She Has Been Retired For Three Months

Chapter 53 end

    "Second goods, how long will it take you to unblock the power?" All twelve altars were lit, and the unblocking power was left.

    "Five minutes, maybe less." Yu Ying made a rough estimate.

    "Those guys seem to have killed..."



    "Little sticky rice!"

    "Your Highness!"

    Ye Jiu leaped out of the altar, and Akali, who had been sleeping all the time, also woke up at this moment.

    "Ajiu, I'll help you too!"


    Ye Jiu summoned "Rini Daye" into the form of an epee, Akali gave up the human form and integrated it into the epee, and "Rini Daye" became a real sword at this moment. Heaven-shattering weapon.

    "Don't get in the way, ants—" Ye Jiu swept out with a sneering epee without any skill. With one sword, it ripped open a hole directly, killing and injuring more than half of the chasing soldiers of the God Realm.

      His gaze was as if he were looking at a cruel and murderous demon.


    "You devil! Why...why don't you let them go..."

     Ye Jiu raised the corners of her lips disdainfully in front of the team leader's gaze: "I also want to ask this question when you are chasing the second goods. No." If she didn't have that kind of strength, how could they possibly let her go?

    "Well said, the king will lose." The king suddenly appeared in the air, "Little girl, go with this king."

    "If you let me go, isn't that Laozi very shameless?" Ye Jiu swung his sword horizontally and looked at him contemptuously, "You are so shameless at such an old age. Live in vain."

    "This is not a negotiation, spend more time talking!" The God King imprisoned Ye Jiu without talking nonsense to her any more, "The chaos has not awakened, you don't have much power, Stop struggling."

    Ye Jiu: ... rely! Second hand! It's you who cheated me again!

    I was carried by the God King all the way to the front of the Chaos Barrier, listening to his mouth and giving the order: "Cut it."

    Ye Jiu just wanted to say who did you order? I won't hack you how can you drop?

    However, it backfired, she suddenly found that her body seemed to be out of control... Damn you!

    However, after a blow, the god-king who was confident looked at the smooth barrier dumbfounded: "What's going on!"

    "You—" The King of God looked at Ye Jiu with red eyes, but suddenly he was stunned, "You... where is your love! Where is your love!"

    "No, what's wrong?" Ye Jiuyi looked like a dead pig not afraid of boiling water.

    No love silk means she will not have love, without complete emotions and desires, her strength will be a gap, and there is no way to split the barrier.


    "It looks like your dream is broken, old man." Ye Jiu's tone was arrogant and flat, and jumped directly into the chaotic barrier under the puzzled eyes of the **** king.

    "No...impossible! I haven't lost! I haven't..."


    "No - you can't do this to me! I am the king of gods! I am the ruler of this world! What are you! Why do you restrain me!"


    "It's over so easy?" Ye Jiu stunned, "I thought it was going to be a dark world, isn't it all drawn like this in the comics? The villain's vitality is so strong that you can't imagine it , there are half a volume of books."

    Yu Ying: "It's alright to watch the comics less, that's because the strength is equal or the headwind will turn around for so long."


    "The war is over, do you have anything you want?" Yu Ying felt that the child had been working hard during this time, and it would not be too much to give some rewards.

    Ye Jiu thought about it: "Give me an independent one and put it into the small world, I want to experience a normal love."

    "You don't want to get back the love silk?" Yu Ying was puzzled. Wouldn't it be better to do it yourself if you want to experience love?

    "What do I want that thing to do? It's very troublesome." Ye Jiu waved his hand in disgust.

    "Okay, but you are a heaven-repairing stone, and you are lacking in love, your life will be very rough." "Give her a name, it has a name, and you can help her once in the future when she is in trouble."

    Ye Jiu's eyes lit up: "Is there a good thing here? I thought you wouldn't let me interfere! As for the name..."

    Suddenly, she thought of the name mentioned on the first day of the night.

    "Wanwan...It's called Yunwan!" Ye Jiu made a final decision.

    "Okay..." Yuying had no opinion.

    "Wait a minute..." Ye Jiu extracted two light groups from his body and put them into the split soul, one green and one blue.

    Yuying: "What did you give the wood spirit and water spirit to you?"

      It's useless, let's say, with your medicinal herbs, whether it's healing or detoxification, it's better than wood spirit and water spirit."

    "Okay..." Yu Ying didn't think it was a big deal. After the wood spirit and the water spirit were completely integrated into the split soul, he raised his hand and sent it into a small world.

    "I hope mine will be a gentle girl." Ye Jiu prayed.


    "You don't speak and no one treats you as dumb..."

    "Oh, right, the war has just ended, and the small world is still a little turbulent. You should hurry up and run the world script."

    "You two fools - I want to retire! Yes! Retire! Retire!"


    A few years later, there was a beautiful three-year-old **** the streets of the United States. The ragged girl was always accompanied by a very good-looking Ragdoll cat.

    She looked at everything around her with bewildered eyes, not understanding why she came here. But she doesn't seem to remember the past...

    "Little one, do you want to... come home with us?"

    A beautiful woman gently extended her hand to her, behind the woman stood two equally good-looking men.

    She remembered this beautiful aunt. The first time she saw her, she was still in the ward. She sent flowers to this aunt. But after she was kicked out by the hospital, she never saw the aunt again.

    Feeling the kindness from the woman, the little girl put her little hand in the woman's hand: "Okay."

    The woman hugged the little girl happily: "You are our daughter from today, what is your name?"

    The little girl shook her head, she didn't remember, she vaguely remembered that someone called her "Wan Wan"... Maybe she didn't have a name.

    "Okay, then...let's call you Shirya, my name is Talia, I will be your mother in the future, please give me more advice."

    "Xilya..." The little girl smiled shyly as she read the name she just had, she looked at the two men behind her mother with a puzzled expression.

    "They're your dads, Ryans and Roger." Talia explained to her daughter's curious eyes, "You're a girl with two dads, baby."

    Two dads? Sounds great.

    "We're going home, little Shirya."


    The author has something to say:


    It's definitely not Liu Nuonuo! Bit me every day! I gave him a bath and his hands didn't get scratched out, that doesn't prove that I gave him a bath!

    As that song sings:

    Love you and face me

    I love you

    Love you jumping on the curtains

    Love the way you bite me

    Tick me and leave three bars

    Love you jumped on my bed uninvited

    Does it match? Bah!

    feet with cat litter

    War? War!

     I am so angry

    I never thought your voice was louder than mine

    Your swear words are worse than mine

    Really sings the daily life of my rebels!

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