Retirement Life

Chapter 5 Cook

"Ma'am, you go to dinner first, here I come to watch."

"... That's bothering you." Lin Dazhen tilted his head to wipe away his tears, stood up and nodded, and walked out of the kitchen.

Lin Mo stood there for a while, then went over to sit on a small stool and watched the fire of the medicine pot.

In the evening, Lin Mo was lying on the bed, listening quietly to the quiet conversation outside the room to the silence behind him.

Lin Mo thought a lot, but when he thought of another place, the previous thought was covered again. He thought about it all night until the distant chicken sound came from outside the house, and then he heard the chicken sound from his own yard.

Lin Mo blinked, entered Lingquan space and took a sip of Lingquan water, which relieved the fatigue of the night and temporarily soothed the long-stretched nerves.

The tomato branches that were thrown in yesterday were still lying on the ground. Lin Mo went over to squat and dug a few small pits to plant, and watered them with the spring in his hand.

Lin Mo squatted and watched quietly like this, after a while, the shoots sprung up at a speed visible to the naked eye, and then turned into tender green leaves.

Lin Mo, who had achieved his goal, no longer continued to observe, and lay in bed for a while after leaving the Lingquan space. He heard that there was movement outside the room and followed to get up.

Lin Mo opened the door and walked out of the room, only to find that his grandma was up.

"Mo brother, get up." Lin Dazhen heard the sound and looked over, and found that Lin Mo got up first, and was a little surprised.

"Well, how is your brother?" Lin Mo drank a bowl of water and walked aside to brush his teeth.

"Your elder brother woke up once in the middle of the night yesterday, and it didn't look so serious." Lin Dazhen said with joy in his eyes.

Lin Dazhen also stayed in the house to help yesterday. Naturally, I heard the doctor said how serious her husband's condition was, and there was a blood hole in his stomach and his head was hit.

It is generally impossible to save this injury. Some people in the village have also had such accidents before, so Lin Dazhen stayed by the bed in Lincheng last night and did not dare to sleep. Fortunately, Lincheng only had a low fever and woke up in the middle of the night once.

After Lin Cheng woke up once, Lin Dazhen was relieved for a while and was able to wake up to indicate that he was out of danger. After that, as long as he took good care of himself, there was no major problem.

Lin Mo nodded and said nothing, quickly brushed his teeth and washed his face, then went into the kitchen to prepare breakfast.

"Do you want to have breakfast? Or should I come."

Lin Dazhen looked at Lin Mo's posture, rubbed his hands and said, Lin Mo didn't do much because of the special nature of his body, and he hadn't done much about cooking.

Although Lin Mo's health has improved in recent days, their family knows that the improvement will not last long, so Lin Dazhen did not want Lin Mo to do breakfast.

"No, I will still cook."

Lin Mo shook his head and refused, and then began to prepare the materials. He made dinner last night, so Lin Mo knew where to put things.

Considering that there are two three-year-old children at home with a sick number, Lin Mo is going to cook a pot of white porridge. Otherwise, there is a bag of flour in the rice bowl, and a bacon hanging on the side.

"Achen, come over and brush your teeth to help make the fire." Lin Mo heard the footsteps and glanced aside to see that it was Lin Chen.

"I know Si Si, Si Si, do you make breakfast?" Lin Chen wondered.

"Well, why did you get up so early?" Lin Mo asked as he took out all the materials.

You should know that in normal times, someone wakes up at an hour after the chicken sings. After all, the rural chickens scream relatively early. It goes without saying that a 10-year-old child in Lin Chen does not get up at this time.

"I can't sleep, and I hear the voice of Sige and Auntie in the room." Lin Chen was a little embarrassed.

Lin Mo nodded and stopped talking. Lin Mo washed the rice again and put the rice in a ceramic pot. Fill the pot with water and then drop a drop of Lingquan water calmly, fast. To make people unaware of Lin Mo's movements.

Lin Chen saw that the fourth brother had put the water on, quickly brushed his teeth and washed his face, then went into the kitchen to start the fire.

Lin Mo, while the white porridge was still cooking, quickly knead the dough, covered the bowl, and walked out of the kitchen to the garden to pick some vegetables.

After taking the vegetables, Lin Xing woke up and gave him the dishes to wash. He went back to the kitchen to remove the bacon and wash it into diced meat.

"Achen, lift the lid and stir the white porridge, don't let it stick to the pan." Lin Mo reminded while buns.

"Ah? I know Si Brother." Lin Chen woke up from Si Brother's quick and skilled movements, and responded quickly.

"Four ... Four brother, what are you doing?" Lin Chen asked while stirring the porridge in the pot.

Lin Chen watched the fourth brother and immediately made a bun. Although these buns were much smaller than what he had eaten before, they were shocked by Lin Mo's hand speed.

"Cooking for food."

Lin Chen: "..."

Of course, Lin Chen knew that Si Si was making food, but he wanted to ask what he was doing, but when he saw Si Ge lowering his head and making breakfast without expression, Lin Chen still shut up.

