Strong Counterattack

Chapter 45 Fight 06

Six people moved carefully along the taste. They are old-fashioned, and they know that they will greet the audience in the live broadcast unilaterally.

Although the style of comments in the live broadcast room is not quite what they imagined.

The opponent's battle was placed at the intersection, and Lao Yuan saw it. There is no shelter nearby, you can easily eliminate the danger.

Several people approached cautiously and saw a large iron pan. It was full of tomato puree. The firewood underneath was burning, but it was exhausted. The thick soup in the pot is still boiling.

The air has the aftertaste of garlic minced in oil, mixed with a strong meaty aroma, and neutralized by the slightly sour taste of tomato, achieving a perfect neutralization.

The six people took a deep breath and secreted saliva in their mouths.

Although there was no hunger in his belly, he was greedy shamefully.

Several people looked around for a while and found no figure, so they gathered together to discuss in a small voice.

"Fuck, how many graduates of this person's chef? It's so fragrant!"

"Will you open a restaurant to come to the league or to advertise?"

"Go to God, it doesn't matter! The question is what about them? Wouldn't it be that we were there and had run away?"


"Is it a trap?"

"Are you afraid of their trap?"

The six of them thought carefully, how could they be afraid of those three neuropathy?

After a long silence, everyone struggled.

One person issued a question mark from the soul.


no doubt.


The head is all open, what other reason to refuse? !


Everyone in the live room couldn't help but laugh at the table. It ’s all about gloating.

"You are polluted!"

"You will regret it!"

"Congratulations! You are the first to lively eat mutant biological meat in the Sanyao copy!"

"A day in history!"

"What kind of action is this? What did they do wrong to them?"

"I wonder if it's delicious ?!"

"No wonder Ma Ma told us not to eat other people's food. This is really to protect ourselves."

"If they know the truth, will their tears fall?"


The unknowing six were squatting on the side of the road, biting the meat patiently and making their due diligence.

"A bit hard."

"A lot of muscles."

"It's too tough, I don't know if it's too old to cook, or because there is no pressure cooker. But it's really cooked."

"This meat can actually be torn open to eat, the texture is clear, look."

"Not tasteful, so-so, not delicious."

"Oh, strange smell."

"There is a natural wildness."

The audience cannot understand. What is natural wildness? Are the food reviews of this group of people so Schrodinger?

Several of them slowed down. Looking at the things in the pot, it seemed to notice something, but he didn't dare to say it. Asked carefully:

"I remember they brought sirloin?"


"Is the sirloin like this? Why is it so big?" One person looked at the cut surface of the meat for a while and frowned. "Is this a cow's grain? It seems too thick."

"Do you know the pattern of cattle?"

"The color is still a little red."

"The ghost knows what Sanyao's sirloin was cut into, and no one has bought it. Maybe it's so crude?"

Six people felt vaguely, but persuaded themselves.

After a while, the people holding the iron bowl still could not escape their inner doubts.

"I still think the taste is a bit wrong."

"Hush, don't talk when you eat, it will affect your appetite."

Several people's faces gradually turned pale, but they remained stubbornly calm.

The pitiful look was so sad that those who heard it were weary.

They tried to pretend that nothing had happened, but did not know that the surrounding atmosphere had frozen strangely.

The iron bowl in the hand gradually cooled, and the body under the thin military uniform shivered slightly in the cold wind. There was a little bitterness in his numb eyes.

Really, I have never suffered such grievances.


Watching the six squatted on the ground and jumping near the cordon that suspected life, the people in the studio were almost laughing.

"I want to pretend that nothing happened. Is it hard to deceive yourself?"

"Hahaha, how come there are so many living treasures on this map? Comedian wholesale?"

"Surprise! Military students are so shocked that they need to laugh and ask for gold!"

"Too many burst points! Once again the administrator. Come and manually adjust the perspective!"

"I knew that if a pot was placed in the middle of the road and the fire was not extinguished, there would be some tragedy. They did it on purpose, and don't let them go!"

"The main body of the lying trough UP even ate the mutant meat and gave it a review. It is so hard that the yacht aircraft 666 is brushed up!"

"666 ..."

"Yacht brushed up!"

Although the process was a little off, they got the rewards they wanted in advance.


Then a person stood up silently, rummaging through the roadside slopes, and took out a long, bone removed from the meat. .

"Bones? Did they buy bones?" He compared to the size of his backpack and said, "But, our equipment bag can't fit such a big bone?"

Six people were in deep contemplation.

Why do you have to expose the truth so cruelly? Isn't it all you own?

"I'm crying!" A man threw the bowl in his hand to the ground and said angrily: "How could they be like this!"

The other boy quickly covered his mouth, his lips trembling: "Don't say anything. Nothing."

Several people angered.

"How about the three of them?"

"Kill it! It must have been intentional, now we might hide in the dark and watch our jokes?"

"Fuck! Did the three of them come from the newspaper? Buy tickets to the mobile university when the game is over, don't leave if you have the ability!"

"Ready to fight, start searching!"

The other three are now resting in the house.

The temperature difference between day and night in this place is too large, staying in the open air overnight, it is almost cold to sleep. Coupled with their left and right waiting, they couldn't wait for the news of their opponents, so they simply went to find a few beds to recuperate.

As for the pot of dog meat soup, they really wanted to try it, but after cooking for a long time, Kaiyun tried to poke the meat, and it felt still hard.

It may be that the mutant dogs have too much muscles, or they may have evolved other substances in their flesh. The three gave up anyway.

