Stratholme God

~ Finish this testimonial

   Finish this testimonial

   Alas, I typed down the three words (the whole book was finished), and I was filled with emotion.

   Stratholme is definitely the most tortured book I've ever written.

   At first, the editor gave an idea. It was good in the early stage. I used it to find that the plug-in of unlimited gold coins was not easy to use in Azeroth. It was equivalent to giving up the gold finger.

   But World of Warcraft, everyone knows it.

   At some inappropriate nodes, forcibly ending the book will definitely be sprayed to death by readers.

   Originally, I wanted to write about the Shadow Realm, but as I wrote it, I found out that the official screenwriter is really... I think I'm better than him when I write it.

   All kinds of highly poisonous plots, I vomited when I saw them, let alone writing fangirls.

   And I have already written a set of 4 million words "Storm God of the Wind", and if I write the same content again, I am afraid that I will be hacked to death.

   As a result, throughout the middle and late stages of this book, I forcibly wrote down the contents of "Storm" that I didn't write much about.

The    subscription has long since collapsed, and many times I thought about making a bad ending, but seeing that so many old readers are still supporting me, I am reluctant to deal with it casually.

  Every book is my child.

  Unless it was a last resort, who would have the heart to let it die?

   The construction site next door to my house has experienced terrible piling for almost half a year. Every day, the pile driver starts at 7:30 in the morning, ends at 12:00, and roars continuously from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

  I have to teach my son again at night, so I won’t be free until ten o’clock.

  The time will be better when we step into July.

   On the way to writing the book, I experienced a broken thing that my waist fell out of the golden elixir.

   All I can say is that this set of writing was exhausting and really tortured.

  Fortunately, everything came through.

  ps, I ended the book on July 14th, not really to celebrate someone's first seven. Please don't interpret it indiscriminately!

  Thinking about it, since 2015, I haven’t rested for many years. Because of economic pressure, I always have one set after another. Even before the old book is finished, the new book is already on the shelves.

   Now he is old, in his forties, and his health is also poor.

   It’s really impossible to keep going straight in one breath.

   Taking advantage of a bunch of platinum gods opening new books in July, thinking that I will be rushing new books this month, no matter how I open it, I will be dead, so let’s take a break in July.

  I personally hope that a new book will be published in early August, and it depends on whether my new manuscript is returned to the editor.

   If there is any latest news, I will announce it in the Q group.

  Lastly, thanks to the old brothers who accompanied Yunfei all the way to the end of the book.

  Thank you so much!


  Let's see our new book bye!

   (end of this chapter)

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