Strong Counterattack

Chapter 26 I love learning 26

"Or tell him." Shen Kuo grieved by covering his face, "Why are all the pots I carry alone!"

Ye Ang: "Because the source is yours."

Shen Kuo: "But you have won the prize!"

Ye Ang shouted: "Don't talk nonsense!"

Ye Haoxue seems to have finally found an excuse to stay away from the two and continue to live his decadent salted fish life.

Ye Ang and Shen Kuo decided to apologize to him.

"Forget it." Ye Hao Xue said indifferently, "I have decided to sell the number."

Ye Ang startled: "You figured it out?"

Ye Haoxue: "I just feel like I have no face to see the brother again. I feel sorry for myself."

Ye Ang: "Which brother?"

"Please remember the boy who broke your heart!" Ye Hao said, "His name is ..."

Two people stuck at the same time.

I couldn't even remember Dong Luxing's name.

Ye Ang paid him respect: "A boy playing games."

Ye Haoxue: "Yes!"

Ye Haoxue pointed at them seriously and said: "I am going to cut off the final exam with you now! Give me a good self-examination. During this period, I don't want to talk to you!"

Ye Ang: "..."

Ye Haoxue repeated: "I don't want to talk to you now!"

Ye Ang Wanwan didn't expect that this man's attitude was ... to be determined from the bottom of his heart.

However, coupled with his awkwardness, the final exam was directly approached.

The attitudes of Ye Ang and Shen Kuo changed with each other, and he dared not force him again, wishing he could not remember his previous bet, especially the 3,000-dollar hand.

The two sides successfully found a new balance.


On the eve of the test, Ye Ang was always calm, but several teachers were very nervous.

Old Liu asked Ye Ang to mobilize before the exam, and then the principal asked her to mobilize before the exam. Even Shen Kuo didn't dare to disturb her at random, and changed another learning partner Wang Yu.

The students in Class 6 consciously created an atmosphere of key classes for her: delaying the class and doubling the amount of homework.

Ye Ang clearly felt the atmosphere of the exam in advance ... and did not feel happy! It was at this time that it was discovered that the most familiar person in the class was still Ye Haoxue.

Ye Haoxue sensed the sight she was seeing, holding the phone and turning around, and hummed at her.

All the world knows that he is alone!

He is proud!

... Ye Ang repented.

Because the end of the semester is the city-wide joint exam, the test papers are produced by the teachers of Yizhong and the experiment. Although the examination room is in their own school, the ranking is also determined by the school.

The principal prepares in advance and intends to make arrangements.

He was entangled in the names of the teachers in the middle school and the experiment, hesitating which school teacher he should arrange to go to the first examination room for supervision.

In the end, based on the consideration of the Japanese leader, the excellent opportunity of the first examination room was given to the teachers of No. 1 Middle School for a long time. At the end of the experiment, let's enjoy the double pain of regret and curiosity.

After the arrangements are made, in the various anxious and euphoric hopes, the A-level high school entrance examination has arrived.

On the same day, under the instruction of the principal, the teaching director took the initiative to lead the two teachers of No. 1 Middle School to the first examination room.

The two teachers were flattered. I haven't experienced such a noble treatment for so many years as a proctor.

Waiting outside the examination room, the leading instructor stopped, stood by the window and glanced in, and finally stopped looking at a position, showing a loving smile, and turned to introduce them enthusiastically.

"That is the best student in our school!"

The two followed the instructions and saw a girl with a pen in her hand, who was sitting at the window by the window.

Looks tired and pale. It looks uncomfortable.

The director said, "She is very good!"

The two invigilators laughed twice, but they did not take it seriously.

Oh, where is the best student in the second high school? The goal of their first middle school students is to rank the whole province, and the second middle school is only the ranking of the whole school.

There is no comparability.

The director of the teaching seemed to just want to say these two sentences, without waiting for their feedback, so that they could well supervise the exam, and left.

Two people: "..."

Are the leaders of the second middle school mad?

The two did not struggle for too long.

The first test of Chinese, followed by mathematics. After the ringtones and prompts rang, they distributed the test papers according to the process, and then stood at the front and back ends of the classroom, starting to be in a daze.

For teachers, proctoring should be a painful messenger unimaginable to outsiders.

The wall clock on the wall moved slowly.

After the first game, math soon ushered in.

The invigilator in the front row yawned at the poster in the back, gazing at Ye Ang.

He felt that the student's face was a little whiter than the opening. Suddenly remembering the strange smile before the director left, shaking his feet, he walked to Ye Ang's position and checked her test papers.

He found Ye Ang was writing a big math question, and he was writing it backwards. He was shocked.

Raised his wrist and looked at his watch.

Yes, it took only half an hour to start the exam. She has already finished writing two major questions.

The finale question they made this time was very difficult. The probability of getting it right and getting a full score is very low. Even in one, there may not be many.

In fact, this time, they just want to use the difficulty points and experiments to score points.

The teacher rubbed his eyes. Read the question again, then follow the steps of Ye Ang's calculation.

He saw the key points of the score, and also saw several familiar data.

A row of data was clearly written, and the answer was perfectly written in the corner of the blank space of the test paper.

The teacher's head suddenly buzzed.

The finale question is ... difficult?

Seeing that he was enchanted, another teacher coughed as a reminder.

In this way, the proctor will be reported.

The teacher recovered and wandered in the classroom again. Take a big step, take a quick lap, and return to Ye Ang.

His colleague: "..."

You tease me?

The teacher stood up solemnly and waved at his colleagues.

So the people around Ye Ang became two.

