Super Farm System

v2 Chapter 1312 Century Wedding (the finale)

"Ying Ying, Yue Qi... I promised that your wedding has not yet been held, how can I be willing to go..."

A flash of the morning leaves the two women in their arms, gently rubbing against the cheeks of the two women... whispered...

Sixth order!

The real sixth order!

Ye Chen's speed of this flash has definitely exceeded the fifth-order Fan Tao. This rebirth not only revived Ye Chen, but also stabilized his strength in the sixth order!

The power of faith!

The power of devout faith of billions of people not only brought Ye Chen back successfully, but also reshaped the golden body!


Squeezing the back of Ye Chen, the two women couldn’t speak at this time, and there was no sound at this time...

"General Ye is back! Our boss is back!"

Thousands of Huaxia military people’s excited cheers resounded throughout the world, and their gods are back!

"The boss is back! We can eat the delicious food again..."

More exciting than the military is the countless foodies in the world. Ye Chen’s return also represents the unsolvable taste that they can eat again.


It can be said that Ye Chen’s appearance has brought countless human hearts together and united together.

The heads of state and politicians of all countries are no longer thinking about political issues at this time, only happy! Only excited!

The era of great human leap!

The age of mankind!

The era of human food!


"Uh huh~ I have something to say to you, the day after tomorrow! It is our May 2nd in China. I want to hold a grand wedding with my two beautiful wives. The location is set in the capital of China. Everyone is welcome to come..."


Ye Chen’s words are very light, but the whole world can hear it clearly!

A century wedding!

A grand wedding today!

Happy to be happy!

Everyone who hears this news is crazy!

"Must go, I will definitely attend the wedding of General Ye!"

"Yes! The food on the wedding is definitely delicious, and my mouth is flooding..."

"Don't force it, secretly buying a ticket to Huaxia Jingcheng is a witty choice!"



Lu Yingying and Liu Yueqi were staring in front of Ye Chen in front of her eyes full of surprises and unbelievable. Ye Chen did not discuss this matter.


the man!

But they like it!

"This time I almost forever parted to let me know that cherishing everything in front of me is the key. I don’t know how to cherish it after I lose it..."

Gently kissed the two women, Ye Chen smiled and embraced two women.

"Morning brother, we also have good news..."


"You want to be a daddy... or the father of two children..."


a bolt from the blue!

Ye Chen, who just gave everyone a big surprise, suddenly squatted in the same place. When she felt the little life in the two women’s belly through the infuriating, Ye Chen was crazy...

...... "Call~ Sisters, are you saying that Ye Chen is so happy today?"

Mu Shilan looked at the three layers of the three layers of beautiful women in the eyes of all bad smiles.

"Poetry blue sister, what are you afraid of, a good man, this one in the world, missed us and will regret it for the rest of our lives."

Liu Zhenzhen's face is full of small fists. Today is Ye Chen and Lu Yingying and Liu Yueqi's big day, but at the wedding door, there are more and more beautiful women.

"Yes! I can't let my brother fall into the hands of my nephew. My brother and I have no blood relationship. I think I can fight for it too..."

Ye Shishi looked at Mu Xiaoqin with a smirk, and both of these living treasures were eager to look at everyone.

"Yes! I am not a vegetarian. Nie Xiaobei is not a vegetarian. Since I have come here, I have to make some achievements. I don't believe that there are holes in the world that can't be dug..."

"Yes! The wall corners are dug and can't be moved. It's hard to see the skulls hard! The old lady is also going out..."

The three ladies of the nightingale, Ji Yueping, took Li’s Miss Li Yueru and shouted slogans...

Time is coming soon, but the beauty at the door is more eye-catching than it is, making it even more lively than the wedding scene.

The onlookers of countless people, the camera of countless people, unprecedented!

In addition to those beautiful women who just spoke, there are Zhang Shuhe, Zhang Jiaqi, the dragon dance sister in the dragon group, Helena in the food industry, the killer combination morning dawn, morning spirit two sisters, the cat queen Selena and her. My sister, the Prophet.

Looking back, Ye Chen’s sisters saved during the international peacekeeping period, etc...

More are countless people who don’t know, but who are enchanting and beautiful, they all like Ye Chen! Love Ye Chen!

The reason why these women are so dazzling and eye-catching is because each of them actually wears a bridal gown!


They actually came to marry!

"Time is coming soon. We are against the sisters of Lu Yingying and Liu Yueqi, and I will go in and take our national husband Ye Chen!"

With the astounding performance of Mu Shilan, all the beautiful women outside the door screamed and rushed into the wedding scene!

"At least there are tens of thousands of brides. There are still beautiful women coming from here in the distance. I am a day, and I am still a bachelor now..."

A pair of glasses, after stunned all the audience, many of the men present were speechless and burst into tears, the same person, this gap is so big.

"Brothers! We can't watch our leaf boss being robbed. Do we bachelors want to form a league to protect Ye Chen and solve problems for Ye Chen?"

"Yeah! Go brothers, who is the bride who grabs it! Oh~ No! Protect Ye Chen! Protect Ye Chen and the divine love of the two goddesses! We are also rushing!"



The whole world was staring at the prosperous wedding on TV. I saw that after a while, a man pulled two women in white wedding dresses and ran out!

Ye Chen!

There are Lu Yingying and Liu Yueqi!

Behind them are tens of thousands of brides and screaming excited young men, the wedding ceremony of the ancient times...

"It’s not bad to use strength to experience life. Unfortunately, the super farm system disappeared after I reorganized the body..."

During the run, the three people who were filled with happiness and happiness on their faces thought of the Super Farm system, and the Super Farm System was a system bound to the Ye Chen cerebral cortex.

When Ye Chen was flying away, the system disappeared...

"Ye Chen don't run! Bring the old lady home too!"

"Yes! Don't run in the morning, come to my arms!"



Ye Chen, who was almost chased by the gods, was shocked, and the ghosts once again fell to the ground and his head hit the ground.

It is simply impossible to use his realm and strength, but the facts have happened...


System word: Super farm system is successfully bound, please be kind to the host.


I finally understood how I fell to the ground for no reason. I remember that when I got the system, I fell into the old man’s house because of the fall.

"System, you hurt me!!!"

Ye Chen, caught up by the brides, was quickly buried underneath. When the last right hand was pressed down, a **** stood against the sky!


season finale!

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