Superhero Academy System

Chapter 655

Huh, Huh ...

Little Huang Mao leaned on the stone wall, and he was breathing heavily.

He has experienced too many things these days.

Surprise, excitement, suspense, and danger.

He had originally accepted the task issued by the Carlworth City Guard to find the two bodies that had been lost, but the development of the matter had far exceeded his expectations.

Maybe it was doomed from the bottom. After leaving the city, he accidentally rescued several dangerous adventurers, and then somehow broke through a special enchantment and entered the world in front of him.

From the exploration of these few days, it is not difficult to judge that this is a relic!

And it is an ancient ruin with a history of thousands of years.

Little Huang Mao met the guard's puppet.

The strength of these puppets is very strong. If Xiao Huangmao is not flexible and has rich battle experience, he cannot survive to this day with the strength of his diamond alone.

In addition to the constant escapes these days, he has gradually found some clues about the ruins.

From the abandoned house, Xiao Huangmao found the notes left by its owner.

The text written above is very old and cannot be read by ordinary people.

Fortunately, little yellow hair is different.

As an adventurer, Xiao Huangmao has a natural interest in the ancient magical civilization buried in history.

It was also under the auspices of this interest that he began to haunt Kieran, a time traveler who constantly asked about his time, and the text on the note happened to be the text of the Acacia Empire.

Although the diary is old, its preservation is still relatively complete. While avoiding the puppet's space, Xiao Huang Mao opened it and studied it carefully.

Then he knew the identity of the owner of the diary.

The name is no longer testable. After all, it is not mentioned in the diary, but it is not difficult to judge from the supporting phrase that the owner of the diary is a magician and was once a servant of the king.

The first half of the diary is very ordinary, but it records the daily life of the master, and occasionally records the master's experience of magic.

But in the second half of the period, the style of the diary also changed.

The boring and mundane days are gone forever, and the diary begins to reveal the master's strong uneasiness.

The cause of all this is that the master of his service inadvertently peered into the mysteries of the void.

When the two words in the void appeared, Xiao Huangmao had a faint guess about the next development of the matter, and the subsequent records did verify his guess.

The hidden void appeared to humans for the first time, and the king who had already reached the peak of magic felt the opportunity to break through.

It was also because of this opportunity that the king was seduced by power.

Under the call of the diary master, the kings of the Acacia Empire began to unite, trying to artificially open the passage to the void, which is also the gate of the void.

Under the influence of the kings, the entire Acacia Empire has been crazy so far.

Everyone feels that the great kings will lead them to the extreme of magic, and the empire will reach new glories.

Although the owner of the diary is consciously aware of the danger that may be hidden behind this madness, on the one hand, it is out of worship of the owner, and on the other hand, because of his light words, the imperial machine that is already in operation cannot be attributed to his word. He stopped, so he chose to remain silent.

But because of his silence, a few years later, the catastrophe happened.

The king is indeed the strongest of the poor and magical ways. Under their leadership, the empire has successfully opened channels to the void.

At that moment, the huge magic hidden in the void fell instantly.

However, people found in horror that although the magic of the void is endless, but it contains toxins, people cannot directly absorb and use it.

The most terrible thing is, as the Void Gate opens, the cruel Void creature appears.

These emerged void creatures flooded into the human world, and then began to invade human land. By the time the Acacia Empire responded, most of the entire country had fallen.

The Empire began to counterattack, while leading humans to strangle the Nether creatures, while trying to close the Nether Gate, trying to stop the catastrophe of the continent.

But not everyone is the same.

Among all the kings, there are those who are obsessed with magic and desperate.

Although the magic of the void carries toxins and cannot be used by humans, they think that all this is only temporary. As long as a suitable method is found, they can definitely get rid of this dilemma.

The high-level empire represented by the king was divided into two factions, causing the already exhausted country to split again.

Fortunately, the rationalists overwhelmed the lunatics who want to let the void, under the leadership of these wise kings, humanity united all the creatures of the continent, including orcs, elves, and tartars, to challenge the void, and in After paying a great price, the Nether Gates were finally closed.

Because of this war, the strong men of all races have fallen countlessly. In addition to the relatively complete inheritance of the mother tree that protects the elves, the humans and orcs have lost most of the top strong men, the magical civilization of humans, and the orc race. As a result, the blood veins declined, and they fell into a long downturn.

The powerful Acacia Empire, which had completely collapsed after this catastrophe, only existed in historical support phrases.

With regard to the battle between Acacia and the Nether, this part has stopped.

But the diary didn't end there.

The owner of the diary survived the battle fortunately, and the second half of the record is not an ordinary life in seclusion. The information recorded above is not lower than the secret value of the void. As far as Huang Mao is concerned, its price is simple until now inestimable.

