Samsara Online

Chapter 470 - The Three Heavenly Kings And The Imperial Concubine

When Xie Feng walked into the building where his classroom was located his worries for Gu Qianxue's safety were greatly reduced once his head cooled down and rationality began to overcome emotions.

Gu Qianxue was not only being protected by his spiritual wind barrier but there was also a tremendously powerful existence beside her; Yao Mei!

With her power as a fire-type ability user, Yao Mei not only possessed destructive power terrifying enough to incinerate a building easily but with her being one of the most powerful in all of China the number of ESPERS capable of standing up against her were few and far between. Very few would be bold enough to try to harm anyone she wished to protect because not only was Yao Mei able to use her fire skills to attack but also to boost her speed and fly through the skies creating wings of flame making even escape practically impossible for anyone she set her sights on.

Moreover, unlike Xie Feng who had only recently become known to the world due to the events that happened in Beijing before the great war in the ocean to finally end up in him killing one of the most powerful overseas gods and subsequently facing a higher being such as the ancient Mayan God Buluc Chabtan, Yao Mei had been known for many years.

Many local and overseas ability users would surely dare to underestimate Xie Feng or many of them might not even have heard of him yet, but they definitely knew Yao Mei and surely none of them would dare to underestimate her unless they wished for death. Despite being only 15 years old recently, Yao Mei's feats in any of the battlefields she made an appearance in said enough about how terrifying she was in terms of power.

Therefore, the worries of Xie Feng calmed down tremendously when he stepped into his classroom at the thought that his beloved was in safe hands.

As for the reason why he did not fear that Yao Mei would do something evil.... To begin with, Yao Mei had seen what he was capable of doing and she was a smart young girl and therefore she definitely wouldn't do anything stupid. However, Xie Feng had two main reasons why he trusted her so much despite having only recently met her.

First of all, he had saved her life in the past. Yao Mei was a young lady who while she kept quiet and spoke little to strangers was actually extremely proud in her heart; which was completely normal considering her identity and personal achievements. She would definitely not repay kindness with a stab in the back.

Second and last but not least, Xie Feng somehow felt that Yao Mei was possibly the person he could trust the most. It was weird, but that was how he felt.

'Could that Yao Mei girl really be my little blood sister...?' Xie Feng sighed in his heart as he sat in his seat without even looking at the surroundings and without listening to the people around him.

The words of Mu Wuying kept repeating in his head over and over again, constantly bothering him and not allowing his thoughts to stray too far from a reality that he preferred to escape from just like a childish kid. But as childish as it was, Xie Feng really hoped that he had nothing to do with the Yao Family.

The Yao Family, like all the other major families in Beijing except the Gu Family of Gu Qianxue, were among the suspects for the premeditated murder of Xie Yao's parents. Xie Feng had promised her years ago that if he ever found the culprits of her shed tears he would definitely make them pay with blood tears!

It was highly probable that Xie Yao had already forgotten that promise since all she currently wanted was to live a peaceful life together with him. However, Xie Feng had not forgotten even a single second or a single word of that day.

If he was really Yao Mei's big brother then many things would become awkward since according to what Mu Wuying had told him, he and Yao Mei were very close when they were younger. Even if Xie Feng did not remember anything from his childhood, the possibility of such a past still weighed on his heart.

But these were burdens he would always carry by himself in his heart without letting his worries and fears reflect outwardly to his loved ones. What Xie Feng least wanted was to cause the women he loved and who were willing to throw their pride into the trash can by being willing to share a man to suffer.

"Big Brother Xie Feng!"

An angry shout brought Xie Feng out of his thoughts followed by a fierce slap on the back that echoed loudly throughout the room and silenced the voices of the students who were talking quietly among themselves.

"But what the hell?!" Xie Feng jumped up from his chair and looked back with wide eyes.

There, Yue Kai was looking at him gasping in indignation as he painfully rubbed his palm just like someone who had punched a concrete wall.

"Elder Brother Xie Feng, I understand that your nightlife is full of delicate roses and sweet fragrances now that you live with two beauties, but please have some compassion!" Yue Kai looked Xie Feng in the eyes and said in an indignant voice, "Weren't we the Four Heavenly Kings?!"

What the fuck?! Xie Feng still didn't understand what was going on and looked at Yue Kai, Xiao Luo, and Hu Chen with wide eyes trying to comprehend the situation he had suddenly been dragged into.

On the other hand, Xiao Luo stood up and stood next to Xie Feng. He looked at Yue Kai with a serious expression and said loudly, "Yue Kai, you need to understand that elder brother Xie here is just one step away from transcending the mortal world. He just needs to get the heart of the unattainable goddess Shen Xinya and he will finally leave our world for higher realms."

"Nonsense!" Yue Kai pointed at Xiao Luo and exclaimed, "Even if he is the elder brother among us, Shen Xinya's heart will not be taken by anyone!"

Hu Chen looked at Yue Kai and sighed, "Yue Kai, I understand that the announcement about Shen Xinya's love hit you hard but just accept it already mate."


Xie Feng squirmed uncomfortably in his seat as he watched one of his best friends clutch his heart as if he had been stabbed mercilessly. In his heart, he could only say sorry with a bitter smile as Yue Kai had always idolized Shen Xinya but now he had stolen the goddess of his heart.

Xiao Luo coughed as if he was preparing to give a big speech and as Yue Kai writhed in his seat he reached over and patted him on the shoulder, "Besides, my dear friend.... There is one thing you are wrong about."

Yue Kai stopped fooling around and looked at Xiao Luo, who kept a hand on his shoulder, with confused eyes.

"I don't know which Four Heavenly Kings you referred to just now but I think for our group of four friends it would be better to say that we are the Three Heavenly Kings and the Imperial Concubine."

The entire room was silent for a few moments before laughter began to sound like drums within the four walls. Even Xie Feng and Hu Chen began to laugh like crazy while secretly giving Xiao Luo thumbs up.

Yue Kai stood up and pulled out a blue handkerchief from his jacket pocket, throwing it at Xiao Luo's chest and shouting, "Xiao Luo, you bastard! It's been a while since you did not look pleasing to my eyes, I challenge you to a duel at lunchtime!"

Xiao Luo looked at the blue handkerchief on the ground and picked it up while muttering, "Wasn't the handkerchief that a man challenges another man with supposed to be white according to history? I guess that's normal since you're not a man."

Another wave of jovial laughter echoed loudly in the classroom for a long time before finally stopping. Applause followed thereafter and many people gave the group of four thumbs up as, once again, they had gotten everyone's day in the classroom off to a joyous start.

Xiao Luo and Yue Kai even bowed as if they were on stage.

Xie Feng didn't know whether to laugh or cry at being involved in the clowning around of these three again.

"Elder Brother Xie, are you alright?" Yue Kai asked after the commotion calmed down.

"Eh? Why do you ask?" 

"No, well. Just now you had a frown on your face as if a great worry was weighing on your shoulders." Yue Kai looked at him with a serious expression rarely seen on his face and said in a serious voice, "Remember that for better or worse, we are the Four Heavenly Kings."

Xie Feng was silent for a moment and a wave of warmth flooded his heart. However, he smirked outwardly as he slowly said, "Weren't we the Three Heavenly Kings and the Imperial Concubine?"

"Ungrateful bastard!" Yue Kai cried out indignantly, causing Xiao Luo and Hu Chen to burst into laughter.

Just at that moment, the math teacher who was already running late entered the classroom.. However, for some reason he seemed anxious, nervous, and even excited as he was constantly fixing his hair and tie as if he was going on a date instead of teaching.

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