Shura’s Wrath

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Lushan, Yunyun Cliff, the first of the four most evil places in Jinyun. Under the sacred cliffs, it is called the cemetery of the **** of death. In countless years, there are countless people who have fallen into the cliffs. Among them, there are even three powerful kings who have the power to pass the sky, but no one has ever survived.

At this time, on the edge of the cliff, a two-person high side of the boulder, leaning against a black-haired young man, his body blood, a black wound on the black cracked open, he just stood here. A few breaths of time, a small pool of blood flow has been collected at the foot.

His chest is violently ups and downs, the mouth is full of gasping and scary, the muscles in every part of the body are slightly stunned... It shows that he is completely exhausted, almost exhausted, if not the boulder on the side, He may not be able to do even standing. However, his eyes were cold and awake like two cold blades. There was no trace of smashing, and the fierce light of the wolf was shot. The corner of his mouth was slightly ridiculed and disdainful.

In front of him, the black-pressed crowd blocked all his escape routes.

"Yun Che, you have nowhere to go! You hand over the poison beads, we may be able to spare you!"

"We will take the road for heaven today, and get rid of your scourge! Don't hand over the poison beads, I can make you die, or you will let you taste the pain of the thorns!"

"Yun Che! Don't be obsessed with it anymore. Now your only retreat is to give it to Tianzhuzhu! These gods are not owned by you!!"

The screams of screams came from the crowd, and everyone’s righteous words were righteous. And if a person from the Jinyun continent passes by here at this time, it will be shocked by the lineup in front of him: this black-pressed crowd almost brings together all the strongest sects in Jinyun, and the heads of these sects are almost all present. Even some retreats for many years, the old monsters that have been forgotten are also awesome. It is no exaggeration to say that there is a person standing there and it is a super strong person who can shake one side.

Nowadays, all of them are gathered here, only for the man who has been forced to the edge of the cliff... More precisely, it is for the poisonous bead in his hand - the first **** of the Jinyun continent!

The crowd threatened to scream and slowly approached. On the same day, the poisonous pearl finally appeared again. In the face of this huge and irresistible temptation, these strong people who stood on the top of the mainland flocked to it. After three days and three nights of killing, they finally reached the moment when they could harvest the fruits.

"You... want this... Tianzhuzhu?"

Yunche sneered, his right hand slowly lifted up, a greenish green, releasing a dimly lit ball in his hand. At the moment when the bead shines, everyone approaches the footsteps, and the eyes stare at the green, emitting a greedy radiance.

These ones are enough to shock the world's strong, at this time in the eyes of Yun Che is so humble and ugly. His eyes slowly slanted, and he was in a desperate situation. The light was still arrogant and sarcasm. The depths of his eyes were filled with the hatred of the bones: "My master has lived a lifetime of life, saving countless lives, not being touched, not Seeking any fame and fortune...but just because of this poisonous bead, seven years ago, you called these famous decents... I was forced to die by my master."

"I hate it... I hate myself for no use. I haven’t wiped out all of your **** door for seven years!"

The word 铮铮 is deeply rooted in the hatred of the bones. Even after seven years have passed, thinking of the master's tragic death, his eyes still slipped into two blood and tears.

Yun Che did not know who his parents were. When his master came to him, he was only a few days old. When he came to Yunche, when the spring was deep, the surrounding clouds were light and the mountains were clear, so he named him "Cloud Che". He also hoped that his heart would be as pure as the clouds, and the water would be clear. When he grows up, he can inherit his clothes and become a healer who can save the wounded and help the wounded.

No matter how serious the disease is, the master can be cured. The reason is that he has been hiding in the body of poison beads. The word "Tiandu" highlights the enormous virulence of this bead, but the same is true for medical treatment. The drug is homologous to the drug. The master has not used its virulence for a lifetime. All of it is extracted and melted. Ability to produce countless holy drugs and save countless life-threatening patients. He gave his medical skills to Yunzhi... And seven years ago, his possession of the poisonous beads was leaked. He handed the poison beads to Yunche, let him escape, but he died. The men of the big door.

Knowing that the master died, Yun Qing cried for three days and three nights, and buried the root of hatred in his heart. He no longer studied medical treatment, but madly absorbed the horrible virulence in the poisonous beads. Revenge became his only belief. Seven years later, he became a poisonous person and finally opened his vengeance. In less than ten days, he was poisoned for thousands of miles. The number of burials was countless. It also triggered the turmoil and panic of the entire Jinyun continent, and attracted those who were at the peak. Coveted, in order to seize the poisonous beads, they joined forces with Yunche... until this time.

He looked at everyone in the line of resentment, and the laughter became colder and colder: "You guys are so choppy, you want to get the poison beads in my hands... white - day - do - dream!!"

The low voice fell, and Yun Qing suddenly raised his hand and slammed the poisonous beads into his mouth. He was so energetic that he rushed from the mouth of his poisonous poison to his belly.

"You... what are you doing!"

"He actually... swallowed the poison beads!"

"Cloud Che! You don't want to die!"

"It doesn't matter, big deal, we kill people and take the beads!"

The celestial poison beads enter the body, but Yun Che is not as toxic as the ones they think, and it is violent and violent. Only his body surface has a faint green glow.

"I will kill him right away! Otherwise, if the poisonous bead has changed in his body, it will be a big deal!"

A big bang, the front ten people rushed to Yunche. Looking at these few figures that he hated to be frustrated, Yun Che laughed wildly, laughter hoarse and weak, but proud: "I have not killed you, you don't want to kill me! You guys, all these I am not qualified to ask for my life, I will die... I will only die in my own hands! Hahahaha..."

With a sneer, Yun Che suddenly released all the power in his body and jumped to the rear...

"Block him!!!"

Found the intention of Yun Che, the exclamation sounded loudly, five or six hands together to grasp the direction of Yun Che, but could not catch his half shadow, can only watch his body straight and fall Under the clouds...

The cliff is absolutely suitable for my burial place...

I have nothing to do with my life, but it is a pity... I have not been able to avenge my master... I have not found my biological parents...

Yun Qing gently grasped the silver pendant on the chest. That was the only thing he had when the master came to him. The wind whistling in his ear, he slowly closed his eyes, letting the body fall to the dark abyss that seemed to be endless...


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