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Chapter 424 comeback

   Chapter 424 Comeback

  Yu Linggui: "I know, this playbook is mapped to Prince Lang, so it's normal for you to be afraid.

   But everything has two sides, let’s think about it from another angle.

  Because everyone is afraid of Prince Lang, no one dares to compose the deeds of Prince Lang into a drama.

  If the Chery Opera Troupe can successfully put the "Liaodong Journey of the King of Lang" on the stage.

  You are the only one in Jade City.

  You are experts, you should know what a single share means, right? "

   Liu Qirui murmured, "It means that we are unique and irreplaceable."

   Yu curled his fingers.

   "That's right!

  People have a curious mind, and they are inevitably curious about new things they have never seen before.

   Especially the protagonist of this play is King Lang!

  The Prince of Langjun was a man of the Dayan Dynasty.

  On weekdays, as long as there is a little trouble in his body, it will cause a huge reaction among the people.

   This shows that everyone is actually very concerned about the affairs of Prince Lang.

  The Chery Opera Troupe used the image of King Lang Jun as the protagonist in the play, which is equivalent to borrowing the east wind of King Lang.

   does not need special publicity to win the attention of many people.

   Wait until "King Lang's Journey to the East" is officially put on the stage,

  The Chery Opera Troupe can also take advantage of the momentum, soar to the top, and reproduce the glory of the year! "

   She became more and more excited, her voice became higher and higher, and her stature became taller and taller.

   There seemed to be a holy light shining on her.

  The Liu family had to look up to see her face.

  Liu Sixing was emotionally overwhelmed by what she said, and clenched his fists involuntarily.

   she exclaimed excitedly.

   "Well said! Chery Opera Troupe will surely be able to reproduce the glory of the past!"

   Liu Qirui's old face was also flushed, and crystal tears flashed in his eyes.

  He refused to sell the troupe under enormous pressure, on the one hand because of his feelings for the troupe, and on the other hand because he was unwilling.

   He was unwilling to give up the career he had been fighting for most of his life.

   At this time, he finally saw the hope of a comeback.

   How can he not get excited?

  Yu Weiwei stretched out her hand towards them, her voice full of bewitching power.

   "Come on, join me in bringing "Liaodong Journey of the King of Lang" to the stage.

   We want to bring the Chery Opera Troupe back to the public eye.

  We want everyone in Yujing to know that our Chery Opera Troupe is back! "

   Liu Qirui and Liu Sixing are now full of infinite expectations for the future.

  They walked towards Yu Weiwei without thinking, wanting to hold her hand.

   At this moment, a tired figure suddenly sounded.

   "What are you doing?"

   Liu Qirui and Liu Sixing stopped.

  The two of them turned to look at the door.

   After seeing the two people standing at the door clearly, Liu Sixing called out in surprise.

   "Senior Brother, Second Senior Brother, you are back!?"

   Those two were Liu Qirui's apprentices. They had just returned from work outside and were very tired.

   Their gazes circled around the three people in the room, and their gazes finally landed on Yu curling up and asked inexplicably.

   "Who is this little man?

  Why are you standing on the stage?

   And why is there a hole in the roof? "

   Liu Qirui and Liu Sixing only reacted when they heard this, and Yu Weiwei had already climbed onto the stage at some point.

   No wonder she looks so tall.

   She stands so tall, she must look tall!

   There was a small hole in the roof above her, and the sunlight leaked in through the small hole, just shining on her, which made her look extra shining, as if she was enveloped by holy light.

  Yu Weiyi coughed twice: "Don't worry about these details, in short, our goals are the same, and I think we can cooperate."

   on the roof.

  Wei Liao sat cross-legged, with one hand supporting his profile face, and the other hand holding a tile.

   In order to make it easier to see the scene inside the house, he just removed two tiles, leaving a small hole in the roof.

   Unexpectedly, this small hole was used by Yu Lingwei and became her "lighting prop".

  Wei Liao watched Yu Ling's mouth gushing like a river, and fooled the Liu family's father and daughter into a daze.

   This woman is really interesting.

  In the house, Liu Qirui has been persuaded by Yu Weiwei.

   He didn't want to miss this opportunity to make a comeback, but he still had some doubts.

   "Langjun Wang is not someone to be provoked, what if he wants to settle accounts with us?"

  Yu Weiwei made a promise.

   "Don't worry, I have some friendship with Prince Lang. I will go to him to ask for mercy, and it should be fine."

  Liu Qirui didn't expect that she would still be able to have a relationship with Prince Lang, and immediately gave her a higher look.

   "If that's the case, then I will listen to you. I will sell the Chery Opera Troupe to you."

   When he said the last few words, his voice was almost out of tune, as if trying to suppress his reluctance.

  Yu Weiwei patted his shoulder and comforted him.

   "Don't be sad, even if I buy the Chery troupe, the troupe will still be managed by you. On weekdays, I have my own affairs to be busy with, and generally I won't interfere in the troupe's affairs."

  Liu Qirui was surprised: "Really?"

  Yu Weiwei: "If you don't believe it, we can write this in the deed."

   Liu Qirui hurriedly waved his hand: "That's not necessary."

  The next step is to discuss the specific matters of reselling the troupe.

  The Chery troupe itself is not worth much, but the troupe owes a large amount of foreign debts. If those foreign debts are included, it will cost at least 8,000 taels of silver.

  Yu Weiwei added up all the profits from selling books and selling peripherals, and the total was more than 8,600 taels.

   She took out 8,000 taels to buy the troupe, and left a few hundred taels to maintain the daily expenses of the troupe.

   After everything was negotiated, the two parties signed the deed and went to the government office for notarization.

   After all the formalities were completed, Yu Weiwei became the new owner of the Chery Opera Troupe.

   accomplished a great event, she was very happy.

   But when she touched her shriveled purse, she suddenly became worried again.

  The troupe can’t stay in this dilapidated small courtyard all the time, and must rent a decent theater. In the Yujing City, the rent is definitely not cheap.

   In addition, we have to hire people and buy new props…

   All of them cost money, and the remaining 600 taels are simply not enough.

  Yu Weiwei rode a little donkey back, thinking about making money.

   She didn't notice when Wei Liao followed.

   "Congratulations, the new owner of Chery Opera Troupe."

  Yu Weiwei came back to her senses, turned her head to look, and saw Wei Liao riding a horse beside her.

   She frowned and asked, "Why are you here?"

   Wei Liao said slowly.

   "I heard that you just bought the Chery Opera Troupe, and I came here to congratulate you. By the way, do you need to borrow money? I have money here, and I only need a three-point profit, and the price is fair."

  Yu Weiwei originally wanted to refuse, but soon came up with a plan.

   she said leisurely.

   "There is no need to borrow money. If you have too much money to spend, you can consider becoming a sponsor of the Chery Opera Troupe."

   Wei Liao was quite interested: "What is a sponsor?"

   Yu Weiwei: The sponsor is the one who is responsible for the money.


   Ask for a monthly ticket~~



   (end of this chapter)

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