Strong Counterattack

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On Saturday and Sunday, both Mr. Yu and Ms. Zhao chose to drive their children to the company for internship. While they were young, they might be saved.

However, few of them were adults, and the two parents were hard-hearted. There was no strict standard for their education and management. In the end, they only changed places to let them spend their time. Instead, both sides were forced to complain.

Of course, a few children are only angry with their parents, and resentment is left to Zhang Chan.

They have become accustomed to the existence of this brother Yu Xizheng, because Yu Yizheng has been transparent for decades, has a bad relationship with them, and will not suddenly find fatherly love. Everyone does not disturb each other in harmony.

The chapter recitation, which was born out of nowhere, is too high, and has even seriously affected their living standards.

Not to count, it is the original sin.

Mr. Yu's second daughter, Yu Qian, sits in a rest room outside Mr. Yu's office and plays with a mobile phone. Spend time with Mr. Yu.

At noon, Mr. Yu went out temporarily. Soon after he left, the phone in the office began to ring continuously, and Yu Qian was deaf.

Soon after, the secretary came in from outside to find someone.

Yu Qian didn't look up: "My dad is away, the phone is not brought, the documents are left, come back in the afternoon."

The secretary was empty-handed. He glanced into the office and asked, "When will Dong come back?"

"Go to dinner. Maybe ten minutes, maybe half an hour. To see if he will waste time on his whim and run away." Yu Qian's eyes barely left the screen, "What's the matter?"

The secretary said: "There is a surnamed Mr. Zhang who apologizes to Dong Dong and hopes that he can withdraw the prosecution. But I checked Mr. Yu's itinerary and matters and found no similar records. "

This belongs to the boss's family affair, but Mr. Yu apparently didn't want to conceal Zhang Chan's identity, so he said it bluntly.

In fact, he felt strange. As the two victims of the dog blood incident that year, Zhang Chan has now recognized it, and the relationship between the two sides should not be so cold that even the other party's private number is not known. The Zhang family did not choose to contact Mr. Yu directly, but instead made a phone call to the company and then transferred to his own side, which was really intriguing.

Mr. Yu even wanted to sue Zhang's parents-soon the company will probably know this gossip. Maybe it was just to spread the news.

Yu Qian was interested: "Which chapter?"

The secretary hesitated: "It should be the chapter you think. The other party said it was Ms. Zhang Chan's brother."

Yu Qian put down her mobile phone and asked, "What is the prosecution? Will my dad sue them? Why?"

Secretary: "I didn't ask about this. There is no similar record in the legal department."

Yu Qian stood up and said, "I'll pick you up!"

The secretary hesitated and passed the number left by the other party.

Yu Qian jotted down the number, turned around and left, found a nobody's place and dialed it.

The other side quickly picked up and asked, "Who are you?"

Yu Qian: "Hey, what are you doing with my dad?"

Little Brother Zhang said things all over again, sincerely said that everything was a misunderstanding, and hope that Mr. Yu will not be held accountable. After recognizing the error, they had cut off the relationship with their uncle and once again apologized to Mr. Yu. I hope everyone can talk about it.

Before he started to sell badly, Yu Qian interrupted him.

"Impossible, my dad didn't sue you at all. He is alive and kicking, and he has been working recently." Yu Qian said, "And if you are telling the truth, then you will be sued and you will be fine. Because I Dad has no evidence. "

Brother Zhang: "Ah?"

Yu Qian laughed and said: "Your sister lied to you. Zhang Chan estimated that he didn't want to have a relative in the countryside in City A. He didn't want to take care of you. So he threatened you."

Zhang Xiaodi also responded quickly, scolding: "How can she do this! Does she know how much effort my parents used to train her? My sister didn't hurt even in high school!"

Yu Qian sighed: "Alas, it's a pity that people are the winners of life now. She has my parents, what can you do?"

Zhang Xiaodi can hear the strange yin and yang in her tone, knowing that she doesn't like Zhang recitation either. These rich children have a much wider path than him, and they are helpless to ask: "So shall we just count?"

"It's your business. It's just that you want to investigate, isn't it your decision?" Yu Qian said, "Although I sympathize with you, I can't talk."

Little Brother Zhang: "She can now be on TV, can she still say no matter what?"

Yu Qian chuckled, thinking that the other party could not get on the table, and then said: "Yeah, she's on TV now. What is everyone watching now? It's character!"

Yu Qian hung up the number and called Ms. Zhao's son.

Her pocket money was deducted recently and she was a little tight on hand and needed funding from the other party.