In the two-hour exam time, in less than ninety minutes, Ye Ang has finished doing the questions. Later, she placed the answer sheet in the upper right corner and performed a second calculation on the questions on the test paper.

The two invigilator teachers had no draft paper and no test papers, and could only walk around the examination room to check the answers to her multiple choice and blank questions.

When they came over again, Ye Ang looked up and looked straight at him.

The teacher looked at her for a long time before reacting. Blushing and taking a step back, he coughed and said, "Student, are you uncomfortable?"

Ye Ang said, "Teacher, I have no problem. But you have been comparing my answers with other students, which will affect the mood of other students."

The invigilator took a look at the students around him, only to find that he was out of order and hurried away.

After that, he stayed at the podium and did not come down again.

By the time the school rang the bell to collect the paper, the two had regained their calmness and urged the students to submit the paper.

After the papers were handed in, the two did not leave immediately, but whispered to the first paper.

Ye Ang walked past them in front of them with a stationery. The two subconsciously answered and sent her out the door of the classroom looking up, only to find that the instructor was staring at them at the door with their eyes open.

Two: "..."

After seeing that the two had already known the result, the instructor asked with a smile: "Ye Ang, how about the exam?"

"The last question was written quite smoothly. Today's condition is particularly good." Ye Ang said, "If you are not surprised, let's score more than 149 points."

The invigilator teacher snarled: Wouldn't you say the full score directly? !

The instructor patted the shoulders: "Have a good rest, and the second game is coming!"

The two invigilator teachers came over and laughed, "That's it, we want to change a teacher for the afternoon exam."

Instructor: "Which teacher do you want to change?"

"Change our English teacher in the first session." The invigilator said, "Can we change to a physics teacher in the second session?"

The director said, "Yes. How many teachers did you send over this time?"

The other party said: "There are nearby schools, nothing is okay. We arrange it ourselves."

Their thoughts are the same. This is definitely an extremely partial student, otherwise it would be impossible to obscure it for so many years.


In the afternoon, test English first.

After finishing the English test, the invigilator teacher from No. 1 school's complexion was obviously severe.

She sealed the roll in the bag and held the phone to talk to the person opposite.

"The mathematics is so good, it doesn't make sense to be so poor."

"English ... I'm surprised that English is very good. The language is not so different."

"I don't think it will be partial. Her English composition looks very sophisticated. I looked at the previous radio, and the accuracy rate is very high. Anyway, it is definitely not a level of hindering. I did not see the Chinese test paper.

"Just go and see the rationale first."

By the time of Kaori, Ye Ang could not ignore the straight-eyed look.

"Don't be nervous, classmates," the new invigilator said, pushing his glasses. "We'll just walk around. You can."

Ye Ang: She has to say something polite, right?

Holding her chin, she exhaled slowly. Turn the pen in his hand to start reading.

She has been very experienced in this test. Simply write your own process, and put it in the corner with the test paper unobtrusively.

This invigilator teacher is a bit older, and has been bending over to read the question very hard. After writing Ye Ang, he made a random gesture to him and asked him to read it casually.

The invigilator looked at her in surprise.

There is no self-selection in the timetable for the joint entrance exam. After finishing the exam, the arrangement is officially over. After counting the test papers, someone will send the supervisors back.

After counting the test papers and handing them over to the designated place, several people in the middle school asked the supervisor instructing them directly: "Where do you dig the students? How much money? Which province? Is it in compliance? Are you sure about the student status Will it come down? "

"No, what do you say?" The instructor smiled hypocritically. "She was transferred from the experiment. We locals in City A have been studying in City A."

"Is the experiment transferred?" The other party did not say, "Why did the experiment transfer her to you?"

Another misunderstood and said with emotion: "Your school is really rich."

Can also compete with the experiment to grab this level of seed players.

The instructor laughed wildly: "This is going to ask the experiment hahaha, we are passively taking over this time! Her tuition is still a thousand dollars more per semester than during the experiment"

Everyone stayed in place.

Is Hu Chu deliberately making them jealous? Or is one of the two schools really crazy?

The instructor shook hands vigorously with the invigilator: "The results of this joint examination, we are very much looking forward to! The hard work, everyone, go back to rest early!"

Rest is impossible. Tonight is destined to be a sleepless night.

After the teachers from the two strong schools went back, they started to find the top students in this exam and checked their scores. Determine the approximate ranking.

However, the teachers of No. 1 Middle School did not count the scores of the students in the school, nor did they count the scores of the experimental students who were paying attention to them. All of them were recalling and reproducing Ye Ang's test paper.

It's a pity that I missed the language and couldn't make a comprehensive assessment. Anyway, as far as the scores of several subjects are known, it is a bit surprisingly high. If you can get 130 in Chinese ... No, you can get more than 120, this should be her first.

At the time of the college entrance examination, the general schools will also provide top-notch students with a 20-point competition bonus. That's ... the first choice!

Today's invigilator teacher said solemnly: "If she is not a student of the second middle school, I suspect that someone is giving her questions. I haven't heard of this student before."

The principal of No. 1 High School sat on the chair and meditated.

"The first entrance exam ... Even if it is taken by the experiment, how can it be taken by someone who is not known in the second? How to explain to the parents? Where did they steal the students? You are sure that you heard it right today. It used to be an experiment. People? "

He was frowning and depressed, and his phone rang.

It was the old opponent who was just talking.

"How is your exam there?" The experimental principal laughed in a good mood. "Our school seems to be doing well this time. The test paper will be divided tomorrow, and everyone will have to work harder. If there is a chance, the two of us Organize another joint exam between schools. "

The headmaster of No. 1 High School took a deep breath and sent two words happily: "Hehe."

He said badly: "I'm telling you good news ..."

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