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Speciesism is not Allowed
Alternative names:不要物种歧视

Speciesism is not Allowed

It had been over 2,000 years since Fu Li (uke), a rabbit monster, awakened. He lost his elders, entered the city with the dream of being a civil servant, moved bricks at a construction site, and worked as a security guard at a hotel. He just wanted to live a peaceful life, but there were always various issues to come. He was recruited into the monster administration bureau to work for the bureau director (seme) due to his extraordinary force power.

The seme in their relationship was the golden dragon, who was aloof with stingy nature, while he was generous to the uke. The seme was spoiled by him, and used to send different treasures to people, which made the golden dragon angry.

Two people handled cases together, witnessed a lot of awakening of big monsters which were described in the book of the Mountains and Seas. The golden dragon became the dragon emperor by a chance. Finally, the identity of the uke was revealed. The sufferer should have died in the period of war, but because of his martyrdom, he was reborn due to his faith and could not be separated from the seme forever.


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