Strong Counterattack

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Mr. Yu finally learned the truth in various background murmurs and subordinate descriptions. He finished the job at hand, told Ms. Zhao at the same time, and then hurried to the police station with a lawyer.

The couple arrived at almost the same time. At that time, Zhang Song followed Yu Yizheng, and Old Liu, after calculating the final commission cost, friends sat and chatted likewise.

Lao Liu is a detective, and his daily requirements are very meticulous. Coupled with the fact that others will come and make a lot of friends during the commissioning process, it seems that there is a posture of a hundred Xiaotong.

Yu Xizheng asked him about the location of the new store, and he could report several places casually. If it was not that he repeatedly expressed his love for his detective position, Zhang Xing and Yu Xizheng both wanted to pull him into the team.

Ms. Zhao threw the bag to the chair next to her, interrupting their conversation.

Several people got up and went to the police brother to chat and understand the case.

Zhang Song said: "This matter is obviously someone guiding them behind their backs, otherwise they wouldn't think of finding the media, nor the way to buy them with the money."

"Who is it?" Mr. Yu said annoyedly on his forehead. "Yes, I know, it wasn't for you. It must have been for me. The other party's big fanfare, apparently premeditated, wanted to borrow you to discredit My image. Rest assured, I will investigate this matter carefully and will not let it go easily! Comrade police, please trouble you. Who is the mastermind, do you have any idea? "

The police hadn't answered yet, Zhang Chan asked again: "Really miss it?"

Mr. Yu's eyes glared: "Otherwise? My daughter let them bully at will? Why? Is this not hitting me in Yu Xie's face?"

Ms. Zhao sneered: "Are you still hitting few people in your face? It will only appear after the accident, and you will be dressed up. How can you not see anyone?"

Mr. Yu: "I will not quarrel with you today! You will give me occasions."

Zhang Chan looked at Ms. Zhao and said, "But investigating may cause trouble, what do you say?"

Ms. Zhao raised her foot and said coldly: "What is trouble? Some things can't make concessions. You must pay the price for doing something wrong. Who made them find the wrong target for bullying?"

Mr. Yu gritted his teeth: "There is also the family name of Zhang, which is simply not as good as a beast. They are not only premeditated, but dare to treat you like this. They used to be abused, but they still want to blackmail."

"The people behind the scene are as vicious as they are, making such an insult to an innocent woman." Ms. Zhao tapped her finger on the table and said angrily: "Comrade police, what do you say?"

The little brother of the police kept on typing and was still typing. Wen Yan raised their eyelids and gave them a meaningful look.

Ms. Zhao was smirked by him: "What do you mean?"

The younger brother of the police stopped: "Several suspects have confessed. Based on the consistent confessions of several of them, the evidence of mutual contact, and the account number of the money exchange, determine who is suspected of planning blackmail and rumor cases. Four. "

"I just wanted to contact you." The police wrote the names of the four and handed them over: "Are you familiar?"

Four familiar names.

At this time, Mr. Yu and Ms. Zhao turned over the pot on both sides.

Ms. Zhao pinched the handle of the bag and said: "Are you mistaken? This is impossible!"

Police: "They didn't expect this thing to be exposed, so the method was very rough. The chat records and bank transfer records were all found on their own mobile phones. And there was communication between the four people, and their thoughts and purpose were very good. Clear. At least they can prove that they are informed. "

Mr. Yu: "But they are unfamiliar and don't make sense to come together!"

"Yu Qian led her because she didn't have enough money. The other three all agreed, and then joined together." The police said, "We have sent someone to ask, and now all four have admitted. They voluntarily admit their mistakes and seek leniency , There ’s no problem in speaking. "

The two were completely ashamed.


Extortion and blackmail, in serious cases, will be convicted as a criminal offense. If the evidence is conclusive, the extortion of a huge sum of 10 million yuan is directly a run that has not started in three years.

However, there is insufficient evidence as to whether several people demanded extortion of 10 million. At that time, Brother Zhang just casually said that he did not insist on follow-up. And the chat records of these four people did not show anything about how much property the blackmail chapter recited. They just tried to retaliate against Zhang Chan and damage her reputation. And fortunately, the chat content of several people did not involve the school's persecution, and it was limited to the dissemination of false information on the Internet before. They can push blackmail to Zhang Xiaodi alone.

Luck is really good.

In this case, please get a good lawyer, there is still a lot of room for operation. After all, there is a big difference between online rumors and blackmail.

But even with qualitative rumors, Zhang Chan ’s understanding and confession are particularly important. If she insists on prosecuting, the reputation of several children will be over. Just for a ridiculous reason, I went to frame my own sister and sister, and want to destroy the other party. What's the matter of passing this?


After a period of turmoil, Mr. Yu and Ms. Zhao also heard about their respective targets.

They sat across from Zhang Chan and tried to negotiate with her. Strive to keep the case to a minimum.

Several people looked serious, embarrassed and embarrassed. Yu Guangjian looked at each other tentatively while observing Zhang Chan's reaction.

However, the depth of Zhang Chan made them elusive. Obviously just a young man, Daoxing is enough to hide her true thoughts.

