Tales of Herding Gods

~ The fifth story of Miro: the sound of dreams

After 800 billion years, the First Age was shattered.

On the ferry of the world, the owner of the Miro Palace woke up from that dream and sat in the bow of the boat, without any interest.

Susu was still dead in this catastrophe.

The yellow sheep is also dead.

They failed to survive this catastrophe, and he failed to save them.

He is talented, he is in a state of exhaustion, and he has started the dream.

There is a voice in the dream calling for his "teacher."

This dream is getting more and more real.

He looked at the robbery, remembered the openness in the dream, and remembered the embarrassing figure. So far, he still does not understand the meaning of the dream.

At this time, the chaos outside the ship was separated, and a white-faced man took a little girl and came to the gold ship.

The owner of the Miluo Palace looked at him with no eyes, and suddenly his eyes moved, and the white-skinned man gave him a disciple.

“Future visitors?”

The owner of the Miro Palace returned to the ceremony and said, "I have seen from your body what is not in this universe. You seem to have gone a long way in time. Are you from the future?"

"Teacher, I am your seventh disciple, chaos."

The white-skinned man said to him in a voice he was familiar with: "Go back here to see you."

The owner of the Miluo Palace looked at him with sorrow, this voice is the voice in the dream!

It was the voice that entangled him for 800 billion years!

It was the voice that called him to wake up!

Why did he do this dream?

Why did the first generation of the creation of the robbery in the dream?

He is puzzling.

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