Retirement Life

Chapter 4 Big Brother has an accident

Lin Mo's previous life is the young master of the wealthy family Lin family. Lin family ancestors have a history. For more than a dozen generations to this day, although Grandpa Lin Mo's generation has begun to decline, but the camel is thinner than a horse.

The previous Lin family was not the most powerful in the Shanghai circle, but they could still achieve mutual checks and balances. The Lin family was involved in not many industries, and no one questioned it as the leader in alcohol.

The most famous of these is wine. The Lin family has a vineyard where various varieties of grapes are planted. Lin Mo often used his brother to go to the manor to play.

However, Brother Lin went to pick grapes to eat, while Lin Mo was interested in growing grapes and making wine. Lin Mo liked to eat, so he was very interested in eating.

And the interest is not only in the food itself. Lin Mo is more interested in the production process behind them, so when choosing a major in college, he will choose the major in food production regardless of the objections of his family.

For this reason, Lin Mo fired back in the Shanghai circle.

After knowing that there was a large orchard in his home and it was still abandoned, Lin Mo put his money-making direction on fruits. At present he wants to make fruit wine first, after all, he is good at it.

I just do n’t know how to tell my family that it is impossible for Lin Mo to do it alone, and he ca n’t do it by himself. Going back and thinking about it, Lin Mo picks grapes and thinks.

Now Lin Mo, immersed in the excitement of making money, has a touch of anger and youthful vitality.

After picking a basket of grapes, the three went back. Before leaving, Lin Mo asked his two younger brothers to dig back the peppers and bell peppers they had found. There were also several kinds of spices that were found by accident while walking through the fruit forest. Several plants, these are just right in their own vegetable garden.

The tomato tree was a bit voluminous and could not be moved back. Lin Mo could only fold a few branches and threw it into the Lingquan space. Although he knew that the tomato cultivation method was not cutting planting, Lin Mo still wanted to try Lingquan water on the plants How's the effect.

"Four brother, let me carry it." Lin Xing worried.

The brother's body is still known to them, not to mention a serious illness just a few days ago, and now the body must be very weak at the beginning of the illness. See how the brother's face looks white.

"It's okay, only half a basket is not too heavy, we will go back quickly." Lin Mo shook his head and took the lead to walk in front.

It's been a day since the three of them came out, no matter the fruit they eat at noon is full, now Lin Mo is so hungry that Lin Mo is trying to ignore his stomach discomfort and continue to hurry.

It seems that the original owner has not been hungry. This feeling of stomach hunger makes Lin Mo feel a bit long-lost.

The original body was weak, but Lin Mo still wanted to exercise. He couldn't bear to take a few steps to get out of breath. This situation happened to him. This weak chicken must not live long in the last days.

Fortunately, Lin Mo drank the Lingquan water this morning. For one day, his physique has also improved slightly.

"Four brother, otherwise give me and the fifth brother a portion of the basket."

After walking half a mile, Lin Chen watched Sige ’s footsteps slow down, his face was getting paler and paler, and he was a little worried. His mother had said before that they would watch Sige.

"Okay, can you still bear it?" Lin Mo stopped, wiped the sweat from his face, and panted.

Lin Mo still underestimated the weakness of his original body. It seems that the consumption of Lingquan water needs to be increased.

"I still have a place in the basket."

Lin Xing turned around and asked Lin Chen to move the fourth brother's back basket into his basket. Lin Mo saw that both of their back baskets were full and pouted.

Lin Xing seemed to be a little bit upset when he saw the fourth brother, and he quickly hurriedly said, "My brother's strength is much smaller than that of the man. Don't be unhappy, fourth brother.

"The fourth brother is the only brother in our family, and the second brother said that the fourth brother is used for petting." Lin Chen laughed, his ears were red and somewhat embarrassed.

If it wasn't for Lin Mo's illness that was just right, it would be better to go out for a walk, and Lin's mother would not let him follow Lin Xing so far.

Lin Mo shuddered, concealing his emotions by covering his eyebrows. Once, his elder brother and second brother also said such things, but unfortunately, no one has spoiled him since the last days.

But are n’t they all men? Brother and man are also divided. Is it based on the strength of the body? It seems that there are really a lot of weird things in this overhead antiquity, which must be clarified as soon as possible.

Lin Mo guessed that part of the body strength can indeed distinguish brothers and man, but the essence of the distinction is not this.

The three came home with their baskets before dark, and Lin Mo asked them to put the basket with grapes in, and walked into the room to change clothes.

Lin Mo's back was soaked. If he didn't change it, he would catch a cold easily. He could get out of bed and walk around. Lin Mo didn't want to lie in bed by himself.

Lin Xing Lin Chen planted the dug plant in the vegetable garden, and picked a handful of vegetables by the way.

