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Rise of the Marvel Universe Zerg
Alternative names:漫威宇宙之虫族崛起

Rise of the Marvel Universe Zerg

Want to know how fast a raptor with a fast silver gene sequence can run?

Wondering how many times the Zerg with venom symbiotes have been strengthened?

Want to know how the different dragons with Chimoto Sakura pretend?

Want to know how cockroaches with super regeneration factors exhaust their enemies?

Would you like to know how much the fungus blanket with various BUFF auras can add to the Zerg ability?

Want to know the result of the Zerg with Pim particles sneaking into the enemy’s body and then suddenly getting bigger?

Want to know how the thunder beast with the sound of thunder tramples the Marvel world?

It has 180 types of arms and 360 variants of branches. They have different abilities, infinite advancement, and can generate arms with different uses.

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