Although the two are not connected at ordinary times, they can still fight against the enemy when faced with a common enemy and can't figure it out.

By the way, she found a little girl.

The little girl has always wanted to be a celebrity, and she is not bad at all, but she knows a lot of real celebrities. The people inside are more or less dealing with the media.

She was relieved. This is fine.


Zhang Song vaguely knew that there were moths in the countryside.

Originally a group of short-sighted, profitable people, she didn't expect them to be able to settle for long. It's just a little bolder than expected. It seems that eating ten grains does not necessarily lead to wisdom.

Brother Zhang called to ask her for money, and his mouth was ten million. Zhang Chan didn't wait for him to continue farting, and hung up and pulled the black train.

Two days later, Yu Xizheng reminded her that several small media in City A were reporting a very strange news recently, and let Zhang Chan pay attention to it. It is best to clarify with people around you to avoid misunderstandings.

"I think this matter is not simple, and there are linkages. Someone should have deliberately harmed you. You can check with Lao Liu and check it out quickly. I will check who is hacking you."

Zhang Chan said: "I know."

She opened the link sent by Yu Shi.

According to the report, an A college student abandoned his parents in the country after becoming famous, because he was afraid of embarrassing himself, and even forced his parents to return home by threatening threats. Parents call to tell if they are seriously ill, not only do not ask, but also reprimanded.

Behind the scenes, people obviously bought the news, hype, popular, and click on the major software. The comments were also a group of accusations with a navy style.

Zhang Song scanned two lines, and felt that this behavior was really boring and vicious, and he almost said it was her. I was still afraid that others would not know. As a "good-hearted person," I gave information about her in the comment area.

"Remind everyone that the keywords are 'A University', 'Female college students who have successfully started a business', 'Finding a rich biological father', 'Once very poor'. Don't I have to say more? I believe that the entire A University cannot find The second one? "

"Support human flesh. Sometimes I feel helpless. The justice of this society actually depends on illegal human flesh."

"Famous universities should really strengthen the quality education of students, and achievements are not the only ones, and knowledgeable **** are more terrible."

"My name is Lei Feng: link to the webpage. The outstanding youth speech of A University."

"Can I be a good young man by rubbing this scum?"

Zhang Chan didn't feel angry, but just sneered.

The other party estimated that she wanted to provoke the contradiction between college student A and Zhang Chan, so that she could taste the infamy. As a result, after the publicity started, the students who helped clarify were all students in A.

Zhang Chan usually has a good reputation on A, and everyone knows how hard she used to live. They hold a certified account, leave a message below and refute, I hope everyone can keep calm and wait for the other party to explain before making a judgment. It's easy to get the favor of passers-by.

Immediately following the reposting of 500, everyone directly reported the warning and rumor, and the other party deleted the original text with counsel.

The navy that Yu Xizheng was looking for failed to come in handy. Not to mention injury, it didn't even flutter, and it went out.

It is true that the juniors and juniors are very good, and it does not prevent the other party from being a waste.

She was still flipping through the pages, ticking a few cute schoolgirls, and detective old Liu Xing called her aggressively.

"Your daddy and mommy ..."

Zhang Chan shivered: "Could you pick a lucky day, do you commit suicide or do I send you on the road?"

"Pro, they are already on the road." Old Liu said, "Recently, a lot of media from the village interviewed them, and the villagers also said that they were soaked in your light. As for what it is, I believe you have seen it."

Zhang Song asked: "When will you come back?"

"Okay dear, I'm about to tell you good news here. Thank you for breaking the news. I have already collected the relevant evidence. Do you think it will be sent directly to the police? Or will you let Mr. Yu pretend that? What about it? "Said Old Liu." For your adoptive parents, I suggest you choose the second option and give them a chance to commit extortion. "

Zhang Chan thought for a while and said, "I am about to give them a positive response."

Old Liu: "Then I will cooperate with you at that time, you can rest assured that I have always been very professional."


At the beginning, Zhang Chan expected such a day. Instead, there was a sense of uneasiness that worries finally came to fruition, waiting for the arrival of Zhangfu and Zhangmu.

After everyone learned of her bizarre life, many people were interested in her experience, including the school's sociology teacher and several related mainstream media. It happened that this scandal broke out, and she voluntarily applied to give a public speech in school

—— # About the impact of native family on life #

The school was not used to being bullied by its students, and almost approved the venue as requested. The school girl spontaneously gave her posters and moved to the school gate for publicity. After hearing this, Mr. Yu was also very angry. He called her two media.

In the end, this matter turned into a lot of people's attention.

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