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Super Black Technology
Alternative names:超级黑科技
Genre: Urban Life

Super Black Technology

Reborn in the United States as a super scientist. How did he prevent it from being sliced? Let’s interview.

“First of all, you must pack yourself into a genius prodigy. Lao Tzu is the most powerful genius in history. Who dares to cut me?”

“What if an organization or country insists on cutting you?”

“Huh, my robot army is not vegetarian!”

“What if they ‘plant mushrooms’ directly at you?”

“Grow mushrooms? OK, let’s plant them together and see who died first!”

“Mr. Ike, you have married two sisters. What do you think of this violation of the Marriage Law?”

“Even the Constitution can’t stop me. Can you talk to me about the Marriage Law? Funny!”

After the interview, the author left with satisfaction. At this time, Ike called in the bodyguard and whispered, “That teaser knows too much, go and kill her!”

“Yes, sir!”

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