Start with a Mechanical Hunter

Chapter 240 Motoko Yagami

   Chapter 240 Iori Motoko

   Mother City, Cybertron, 17th Arms Exhibition.

Unlike the fully virtualized Deep Web, Cybertron is more like a super mechanical city, with thousands of meters and 10,000 meters of mechanical creations one after another. Some of them are interstellar spaceships that land, some are endless space elevators, some are fortresses of mechanical legions, and some are There are some industrial ships, land-based ships, and even crustal excavators and planetary engines.

   If the machine crack is an egg full of cracks, then Cybertron is the center of the crack of the egg.

   At this time, representatives of military contractors got off the plane and took special vehicles to various weapons experiment venues.

   The first half of each corporate war is the happiest day for military contractors.

  There is no other reason. Although the corporate hegemony is not a military war, every time there is a corporate war, major companies will invariably increase their defense budgets.

   Every military contractor will rack their brains and spend their minds at this stage, like a peacock with an open screen, trying desperately to attract customers.

   "Wow, Sister Du, have you seen it? It's all flying cars."

  The little woman pulled the window and looked around with bright eyes. The rear of the speeding car spurted a dazzling stream of particles. Under the control of the planet's main brain, it seemed thrilling, but in fact it was as stable as an old dog in various shuttles in midair.

   Cybertron has no ground transportation system. The ground of Cybertron is a variety of energy pipelines, oil pipelines, and transportation pipelines.

   Some of these pipelines lead to the seabed to absorb the rare gases on the seabed, some lead to the earth's crust to absorb the nuclear reaction force in the core of the earth, and some lead to other continents to transport survey robots and mining robots.

   The entire Cybertron is a super factory based on planets.

   This is in line with Du Zhaodi's mechanical aesthetics.

   If you have resources, you will go to mining, and if you have places, you will go to build projects.

   "Sister Du, what you said about us, can those bosses like it?" Secretary Bean Sprout couldn't help but said.

   "There is still a month before the exhibition. We are here mainly to make a stop. What are we in a hurry for?" Du Zhaodi was still as strict as ever.

   "Sister Du, in the morning we are going to the Mechanical Hub to report, carry out qualification certification and registration. At noon, a representative of Ma Sifengman wants to have a meal with us. In the afternoon, we will go to class." Bean sprouts began to report on the work.

   "Class, what class? I hate class."

   The little woman complained, and her eyes fell on an ultra-luxurious shopping mall.

"It is mainly the technical information of the last weapon. Every time the weapon exhibition is opened, a considerable part of the development information will be unsealed. Some emerging forces, like us, will sign up specially. The main purpose is not to participate in the exhibition, but to these technical information."

   "Don't you charge for these materials?" the little woman asked.

   "No money."

   "Don't want royalties?"

   "No royalties either."

   "Is there such a thing? For example, if we sold a lot of mechas at this weapons exhibition, and when the next exhibition, our mecha data and scientific research secrets will be distributed to others for free?"

"Is such that."

   "Fuck, run away, Sister Du!"

   "It sounds fair," Du Zhaodi said with a calm expression: "The meaning of the mother city is very simple. If you don't make progress or break through, you will die. On this planet, patent siege does not exist."

   The little woman rolled her eyes, these lunatics, if she were herself, she would be able to keep the patent for a long time.


   The little woman was about to say something when the speeding car swayed violently. In the sky, hundreds of thousands of speeding cars stopped at the same time.

   On the ground, a huge pipe suddenly opened, and densely packed combat robots shot out, rushing towards a mechanical building to the south.

   Then there were all kinds of explosions and battle sounds.

Du Zhaodi looked at Bean Sprout, and Bean Sprout hurriedly called to confirm the situation. After a long while, she said, "Sister Du, the afternoon technology sharing class has been cancelled. Someone hacked into a mechanical system of Cybertron, triggering a small-scale robot rebellion. ."

   "Who is this, this is the mother city!" The little woman was no longer sleepy.

   For all those born after the mechanical age, the mother city is a god-like existence to them.

   "Appears to be a cyber-hacker, a very famous one, codenamed Tyria."


  Du Zhaodi heard her mother say this name, this is the holy city of civilization, and for this to be an ancient city, there have been several large-scale religious wars in the history of Machine Splitting Star.

   Tyria, Cybertron.

   always feels that the meaning is very special.

   After a moment, the little woman became impatient.

   "How long will this wait? If I knew that the mother city is also stuck in traffic, I should get a second card to play."

  Du Zhaodi closed his eyes and rested, "There is a holographic TV in the car."

   "Don't tell me sooner."

   The little woman found the switch, and as soon as she turned it on, she saw that several channels were broadcasting the same news.

"Shocking report, Mr. Aramaki, the first person in charge of conquering the mobile department, known as the hand of the deep web and the enemy of the enterprise, was assassinated by the resistance forces yesterday, his data processing center was tragically destroyed, and a large amount of personality data was lost. Repairs are underway, but the situation is not optimistic.”

   "Why is it an assassination again."

   The little woman murmured, and in the black smoke scene, the drooling host danced and danced, but the next moment, the host was kicked out, and a malevolent female android appeared on the screen.

   "Wow, big beauty!"

This female android is very beautiful, with delicate short blue hair, light red eyes, and a figure that bulges forward and backward, but what is more striking is her temperament, like a burning flame, her voice is low and hoarse , and murderous.

   This made Director Du think of a very hateful woman.

   "My name is Motoko Yagami, the captain of the first lesson of the mobile division."

"Remember, murderer, no matter who you are, no matter where you are, whether you are human or AI, I will find you, tear open your flesh, dig out your personality chip, destroy your memory data, no matter what you have How many clones and how many subroutines, I will find them one by one, and then completely destroy you!"

   With a 'bang' sound, the holographic screen exploded.

   is not just one station, all other stations are the same.

"This woman is very strong," Du Zhaodi opened her eyes, and a dignified look flashed in her eyes: "I just felt the surveillance satellites staring at us. If I guess right, this woman is passing thousands of satellites covering the planet. satellites for global positioning.”

   "Once the murderer is watching this show and has a special mood change and expression change, the woman will find out immediately."

   "On the surface she is venting her hatred, but in fact she is looking for the murderer."


  The city that never sleeps, the enterprise district, the senior workers who were queuing up to pay taxes saw this scene and sighed with emotion.

  'Has another planet pig's feet appeared, the No. 1 fighter of the deep web in the future, the most advanced android in 10 years, and a frequent visitor to the 3D area, Iori Motoko. ’

   (end of this chapter)

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