Lin Chen didn't feel that the fourth brother seemed to have changed a lot recently. Although he kept talking too little, he became unwilling to laugh, and looked expressionless all day long.

"Achen, watching the ignition." Lin Mo ignored the doubts in Lin Chen's eyes and inquired about him, reminding him.

"Ah? Oh, I see."

Lin Chen turned around and crouched down and put firewood in the stove, and soon cast his doubts behind his head.

Lin Mo's bag is Xiaolong Bao, which is small in size, so there are a lot of it, but it is enough for everyone to eat. The stuffing in the bun is only diced bacon. After wrapping, put it in a washed bamboo steamer and put it in Lin Xing has washed the dishes after cooking.

"Axing, come and set fire, remember to use the fire."

Lin Mo saw that the boiled white porridge had boiled and bubbling, and the rice grains were a little bit ripe when simmered, because the dripping of a few drops of Lingquan water, the fragrance of rice porridge completely evaporated, and the aroma also caused Lin Mo's stomach to be more uncomfortable.

"Continue putting firewood and replace it with a small fire."

Lin Mo and Lin Chen ordered to go out of the kitchen to deal with the washed dishes. There were three people in the kitchen a little crowded, and Lin Mo could only cut vegetables outside.

If the vegetables are cooked, it is not too late to cook them. Lin Mo will wash the peppers picked yesterday and chopped them. Take out the cucumbers washed in the basket and pat them into pieces. Put them in a large bowl and sprinkle with salt. Add chopped peppers and stir well and cover with another large bowl.

Perhaps the scent from the kitchen was too tempting, and other people who were asleep also woke up. Lin mother took the waking granddaughter out of the room, and the scent became stronger when the door was opened.

Mother Lin thought that her daughter-in-law didn't go in for breakfast. After waiting for her granddaughter to brush her teeth and wash her face, she went into the younger son's house and carried her grandson out.

After everyone was washed, the white porridge was cooked, and Xiaolongbao was not cooked for a long time on the high fire. Lin Mo cooked the vegetables and took them out.

"Big brother woke up and let him drink porridge before taking medicine." Lin Mo took a large bowl of porridge and drank it on the table, and he tilted his head and said to Lin Dazhen.

Lin Dazhen nodded into the room with white porridge, Lin Mo left her a copy of white porridge and buns, and sprinkled the shallots on the white porridge and stirred.

"Mr. Mo, did you make these?" Lin Mu also saw who made the dinner at this time, but she didn't believe it.

"These are made by the fourth brother. The fourth brother got up early in the morning." Lin Chen first clamped a small bun and yelled while eating.

"But how did Mo Geer do this ..." He had never done it before, and Lin's mother stopped talking.

"Okay, eat yours. My brother is smart enough to do these things?" Father Lin took chopsticks and knocked on Lin's bowl, a little displeased.

"It's delicious, Brother Si is the best!" Lin Xing chewed buns in his mouth and praised with a thumbs up.

"Four uncles ... uncles, buns ... Xiaoya wants buns." Lin Xiaoya grabbed the edge of the bowl and pushed it to Lin Mo, who was sitting beside him.

"Xing Xing Xing, my fault, Mo Geer is the smartest in our family."

Lin Mo's relief escaped after his family loved him for his bottomless line.

Perhaps it was because Lin Cheng had woke up and passed the dangerous period. The atmosphere at home was no longer as lethargic as last night, and Lin Mo had a rare smile that was hard to detect.

The incident of Lin Cheng's injuries in the mountains spread through Daling Village early in the morning. Everyone talked about it. After all, yesterday, many people saw Lin Cheng covered with blood.

When Lin's mother went out to do the laundry, everybody else doing laundry on the other side of the river asked her about the current situation of Lin Cheng. Lin's mother only cared for them with a smile, and after talking a few words, she continued to wash and chat thing.

The Lin family is a migrant household in Daling Village. Lin Mo ’s grandfather brought his wife to Daling Village to settle down. The former merchant and Daling Village had no strict restrictions on migrant households, so he bought 30 acres immediately after settling ground.

Fortunately, the mother Lin, who was raised by a child, was very good at raising children. Over the years, she has successively had six children, the eldest son, Lin Cheng, married his wife and had a pair of dragons and phoenixes.

The second son, Lin Xiu, had just passed the township test two months ago, and he will go to Kyoto for the test next spring. This is one of the reasons why the Lin family is popular in Daling Village.

The third daughter, Lin Lan, also married a big family in the town the year before last. Their family and father Lin had a great friendship in the merchants before. The two became close relatives and were set by the fathers of the two parties. Fortunately, they were right. Eyed.

The fourth son, Lin Mo, a younger brother who has been weak since childhood, has been ill all year round. Half of the savings in the family were also bought for Lin Mo's medicine. The fifth son, Lin Xing, and the sixth son, Lin Chen, are twins.

Although Father Lin has only one son, Father Lin, fortunately, he has six grandchildren, sons, daughters and younger brothers of the Lin family.

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