Decided to cook for one night to observe and observe, wait to see if it can be cooked in the morning.

The three of them lay side by side on the ground chatting. Changfeng lamented that this mercenary was not qualified. It's been so long since the opening, and no one has come to give people a head. They made them dare not to go, fearing that the mercenaries could not find them.

The calm and natural tone made the live broadcast burst into smoke, and a group of them scolded them shamelessly.

At this time Changfeng heard the voice.

She hadn't given a hint yet, and the other two were silent.

The three jumped up, jumped to the window, and touched their iron swords together.

The uniform movement made the companions look sideways.

They saw their respective meanings from each other's eyes.

This is embarrassing.

"Let me come, I have done a grade test. You are the first time to play the treasure hunt, no experience, go back and rest." Tang Yiyang gentleman smiled, "This is the responsibility of men, I will take you to victory."

"There is no distinction between men and women on the battlefield." Chang Feng said, "Baby, you just shout and cheer on the side."

Tang Yiyang's eyelids jumped.

Kaiyun said: "I can do it. I will sharpen it."

Tang Yunyang hurriedly said: "Let me come!"

He ... he invited the sailors!

This is his appearance!

He was about to be empathetic, and Kaiyun next to him had jumped from the window.

Tang Yiyang was surprised and reached for a hand, but failed to keep it, followed by Changfeng and jumped down.

Tang Yiyang looked down at the window.

When the long wind jumped down, he stretched his upper body. When he fell to the ground, he bowed like a cat again. The body looks like light feathers, only a slight sound.

Then, like the bow and arrow of the off-string, he rushed out quickly.

Kaiyun has ran towards another time.


Tang Chongyang thought, it was really the two perverts.

He immediately jumped off the window, chasing behind the long wind, trying to grab two heads with her.


The audience in the live room was immediately in sight.

"Rewind and look at the ground position. Am I not turning up the volume, or is there really no sound?"

"It sounds like all masters?"

"It may also be a novice who has nothing to do."

"I don't believe that three masters with special hobbies can get together in one game. Obviously these three people don't know each other. If it comes to this probability, then?

"If yes, do you want to live and eat shit?"

"Report it."


Changfeng's ears tremble, following the subtle sounds of footsteps in the night breeze and accurately finding the way.

From the map of God's point of view, it looks like it has GPS. Weird and unpredictable serial turns, even Tang Yunyang almost couldn't catch up with her.

"Have you searched there?"

The voice rang abruptly, and Changfeng's eyes lit up.

On the left hand side!

She slid sideways, turned to the back of the wall, then braked her feet, looking up at the opposite side.

Standing across from the three people, she saw her suddenly stunned, quickly stepped back, and distanced her.

Still want to not be caught by the other party for a surprise attack, did not expect that the other party has already come to the front?

There was a hint of tomato soup on her clothes.

Real hammer.

The boy standing in the middle can't wait to blame: "You treat a foodie like this! Are you too much ?! Are we not fellow of the Alliance ?!"

Not only ruin their mind and body, but also their will.

There must be a psychological shadow.

Changfeng took a serious drink: "Raise the knife!"

The boy raised his hand one command at a time.

Changfeng didn't give him reaction time, and quickly killed him.

She uses the most common iron knife, the blade is dim, and they are as weak as scrap iron in their eyes.

The boy crossed the knife across his chest, preparing to stroke along the edge of the blade, preferably to cut off her weapon, and then take off the head of Changfeng.

Two knives collided in the moonlight.

With the sound of "qiang", indeed a blade flew out

The boy held his breath, and the nerve near the temple jumped at that moment. He also maintained a forward-looking posture and moved his eyes down to his long knife.

His Hanmo knife cannot be cut off by an iron knife. The hardness and sharpness of the two are fundamentally different.

However, the neat cross section told him that it was broken.

The opponent not only cut off his long knife, but also took advantage of the trend to cut it between his neck and shoulder. The blade was not in, and the blow was fatal.

He was about to speak, his perspective flashed, and his consciousness was directly ejected from the system.

"Don't look left and right." Chang Feng narrowed his eyes, "holes."

She held the knife in both hands with her hands, retracted the knife, twisted it in the opposite direction, the blade leaned down, and cleaved. Cut the opponent's waist.

The boy was so shocked that he hadn't recovered yet, followed by being ejected from the system.

In an instant, there was only one person left in their team.

The boy's eyes circulated on the bodies of the two companions, his pupils trembling, and finally he looked at Changfeng in disbelief.

Changfeng pressed his left hand against the back of the knife and held the knife high in front of his face, saying lightly:

"The knife method is fast and hard." She said, "grip your knife."

Her sharp and fierce killing, her eyes upturned like a smile, reflected on the knife, and he was painted as the face of Hello Merak.

At this moment, the administrator who was called for a long time appeared, and the picture in the live broadcast room finally aimed at her face.

The audience just glanced casually, but was sucked into her eyes at once, and could no longer open her eyes.

Eyelashes are raised.

The blood on the knife dripped in a slanted arc and landed on the ground "Answer".

The long wind moved.

The knife of the picture carries light and shadow, as if chopping towards himself. A great sense of oppression spread to the bones through the screen.

The audience was frightened and conditionedly retreated their bodies.

The expected attack did not come, and blood already burst from the screen.

The perspective was redrawn, and three corpses lay on the ground.

Tang Yiyang saw it in the back, his eyes darkened.

His appearance ...


The author has something to say: the male lead of this unit ↑ Tang Yiyang

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