was bought was roughly formed in his mind. Seeing that there were no major problems, Lin Mo took Cheng Yan to go through the transfer formalities with the original shop owner.

After everything was settled, Lin Mo and Cheng Yan went to a special place to buy two people back, and then started to clean up the shop. The back of the shop is connected to the small courtyard. Lin Mo also bought the small courtyard by the way before. There are several houses in it, but they can let them live.

"After you have cleaned the shop, you can clean up the back yard and choose your own room. I leave with your big boss first. If there is something wrong, you can go to Xiujiu Xuan on the right street. The boss is my big brother. Tell him something. "Lin Mo ordered.

Lin Mo has the sales contract of the two of them, but he doesn't worry that they will leave without permission, and Lin Mo chooses the candidates honestly. I don't think they will escape.

"I see, Boss II." The two teenagers carefully looked at the big boss standing next to Boss II, saw him glanced at them coldly, and rushed back to answer.

"These days are mainly sorting out the shop, cleaning up the things I just said are not needed, washing the tables and chairs with water and drying them, and I will come back in a few days."

"Yes, the two bosses." The two teenagers stood side by side and listened to Lin Mo's orders.

"..." Have to call his second boss?

After explaining everything, Lin Mo and Cheng Yan left. The two teenagers saw them go far away, one began to work with a slightly stronger body, and the other walked to the side slightly thinner.

"Brother, do you say that the second boss and the big boss are really a match? How do I feel that the big boss looks a bit fierce and is not in harmony with the second boss." Chen Mu whispered near his brother.

"Can't talk about the host family behind you, have you forgotten these? Hurry up and pack up." Chen Qing patted his head solemnly.

"I see." Chen Qing touched his head and went to clean it.

"Brother, I think it's more appropriate to change our name. The name Chen Mu is more suitable for your wood. Why did you choose the name Chen Mu?" Not long after, Chen Mu could not bear the dull atmosphere.

"Talk to Dad if you want to change."

When Chen Mu heard what his brother said, he was silent for a while, "That's all right ..." People have been dead for two years, and told him? Think of it as scary.

After Lin Mo and Cheng Yan left, they went to the old carpenter to get back what they had customized before. After that, Lin Mo simply described what he wanted to do with the old carpenter. After getting a positive answer from the old carpenter, he paid for the deposit and left.

Now that the fall is coming to an end, ready to enter the winter, Lin Mo plans to make something suitable for winter. Although it was easy to be imitated by others after getting it out, Lin Mo only wanted to make a huge profit in the winter.

Moreover, even if it is imitated, Lin Mo can continue to introduce new products. There are still many kinds of modern foods, and there is no situation that cannot make money.

"What else do you want to buy?" Cheng Yan clutched things in one hand while protecting Lin Mo.

There are still a lot of people in the town during the day. The street is not wide at all, and stalls are set up on both sides. Some people also pick things up and go in the other direction.

"Buy some fresh meat, buy some oil, salt and sugar, and you ’re almost gone. Buy some flour, and make buns in the morning." Lin Mo put his hands on Cheng Yan's arm, and next to him, avoiding People coming and going.

"Okay." Cheng Yan nodded in response, not even considering that his husband would always lie in bed in the morning, and he prepared it for breakfast.

"Want to buy some rouge gouache?" Cheng Yan thought for a while and asked. Brothers seem to use them all. Buchen Yan only saw Lin Mo's make-up on the day of his marriage, and he didn't seem to have seen it at other times.

"... Do you like the way I paint those things?" Lin Mo heard, silent for a while, and looked up at Cheng Yan.

"No, I thought your brothers would want to buy some, don't you like it?" Cheng Yan asked.

"I don't like it, it smells awful ... but if you like, I can make it myself." It is also possible to spray fruity or floral perfumes.

"... Um." Cheng Yan hesitated for a moment and nodded.

"What are you thinking about?" Lin Mo saw his reddish ear tip and tapped his hand, always feeling that Cheng Yan had been thinking about that kind of thing recently.

"Ah ... it's okay, let's go shopping." Cheng Yan coughed, looking serious.

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