The second half of the diary mainly records the king served by the diary owner.

As the first person to discover the void and the first to advocate the gate of the void to plunder the magic of the void, the king naturally survived.

Most importantly, this king is one of the human beings still attached to the void.

Although he failed to stop the mainland from sealing the void, he never gave up the pursuit of the void.

In the second half of the note, the servant described the madness of his master with a fierce tone.

In order to gain the power above the king, his master ignored the interests of the mainland, and even experimented with his companions, and eventually created a theory that could use the void.

According to this theory, the body of a void monster was forcibly merged. Since then, the king has completely abandoned the human identity, so he can also initially control the magic of the void.

For a long period of time, the King constantly perfected his theory and wanted to completely control the mystery of the magic of the void.

But gradually he found himself running into a bottleneck.

This bottleneck does not come from the theory itself, but because of the victory of the Continental Alliance, the gate of the void is completely closed, and he has been unable to obtain any magic of the void to confirm his research.

To this end, the king was determined to open the void door again.

When you see this, Xiao Huangmao's heart is about to jump out.

Even if it did not happen in front of his eyes, through the description of the text, Xiao Huangmao could still feel the danger at the time.

Once the mad king succeeds, the continent will suffer another catastrophe.

Fortunately, the diary records that the king's calculations of restarting the void have failed.

The mainland catastrophe has just passed. Although the Acacia Empire was destroyed, the remaining strong men, whether humans, elves, orcs, are constantly embanking the void again, so be extra careful about the seal.

Although the strength of the king is strong, it is far from the strength to create a new channel by himself. He can only try to open the sealed void door. His behavior was discovered by the guardian. After a battle between the two sides, the guardian's body Dead, but the crazy king almost fell.

The king fled back to the ruins.

But in order not to put aside his plans, he created a province with his own blood and the remaining void magic to execute the plan instead, and his own body, after activating the seal and closing the ruins, fell into Slumber.

At the end of the note, the place where the king slept was recorded, and the owner of the note mentioned at the end that he had tried to kill the body of the king who slept.

The note is now interrupted.

It is conceivable that although the servant rallied his courage, he eventually failed, otherwise the notes cannot be followed up.

Of course, there is another possibility, that is, his sleeping king is all gone, but from the still working circles and relics wandering around in ruins, this possibility is extremely low.

"Man, although you are likely to fail, you have to say that you have done a good job. At least your notes have solved many doubts in my heart and also told me what I should do next." Xiao Huang Mao patted Tibetan Diary on the chest, then stood up: "The avatar created by your master should be the mysterious king who has dealt with the dean. If I can kill the body, the dean should praise me, right?"

Xiao Huangmao smiled suddenly, and the laughter touched the wound on his face, but he didn't care at all: "Praise should be impossible, teacher. He might still hold my ears and call me death, after all, I really I can't support it anymore. "

Looking closely, Xiao Huangma's whole body is injured. Although it is not fatal, no effective means of recovery can be found in this crisis-stricken ruins.

Injured, no food, lack of adequate sleep because of danger, it can be said that the little yellow hair is already at the end of the crossbow.

But before that, Xiao Huangmao planned to do what the servant didn't do.

"Anyway, I can't go out now. If I don't gamble in the past, even if I lose, I won't lose, even if I play for my companions."

Before entering the ruins, Xiao Huangmao left various signs. He was confident that his companions would find themselves, and then found the mark left by them, and finally found the ruins.

Xiao Huang Mao carefully took the notebook out of his arms and buried it underground. After leaving the final sign, he resolutely wanted to proceed to the center of the ruins.

In the past few days, Xiao Huangmao and the Doll fought countless times. Although they suffered a lot, they also figured out their course of action.

Although he is not in a good state, under the intentional avoidance of Xiao Huangmao, he still passed the detection of the puppet. Although it took much time, he finally came to the center of the ruins.

The place where the king slept was a place similar to the temple.

Perhaps in his mind, he was already the **** of magic.

After entering the shrine, Xiao Huangmao found that compared with the wandering wandering outside, the inside was much safer.

After passing through the straight temple passage, Xiao Huangmao finally saw the sleeping king.

An old man in a gorgeous magic robe, seeing that he was sitting high on the seat of the temple at this moment, seemed to have fallen into an endless sleep, and below the seat of the **** was a broken bone.

Needless to say, this must be the skeleton of the owner of the diary.

Little Huang Mao crossed the bones and wanted to go to the throne, but at this moment, a strange sound was heard behind his back.

Click, click ...

Looking around, the broken bone stood up on its own, and saw a gray soul fire flashing in its eye sockets, and then a powerful breath erupted.

Xiao Huangmao was flew out by this breath shock, and fell to the corner of the temple.

