Novel info
Strong Counterattack
Author: 退戈
Alternative names:强势逆袭

Strong Counterattack

Unit 1 [I Love Learning], campus, time-travel, counterattack to a study overlord
Unit 2 [Fighting], the future, robot having time-travel to a person, the powerful female leading role
Unit 3 [Self-cultivation of the Drama Queen], live broadcast, soul exchange
Unit 4[Country Story], back to the past to change the future, people born after 1980 struggling with weirdo
Unit 5 [The Seven Year Itch], impairing the scum man, the scum man is not the male leading role, the real breaking up
Unit 6 [Star of Today], reborn and avenged, the son of the leg selection appeared!
Unit 7 [Dislocation], dog blood holding the wrong stem, holding the wrong two strong joint forces


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