She was not angry or excited. It looks like everything has been expected, just waiting for an exact result.

Finally, Mr. Yu said first: "Small recitation, this matter is okay. Your sister is still young, they are not sensible. In fact, it is my fault. I neglected them recently and did not give them correct guidance. They will be stimulated and only what happened today will happen. You will give them another chance, and I promise that there will not be another time. "

Zhang Chan was unimpressed and smiled: "I can plan the whole case completely, and analyze my weaknesses, investigate my past, and spend money to get a good reporter, write a notice, and can't wait to come to the school to force me to follow up Slander, is this also called incomprehensible? Then what kind of quirky wizards should they be after they understand? "

The policeman smiled with his head down.

Zhang Chan looked to the police: "Do you think these children are not sensible?"

"People who are about to become adults cannot be called children, at most they are called teenagers." The police said, "If they are too old and ignorant, they really need a bit of social iron fist beating."

"No!" Ms. Zhao anxiously said, "So what do you want to do? Xiao Chan, they are your brothers and sisters, you won't think about it"

Zhang Chan looked at them coldly, closed his eyes for a moment, and then said indifferently: "Buy me."

Mr. Yu was shocked for a while: "What?"

Zhang Song: "First of all, I have a very high demand for compensation. I hope you can also be more generous."

Everyone was stunned with interest.

He thought Zhang Chan would use this to get closer to them and then sell his feelings. Unexpectedly, she would have a wave of harvesting.

Ms. Zhao ’s husband was angrily laughed: "In the final analysis, she still only recognizes money, and she is not educated."

Zhang Chan glanced at him with a sneer: "I call it uncultivated? Then ... teach two children who dare to break the law just because of jealousy, and then ask the victim to forgive them, is your upbringing? No, this is just you The Roman-born class gave you the illusion. Called a **** in the words of netizens, shameless in my words, and daydreaming in your words. "

The man had never been ridiculed in person like this, and stood up suddenly.

Zhang Song warned: "It is not my duty to forgive your children's crimes. You can try to confront me to see who is the vulnerable group now."

Ms. Zhao waved her hand and begged the other party to sit down, so as not to make trouble at this time.

The atmosphere was on the verge of firing, as if on the verge of igniting.

Zhang Chan was very calm at this time. Whether it is mind or mood. It's really a rebirth.

"Did we have feelings before? It seems that it hasn't been from the beginning? I didn't call you mom and dad, let you accept me, share my inheritance, compensate me, and do my duty as a parent. I did not ask my brother My sister admits my existence, respects my status, and loves me with my dear ones. Even though I have a certain relationship with your genes. In this case, your children still hurt me, making me feel very angry . "

Zhang Chan's throat was dry, and she took a sip through the plastic cup and continued: "The only time you will sit and talk with me equally is to let me make concessions and give up my due rights. Since I have no feelings , Where is the face? I have self-knowledge, and I think you too. "

Mr. Yu: "We also have embarrassment, we are also ..."

Zhang Song raised his hand to stop: "I really don't like it. I saw you in front of me, and said reluctantly and hypocritically about my appearance. The lies you said are so fake that they can be seen through at a glance. Look back."

Several people turned around.

Yu Xizheng put his hands in his arms, half-closed his eyes, and looked at them indifferently and alienatedly.

Even if they had decades of parenting experience before, they ended up saying that they were gone.

Mr. Yu and Ms. Zhao suddenly understood something.

Zhang Song said: "Even if I have been with you for the past twenty years or so, the result is still the same. We will only be a little better than strangers, and the one that keeps that little bit is money. This is clearly yours Your own opinion. "

The two were speechless.

Zhang Chan exhaled and said, "I haven't gotten a sorry sentence before, and I'm not uncommon now. Since everyone is stingy, let's talk about money. This is my greatest sincerity. Think about it? Do you want to buy me?


The afternoon sun was a little weaker and the weather began to turn cloudy.

Zhang Chan walked out of the police station, sneezed, and quickly put on his coat.

Yu Yizheng came out from behind. Zhang Song shouted, "I'll go back to school along the way."

Yu Xizheng took out the car key and said, "I thought, you would calmly make long-term plans. You don't hate them, there is no need to kill them. Now, our funds are there, but what will happen in the future, No one seems to be asking for help. "

Zhang Song: "In your heart, how hypocritical am I?"

Yu Xizheng turned his head and said, "Don't you say you have self-knowledge?"

Zhang Chan laughed: "No matter how hypocritical people are, they are a little bit tempered. I'm just unhappy."

Selling favors is also a transaction. But we must also be careful to maintain the feelings of both sides, and people are wondering whether they have ulterior motives. By comparison, being a pure bad guy is much happier.

The two sat in the car.

Yu Xizheng asked: "Listen to a song?"

Zhang Song: "It looks like you are also very happy."

Yu Xizheng: "Of course, people who look busy are happy. And is the company rich now?"

Zhang Chan put his hands behind his head and couldn't help saying: "Ah, it's time to think about how to spend."

A kind of sweet worry about rich.

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