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Alternative names:归向
Genre: Sci-fi


This is a generation after civilization and the life named Divine Star and Dusk.

Mankind strives to rebuild the second generation of civilization and eliminate the magical thoughts of the past. No, it is actually a replacement.

Steam Generation: Steel roars, heavy artillery roars, and rivet warships cross the ocean.

Electrical generation: electric lights flashing, airships, drones roaring, and the glorious nuclear dawn.

Generation of Qiming: Finance is operating, society is lingering between cyber and socialization, new trends of thought, new weapons, new tactics.

Generations of planetary navigation: warship control, interplanetary nuclear power fighter pilots, and star commanders. Where do most ordinary people go?

Of course, behind the progress of science and technology is the humanities, and each time the progress of humanities requires a price. Can’t afford the price, it will always stop there.

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