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Shura, The Rebirth
Author: Langya One
Alternative names:重生之修罗归来
Genre: Urban Life

Shura, The Rebirth

Three years ago, Pei Junqing, a son of the Pei family in Qingzhou, was an exquisite person. He was three years old, he was seven years old, Ming Jin, twelve years old, and he became a master.

However, Pei Junlin was suddenly violently violent, and all his bones and even his blood were taken away, leaving only one human skin, which triggered a major earthquake in the martial arts world.

Three years later, a superfluous man emerged against the sky!

I ’m Xiuluo, my feet are full of bones, and my blood is dead!

Returning from rebirth, dare to call the sun and the moon for a new sky, and the king will come to the world!

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