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Sweet Love, Deep Kiss
Author: Lixin Youyou
Genre: Romance

Sweet Love, Deep Kiss

After a dirty contract was signed,she was caught back to his side and became the noble Mrs.Quan.The next morning,she held her wrist,"Excuse me,Master Quan,are you an electrical man?""Aren't you clear about it?"he was an emperor in the business world but loved her to an extreme degree.when her ex got married,hte maste rfelt displeased and force her to go with him!"it's so windy outside.if i were blown into others' arms,they wouldn't return such a cute me."He pinned her down on the bed,"Who dare touch you?are they courting death?" When the truth was known to all,she snuggled up to him."Why do you treat me so well?""I haven't got tired of making love with you."


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