Novel info
Take Taobao to the Ancient Times
Author: How to like
Alternative names:带着淘宝到古代
Genre: Romance

Take Taobao to the Ancient Times

An Xiaojiu stepped on the soap in the bathroom and fell directly to ancient times!

Crossed, or with Taobao, An Xiaojiu determined to become the ancient Jack Ma!

Just when I first wore it, I met grandma, grandma, and auntie. She either wanted to kill her or sold her!

These are nothing, we have Taobao! The ancient broken bowls can sell a lot of money on Taobao. We also double the eleven in ancient times!

I was thinking of being casual and doing myself well, but I was pregnant while unmarried. Only then did An Xiaojiu know how lowly the status of an ancient merchant girl was!

Low enough, she won’t be recognized by her future mother-in-law for buying one get two!

The secret of identity, whose conspiracy?

Love chase, whose life and death?

Looking back, my affection remains unchanged, can you still hold a sword to protect me?


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