Run Away from My Honey a Thousand Times

Chapter 540: Husband is too domineering (14)

"Hey, let you do something like this..." Zuo Xinyuan had limited patience, so she untied his clothes and took out all the candy.


Ling Yiye's white and tender face was flushed, and the roots of his small ears were red. He firmly covered his little JJ. Absolutely, she must not let her pull him again...

Zuo Xinyuan looked at Ling Yiye in front of her with a paralyzed face, looked closely at him, and asked seriously, "Are you shy?"

Ling Yiye didn't know how to answer her, shook his head desperately, and weakly demanded, "Miss Sister, return the clothes to me!"

Zuo Xinyuan watched Ling Yiye being stripped of pigs by her, and looked at him up and down, and sighed regretfully, looking like a small adult, "Nothing to look at."

Ling Yiye didn't know what she was talking about, but he intuitively felt that she was despising herself.

Zuo Xinyuan snatched away the candy she wanted, and she said, "A man just wants a little man and more muscle! Blue eyes, it's hard to ask a wife like you are a white chicken in the future, hey, save more. Money, I heard that money can buy a bride home..."

After speaking, Zuo Xinyuan put away her evil smile and immediately restored her appearance as a well-behaved and quiet girl, and walked in small steps in the direction of the adult.

Ling Yiye looked at Zuo Xinyuan's back and began to think deeply...

Miss sister said to save money... Well, start saving money now.

Ye Youran didn't know that her son was actually being bullied, and Xiao Dai was so silly and silly, not only did not resist, but listened to the lesson seriously, thinking about how to MAN.

If Ye Youran knew it, she would definitely scold her son for being too spineless. Why didn't she have a child with a personality like her, especially her daughter.

"My daughter is the cutest." Ling Yue hugged his little dumpling, his thin lips slightly raised and he was very proud.

Ye Qianxun and Leng Xiao gave a jealous look at the same time. His daughter is really cute and cute. She rolled on the carpet just now. She rolled like a red panda, but she still had a smile on her face. Up.

Leng Xiao was heartbroken and turned to look at Ye Yinuo holding his son, "Abao, I also want a daughter..."

Leng Xiao's voice was very sad, and he didn't forget to add, "I want a small dumpling like this, um, forget the one from Ye Qianxun's house..."

That Ye Xi'er is only one and a half years old, and she has grown so stunningly. It must be a big disaster. She is too beautiful to marry, and she has the same temperament as Josie, damn, more worried than her son.

Ye Youran laughed unscrupulously when she heard Leng Xiao's lamenting voice, "Leng Xiao, your family has a genetic heritage to give birth to a son. It is estimated that there will be no way in this life, and I will have to work hard in the next life..."

"Little dumpling, do you like Uncle Leng or not, how about marrying my stinky boy when you grow up? He is very soft and good, you can bully him any way you like..." Leng Xiao was serious with Ling Yue The daughter is reasonable.

Xiao Tuanzi is only half a year old. Except for yelling daddy, mommy, and brother, she is not very good at talking. She just looked at Leng Xiao eagerly, and then smiled happily, smiling softly like Nuanyang and especially heartwarming.

Leng Xiao was excited. Without a daughter, it would be nice to kidnap a daughter-in-law. He secretly thought that he would treat the small dumplings as his own daughter-in-law and raise them near the water platform, so his son still had a better chance.

"The little girl belongs to our family!" Ling Yiye took the lead in resolutely expressing his position, "Uncle Leng, don't let the little brother make a bad idea, no **** dare to move our little sister, my brother and I will not let him go!"

"Girls always have to marry when they grow up." Leng Xiao patiently communicated with Ling Yiye.

Ling Yiye sternly said, "Anyway, our little sister doesn't marry!"

"Who dares to grab someone!" Ling Yiyao snorted, with a natural aura. Leng Xiao suddenly became worried. It was not easy to marry the daughter of the Ling family, but the twins were already very difficult, not to mention that Ling Yue's father was so tough.

Ye Yinuo laughed aloud. She was playing with her son. Leng Xiao's son has a quieter personality and doesn't like to talk. He basically has no human rights under the oppression of his twin brother.

"Ye Youran, who can marry your daughter in the future is a true hero." Ye Yinuo teased.

Ye Youran hugged her half-year-old dumpling. She stared at her daughter with scorching eyes for a while. The dumpling looked at her mother with a stronger smile, her eyes narrowed and she was very cute.

But Ye Youran's expression sank, her tone a bit complaining, "Yinuo, what's the matter with our little dumpling, why is she so behaved."

"Are you good?"

Ye Youran puffed up, "Being good is good, but now Ling Yue has nothing to do with her daughter and teaches me that I am not as good as her daughter. Hey... I originally thought that the two mothers and daughters would deal with Ling Yue together. Wrong way."

Ye Yinuo looked to the right hand and suddenly laughed, "Do you want your daughter to be like the eldest lady of Yejia?"

Qiao Qian finally coaxed her daughter to spit out Ling Yiyao’s jasper pendant. Originally, she thought that it was wrong for her daughter to rob someone from someone else and wanted to return it to him, but Ling Yiyao watched that her own thing was swallowed and vomited again. wanted.

Ye Xier was lying on Josie's chubby hand and holding the jade pendant, her little expression seemed to be demonstrating to Ling Yiyao, and her laughter was particularly...satisfied.

Looking at the daughter of Ye Qianxun, Ye Youran suddenly had a headache. She looked down at the small dumpling in her arms with a very quiet smile. She nodded deeply, "My daughter is the best behaved."

