Starting With a City as a Transmigrator

Chapter 40


“What’s wrong, Sergeant?”

Jack was called out by Clive.

“Bring some soldiers to the baron’s residence to move some stuff!”

Upon hearing the need to do manual work, Jack instantly deflated.

As one who was even too lazy to walk about in the labor office, he absolutely refused to do so.

“Yes, Sergeant!”

He knew what would happen if he refused, so it was better to be sensible.

“Get the soldiers from your crossbow battalion!” Clive added.

Jack had a grim expression and said, “Why the crossbow battalion only?”

Clive said, “Cut the crap and do as you are told.”


Looking at Clive’s Hades-like eyes, Jack instantly curled up and walked in the direction of his battalion after giving a timid reply.

Currently, they weren’t in the training ground inside the city hall. Due to the army’s constant expansion, Wang Lun had built a huge military camp.

Soon after, Jack brought dozens of soldiers from the crossbow battalion to Clive.

Clive nodded and gathered air in his chest which came out as a strong, intimidating voice.

“The reason I asked for you guys is because what you are asked to do today is related to your unit! And it’s not what came out of this guy’s mouth!”

Clive’s words were precisely targeted at Jack.

Upon hearing Clive’s words, Jack slightly shrunk. He didn’t expect Clive to accurately guess what he had just grumbled to his comrades.

Clive glanced at Jack one last time and led the soldiers in the direction of the city hall.

Earlier, Clive received an order from Wang Lun that another batch of new weapons had arrived and asked him to send a few soldiers to the city hall to collect it.

Clive knew what kind of weapons they were, which was why he asked the soldiers of the corresponding unit.

When they arrived at the city hall, they patiently waited outside Wang Lun’s courtyard.

“The baron’s not asleep, right?”

“The gate is tightly shut, so definitely not.”

“We’re not going to wait here forever, are we?”

“We don’t have any choice but to wait. Or do you want to walk back by yourself?”

Looking at the closed courtyard gate, the soldiers who had been waiting for 10 minutes began to get impatient.

But at the next moment, the gate slowly opened with a creak.

And it was opened by none other than Wang Lun himself.

Wang Lun opened the gate and saw a dozen soldiers standing there. He was immediately taken aback.

“Hey! You’re all here! Come on in!”

Wang Lun turned around.

The soldiers were stunned and didn’t react at first. Wang Lun had never let anyone into his courtyard; not even Hallmark had ever entered.

But now, he actually let them in?

“My lord, this wouldn’t be nice of us, would it?” Clive said.

Wang Lun didn’t turn around. He simply waved his hand and said, “It’s fine. Come on in!”

“Yes, my lord! Soldiers, follow me!”

Clive led the soldiers into the courtyard, and that was the farthest they went.

“My lord, what is this?”

The curious Jack asked when he saw something covered by black cloth in front of him.

Wang Lun shook his head and said, “You guys, go and remove the black cloth and check it out yourself!”

The soldiers looked at each other and stepped forward.

They pulled the black cloth back and saw the object inside.

A gigantic crossbow.

It wasn’t only bigger than ordinary bows in size, but it was also supported by a bed frame.

Looking at its domineering appearance, the soldiers couldn’t help but exclaim.

Some soldiers put their hands on the giant crossbow and stroked it.

“Wow, I’ve never seen such a crossbow before!”

“The enemy will be scared to death after seeing this on the battlefield. We can surely win without fighting!”

“No, it’s too heavy and bulky. It’s more for defending the city!”

Someone suddenly interjected a discordant comment.

“Jack, you always love to shoot your mouth off and now, you’re still trying to when the facts are right in front of you?”

Jack shrugged and tilted his head. “If you don’t believe me, you can ask the baron!”

The soldiers looked at Wang Lun in unison, their eyes full of expectation.

“Yes, he’s right.” Wang Lun leaned into Clive’s ear. “How come I’ve never seen this guy before?”

Clive softly said, “My lord, his name is Jack. He was previously working in the labor office and was drafted by us to participate in the war.”

Wang Lun nodded and took a few steps forward.

“As Jack said, this weapon is indeed used to defend the city, but it still has to be manned by your battalion.”

They had never imagined that Jack, who loved to talk big, would happen to be right.

But it was just a coincidence in their opinion. They wouldn’t change their attitudes toward him because of it.

Wang Lun ordered Clive and the others to install the ballista at the best positions on the city walls.

As for where the locations should be, Wang Lun didn’t mark out for them. After all, the soldiers in front of him were the most experienced in war.

During these peaceful days, Yale City was a busy scene. The city walls were severely damaged in the previous war, so the construction workers and soldiers came together to repair them.

Not only did the refugees who came to Yale City not return to where they came from, but they also had a deeper longing for this city.

As immigrants continued to come to Yale City, Wang Lun took the time to take Lucy to the city to investigate the adequacy of food.

The population kept increasing, and so far, Yale City had reached a population of 50,000.

The surveyed food was sufficient. Not only that, but there was also an excess amount.

This was all thanks to the foundation of the development of Yale City.

At the same time, Wang Lun also increased efforts to expand recruitment into the military, offering lots of beneficial policies.

Many people actively enrolled in the army and the huge military camp instantly welcomed more recruits.

With an increase in soldiers, Wang Lun also carried out a military merit exchange.

Many soldiers who had participated in the war brought their vocation badges to record their military achievements.

A lot of them hoped that they could be promoted in rank and the final result was as they had thought.

As the veterans rose in rank, they were sent to the boot camp to lead new recruits in training.

After a month of intense training, the new recruits were fully transformed.

Wang Lun’s plan was being carried out step by step, and he frequently visited the barracks these past few days to observe the soldiers’ training process.

“Hallmark, the new recruits are doing well!”

Today was the day that Wang Lun inspected their training results. He was very satisfied after seeing the soldiers train in warfare exercises.

Wang Lun sat in the center on the high platform, while Hallmark and Clive sat on his left and right.

Hallmark said, “My lord, it is all thanks to the training program book you’ve given me that the soldiers were able to reach this level!”

“My lord, you are truly a strong leader. Be it the military or economy, you solve every problem efficiently!” Clive said.

“Looks like it’s time to launch our counterattack!” Wang Lun exhaled a deep breath and looked to the sky.

“My lord, you mean that…”

“Yes, we must take down Seron City as soon as possible!”

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