Little Huang Mao tried to stand up, but he found that he couldn't do it.

The previous blow seemed to be the last straw that crushed Xiao Huangmao's body.

However, Xiao Huangmao also understood that even if he was not injured, he could not beat the skeleton in front of him. After all, the other side exuded the breath of the master and was not on the same level as him.

"It seems that Ezerel's adventures in life are about to come to an end, and I don't know if my partners have found the clues I left and then find them here."

Xiao Huangma felt his eyelids fighting, and his weariness was continuously eroding his spirit.

But as he closed his eyes, a familiar voice sounded in the distance.

Ultimate Flash!

Am I hearing this?

Xiao Huangma thought to himself.

However, the bright light in front of him drowned the skeleton walking towards him step by step, making him realize that he was not hallucinating.

"Xiao Huangmao, it seems your adventure life will continue for a while, of course, as long as you have to live first."

Little Huang Mao felt a bottle stuffed in his mouth, and then he was awake.

"It's you, how did you find this? Did you read the diary I left for you?"

"I do n’t know if you do n’t keep a diary. We just found the ruins along the marks you left. How do you find you next? Thank you, but it ’s all a matter. Broken. "Wei said.

"Yes, we still have a lot to do. Let's start our most vigorous adventure!"


Miles away, the orc empire wasteland.

The battlefield today is already fierce.

The masters brought by the beast emperor have all died. Even the beast emperor himself has broken an arm and completely lost his combat power.

Looking at the Greek Empire, the situation is not optimistic.

The enemy is far stronger than they expected.

The offerings from Jiawen have become corpses, and now they are constantly being eaten by the enemy and turned into their own power.

Master Clive was seriously injured, but just as he had promised himself before, even if he was already unstable, he was still standing in front of Master Rodney who was exhausted by magic.

Today, only the students who can take action and go out of Wang Jun are left.

"Wang Jun, the whole world has been deceived by you. You are not a king at all, not even a master!"

Although Wang Jun now has master-level magic power, he does not have the combat power and experience that a master should have, and he is indeed not a master.

What he relied on was nothing more than a systematic gift of his skills and strength. In addition, only the students he trusted were left.

Seeing the teacher's humiliation, Neathers rushed to the enemy regardless of his tired body.


Consuming the flesh and blood of several masters and the hidden dangers of the body are clear. Standing in front of Wang Jun is a king with absolute power.

Nethers was undoubtedly swatted by the blood of the enemy. If it was not for the support of his classmates, perhaps he is now a corpse.

But even so, Nethes also helped his companions, all of whom were seriously injured.


Wang Jun tried to use the skills to recover the injuries of the students, but even the treatment could not completely recover their injuries.

"Let the others go." Wang Jun said to the students around him.

"Teacher, my uncle (I) does not understand what you are talking about."

"You followed me as an unreliable dean. It was a bad life for eight lives, but starting today, you have all graduated. Unfortunately, I originally planned to give you a lively graduation ceremony. Now It seems that it can't be achieved. Run away, don't go back to the college, I will give you time. "

"Teacher, this graduation exam has not passed yet. How can we graduate?"

Seeing the students walking forward one by one, Wang Jun couldn't help but startled: "What do you want to do?"

"Even if we are killed today, maybe the bards will compose our deeds and sing in the future, but if we escape, in their description, we are widowers, teachers, and we are not dead today. , But want to respond to your expectations and that of the Academy! "

Wang Jun froze, then laughed,

"Yes, Lao Tzu's Academy is a superhero academy, Lao Tzu's students are heroes, only heroes who died in battle, and no coward who ran away. Today we ca n’t fight all of our teachers and students die here, the dog day system, if you are still watching If you do, take a good look at the heroic deeds of Lao Tzu and the students! "

Wang Jun and the students launched a final charge.

There are no tricks, no tactics, just bright forward.

At this moment, they are all ready for the consciousness of death.

But a miracle happened.

I saw the school badge on their chests glowing.

This kind of light can't enhance their strength and heal their injuries, but it gives people an unrivalled feeling.

As an enemy, he could feel the breath of the other person and instinctively wanted to avoid it, but at this moment, he felt a pain from the soul!

When he reacted from this pain ~ ~ he found himself surrounded by Wang Jun and his students.

Numerous skills have destroyed his body, and his soul has been annihilated in the ruins thousands of miles away.

After half a month.

The city of Carlworth welcomed unprecedented excitement.

The once closed superhero academy site was reopened, and hawkers from all directions gathered again in the deserted streets.

Unlike the noisy outside world, although the college is overcrowded, it is extremely quiet. Only Wang Jun, the dean, stands on the specially arranged podium and solemnly issues graduation certificates to the students.

Congratulations to the host ...

The system prompt sounded in Wang Jun's ear for a long time.

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