Novel info
Sand Sculpture Dressed as Major General’s Cannon Fodder
Author: Koekawa
Alternative names:沙雕穿成少将的炮灰夫人
Genre: Romance

Sand Sculpture Dressed as Major General’s Cannon Fodder

Sand sculpture sweet pet
Bai Yan read a book with a cannon fodder.
Obviously a major general’s wife, she was tasked with joining outsiders to calculate major generals, but where were their opponents, they ended up in ruins.

Bai Yan opened his eyes and found that he had become the major general’s wife. There was only a small doll at the beginning.
Bai Ye thought for a while, this little doll will be accompanied by the major general, and he died to himself, he must first get along with the little doll.
Not to mention, Enwei attaches equal importance to it, and getting started is a pass.

Major General, a few light years away, suddenly felt some kind of pain, wondering, a voice came from his head:
“Little doll, from now on, you will be my doll, and death will be my doll. From now on you will only be good to me!”

A few months later, Major General put on clothes for Bai Yan and laughed, “I promise you.”
Bai Ye who is thinking about what breakfast to eat for a while: “?????”

One sentence copywriting:
In order to cooperate with the baby bellwife in divorce decision, Bai Yan never wanted a baby doll to be a major general.

The major general shared the senses with the little doll, and Bai Ye didn’t know.


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