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Strongest Villain System
Author: July Seal
Alternative names:完本感言

Strongest Villain System

What is a Villain?
Is it Li Chenzhou whose fist overturns the world, or is it Shangguan Jinhong as he stirs the winds and clouds?
Maybe it is Ye Gucheng’s Heavenly Flying Immortal or Yuan 13 Limit’s Little Arrow Grieves?

After his rebirth, Su Xin acquires the Great Villain System and obtains all of the previous generation Wuxia World villain characters’ merit laws and martial skills. The previous generation always suffered untimely deaths.

What he had to do in this world and life was be the most ruthless and strongest Great Villain! If people say I am wicked, then I shall be ominous to the end. When people call me evil, I shall be a demon and flood the heavens with fire.

“I am one who cultivates the good behaviour of keeping my word; if I said I would kill your family, then I will kill your family. I, Su Xin, keep my word.”

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