A few cute treasures were piled up to play together, and Ye Youran noticed that there were a lot of people going to and from Ye’s family, and it was very lively because of the whole family, cousins ​​and cousins.

"Josie, did you invite many people over to Yejia this time?"

There are thousands of servants in the big castle of Yejia. They work 24 hours a day. Ye Qianxun is used to a luxurious life. Except for taking care of his wife and daughter himself, the host of Yejia is not willing to move a finger. .

There are a lot of vacant rooms in the old castle. With so many guests coming down, it is estimated that they are also full. Hundreds of families have come by visual inspection.

There was a treacherous flash in Josie's eyes, and she murmured a few mysteriously in her ear near Ye Youran, then couldn't help but laugh, and kept talking about getting rich.

"Didn't you say you were married last year?" Ye Youran was a little surprised, and her expression was a little confused, "What did you mean by the most profitable wedding?"

Even the huge wealth of the Ye family can't stop Josie's love for money. Josie raised her eyebrows and looked at Ye Youran, "I've already told Ling Yue about this, and he agrees, so you just wait to receive the red envelope. "After that, Josie smiled more sinisterly.

Ye Youran was extremely depressed, since when did Ling Yue get to know Josie so well? Isn't Ling Yue and Ye Qianxun not at odds with each other, but cooperate with Josie?

"Ling Yue... Just now Josie said..." Ye Youran rushed into the room to find her man.

"Very tired, sleeping..." Ling Yue pulled the person into his arms, and Ye Youran fell on the bed and was hugged by him.

"Josie just said, she said..." Ye Youran still asked curiously.

Ling Yue turned over and kissed her directly, not letting her talk. The tip of his tongue was tempting, making her breathless, and he was tossing her with weakness. He quickly forgot about it, only to beg for mercy.

"You are not allowed to kiss your neck! No place where it is" I will see people tomorrow, and they will laugh at them.

"I know……"

Ling Yue replied, watching the blue eyes of the woman below him hide a dark surge, to bear with it tonight, and start eating tomorrow...

Ye Youran didn't know what his plan was, but he was already overwhelmed by his tossing. When he closed his eyes, he suddenly saw Ling Yue's slightly raised lips with some conspiracy.

"Mommy! Mommy!"

Ye Youran was noisy by a childish voice. When she opened her eyes, a dozen pairs of eyes lay on the bed and looked at her, making Ye Youran startled. "Why, there are terrorists? Earthquake?"

Ling Yiyao and Ling Yiye laughed like thieves, dragging Ye Youan out of bed, while Ye Yinuo raised a set of white gauze with both hands high and smiled at her, "The bride can't be late..."

"What?" Ye Youran didn't react at all.

"Mommy, hurry up. Daddy gets up in the middle of the night to prepare. If he is in a hurry to grab someone, we won't be able to reach him..."

Ye Youran was pushed into the bathroom for a wash, and five or six maids in front of the dressing table quickly applied makeup to her, as if she was dreaming, she had only one thought in her heart, that she was sold.

Yejia Castle occupies a huge area, more than 10,000 square meters. In addition to the magnificent buildings, there is a green area and woods. Ye Youran was pushed by them to the entrance of the grove, and she was a little startled.

The two sides of the woods were full of guests, each with a festive smile on their faces, and the lavender petals falling from the woods were as beautiful as a dream. At this time, there was a man in a dark blue suit standing in the woods. He turned and stared straight at her, his eyes were full of joy and a little nervousness with complex emotions.

The wonderful piano sounded at the right time. It was Ye Qianxun who was dressed up and playing the happy piano sound. Ye leisurely walked towards the opposite man step by step, and the eyes of the surrounding guests were full of wishes.

Mengbao excitedly held their mummy skirts, they can be flower girls! !

"Ling Yue." Ye Youran walked to the man's side, her eyes still a little unbelievable, "Am I dreaming? Why do we hold a wedding..."

"Shh!" The man just half-armed her, motioning for her to be quiet.

Seeing his solemn expression, Ye Youran leaned against him and looked at the priest in front of him.

God's father smiled earnestly, "Miss Ye Youran, would you like this man to become your husband and enter into a marriage contract with him? Love him, take care of him, respect him, and always be loyal to him regardless of poverty or health, or any other reason. Yu until the end of life?"

At this moment, Ye leisurely remembered that year, the first time she met him that year, and the wedding she and him that year.

Ye Youran's thoughts drifted far away, she thought a lot about the things she had experienced with him, everything Ling Yue had paid for her all the time, he was willing to wait, only compromised for her, and didn't even want her life...

"What's wrong with the bride?" The guest couldn't help muttering in a daze when he saw Ye Youran.

Ling Yue turned his head and looked a little nervous, she didn't want to?

The priest smiled awkwardly, and asked again with concern, "Miss Ye Youran, are you willing to..."

Ye Youran looked at the man beside her with a somewhat awkward expression. The tension in Ling Yue's eyes was reflected in her pupils. The unwillingness she said that year turned out that this man had always been worried about it.

Ye Youran laughed suddenly, and Ling Yue looked at him a little lost. In his mind, her smile was brighter than Nuan Yang.

"I am willing! Ling Yue, I am willing to be with you forever, forever, and always bullying you as a fool..."

Ye Youran stood on tiptoe and automatically kissed the thin lips of the man, kissing deeply, Ling Yuewei was stunned, looking at the face close at hand, he smiled, this is his wife, his naughty and willful wife ...

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