Lin Mo just changed his clothes and prepared to go out, but heard the noise coming from the outside, including the horror of Lin Lin, who he was familiar with.

Lin Mo stunned, opened the door quickly and walked out of the room, and all the noises rushed into his ears as soon as Lin Mo opened the door, disturbing his brain.

"What's wrong? Oh my god! Why is Dalang so hurt ?!"

Mother Lin was shocked when she saw so many people breaking into her house, but when she saw her eldest son being carried back with blood, her face turned pale.

"Hurry up, move to the house first, has the doctor invited you?"

"The doctor has already invited you to get the hot water ready."

A sturdy man walked into the room carrying Lin Cheng, the elder brother of Lin's family, and Lin walked in quickly with a few sounds.

Lin Mo stood at the door of the room in this way, looking at all this without a look on her face. Lin's face was at a loss, her speech became intermittent, apparently frightened by this situation.

The two little guys just sat in the yard and cried loudly. There were many villagers standing in the yard, some of them apparently watching the lively, and many people kept pouring in from the outside.

The cry of the child, the overwhelmed expression of the family, the loud voice of the villagers, all poured into Lin Mo's mind without any hesitation.

Lin Mo's blood-filled appearance made Lin Mo stunned for a moment, and the tingling of his brain kept screaming. Lin Mo only felt that his head was about to explode.

Lin Mo bit his tongue sharply, swallowed the sweet smell in his mouth, and walked forward with his stiff legs.

"Lin Xing, you go to the doctor, Lin Chen goes to heat the water, mother and grandma let those people leave our house first, it's too noisy and messy."

Lin Mo's calm voice seemed to give them the backbone. Lin Xing nodded and wiped away his tears and ran out of the door. Lin Chen also went into the kitchen with a flushed face and red eyes.

"Mr. Brother, he'll be fine, right?"

"Nothing will happen. Let the villagers go back first. Ma'am, you can go in and see if there is anything I can help you with."

After they were obedient to their respective posts, Lin Mo also walked over and hugged the two children who were crying heartbreaking and sat on the stool.

"Don't cry, your father will be fine." Lin Mo comforted.

The two children sat on Lin Mo's lap, sitting side by side, and cried red with his little hand holding Lin Mo's clothes.

"Four uncles ... wow ... daddy ... blood ..." Lin Xiaoya cried while snoring.

"Daddy is ... isn't he going to die ..." Lin Xiaonan asked in tears, his eyes full of fear.

"Wowa ... daddy ... hmm ... don't die ..."

"Daddy won't die, don't cry." Lin Mo comforted his face expressionlessly, his pupils deep and obscure.

It didn't take long for Lin Xing to lead the doctor. When Lin's mother saw that the doctor had arrived, he quickly let him in. Everyone went in. Only Lin Mo and two children were left in the yard.

The two children cried and fell asleep, Lin Mo didn't find it but comforted them along their backs.

After the doctor came out, Lin's father also left to buy medicine. Lin Mo asked Lin Xing and Lin Chen to take the two children into the room to sleep, and went into the kitchen to cook himself.

No one in the Lin family is now cooking, but he ca n’t be hungry all the time. Lin Mo can only do it himself, but fortunately there is still a fire in the hot water stove.

After Lin Mo finished cooking, it was completely dark, and Lin Da, who had taken medicine, rushed back.

Lin Mo walked into the room and saw Lin Cheng lying on the bed without blood on his face. His breathing stopped for a moment and his white lips straightened.

"Let's eat first." Lin Mo whispered.

"Large, you can stay for dinner, thanks to your help today."

"No more trouble, I'll go back first." The young man called Dacheng shook his head and refused.

"It's so late that day, you have to cook your own meals when you go back, and the same is true here." Although Lin Wan's face was pale, she said with a smile.

"Mother, you can have people go home and change clothes, and the next time you eat, it's the same." Lin Mo looked at the man standing on the side, the blood on his clothes was dry, said without expression.

Cheng Yan glanced at Lin Mo and nodded toward them and left.

Others left the house to eat, and Lin Dazhen really had no mood to eat, and went to the kitchen to boil the medicine. Everyone except Lin Mo was tasteless.

According to Lin ’s mouth, Lin Cheng ’s father and son went hunting in the mountains, but they were unlucky to meet wild boars. Big guys like wild boars are a dangerous thing even in modern times, let alone the ancient times when the weapons were backward.

Even though Lin Cheng was one of the best hunters in the village, he was eventually injured, his stomach was pricked with a blood hole, and his head was swollen with a large bag. Lin Mo estimated that he had blood stasis in his head.

Fortunately, Cheng Cheng, who often went up and hunted in the mountains, was carried back in time to avoid the situation of excessive blood loss and death.

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