Since 1983

~ postscript

This book is an idea long ago, and Xiaoxu was a neighbor, and then "Journey to the West" started.

Of course, in this book, it becomes the beginning of "A Dream of Red Mansions".

The protagonist's film career is not so much the main line, as it is a thread that is forcibly laid for the structure not to be scattered.

The book is actually very simple, as the introduction says, some nostalgic stories.

I just want to write about The Dream of Red Mansions, about the Asian Games, and about "I'm Addicted" and "The Sound of the Waves Are Still"...

I have made some new attempts. Some of them feel that they are okay, and some are still short-board. It is hard to write and hope to continue to improve.

Here are a few extra words.

Like many people, I am also a fan of Laogang movies. I have always wanted to write a story about Laogang movies, but I should not be able to write.

Times have changed.

Hong Kong Entertainment used to be the largest category of entertainment literature, but it is now nearly dead. In addition to changes in thinking caused by certain factors, authors and readers are also being updated.

The Xia Yufanghong and Xianzhen Minxin we talked about have become more and more distant.

Maybe in a few years, only some old guys will remember, and occasionally turn out some nagging words.

In the same way, I have always wanted to write the story of Niyu in the 90s.

"Tokyo Love Story", "101 Proposals", "Under the Same Roof", "Long Holiday"...

But I shouldn't write, because it's too small for too long.

Entertainment literature is closely related to the real entertainment industry and the form of Yishi, Meiyu now has less, and Hanyu is gone.

"Art Times" is from 1997 to 11 years, and the book is from 83 to 2006. If you write entertainment articles again, you should start writing about 10 years and write to the latest year.

I just don't know what will happen to the mainland film and television industry at that time.

This book is the fastest one I updated, and it is also the most exhausted period of time. I can’t bear the scribbled finishing.

So now the primary goal is to recuperate and exercise.

Thank you for your continued support. See you next book.

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