Taoist Antecedent of the Yellow Court

Chapter 40

“So, Luwey, what do you think?”

Mu Yuanyi and Zhang Zong had been waiting. Seeing that the fight had ended, they quickly asked Lu Hongwen his opinion.

“Not bad!”

“Various functionalities are stable. Defense, attack, speed, and other basic attributes are also at the standards of Level 2 puppets. The only criticism I have is that its combat style is too rigid. I wouldn’t recommend it to be used as a melee puppet.”

Lu Hongwen’s eyes fell onto Lu Qingfeng with a look of wonder. “A scholar who has been away for three days must be looked at with new eyes indeed. After being silent for more than ten years, you’ve really managed to accomplish something!”

“I’m just lucky.”

Lu Qingfeng smiled when he heard what Lu Hongwen said.

After the sale version of Truth Exterminator Two had been finalized, Lu Qingfeng immediately found Mu Yuanyi and Zhang Zong to explain his intentions to cooperate. It just so happened that Lu Hongwen was also on Singularity Mountain. Hence, he tagged along to help test the performance of the Truth Exterminator Two.

Lu Hongwen had proven himself to be a great cultivator in the Foundation Building Stage. With great experience and wide knowledge, he was able to notice the defects of Truth Exterminator Two at a glance.

It was true.

As a remote-controlled-type puppet, when Lu Qingfeng was refining Truth Exterminator Two, he’d only engraved Power Runic Arrays on his arms. Other than that, no spells or martial art techniques were incorporated in it.

“So, it’s not suitable for close combat?”

When Mu Yuanyi heard this, he turned to look at Lu Qingfeng. Zhang Zong, on the other hand, had already gone to inspect Truth Exterminator Two up close.

“Yes. My initial idea was to pair up Truth Exterminator Two with a bow and turn it into a long-range puppet. So, I only engraved the Power Runic Array on its arms. If it were to be used for melee, the defenses of Level 2 puppets are still too weak. It would easily get destroyed,” Lu Qingfeng answered.

When he was designing Truth Exterminator One, his goal had been to refine it in reality and use it to deal with the Truth Sect. As resources were scarce in reality, he would naturally have to strive to minimize his losses. Hence, designing Truth Exterminator One as a long-range puppet seemed perfectly normal.

Truth Exterminator Two was merely a weaker version of type one. Hence, it was also basically going along the same route.


“Qingfeng, who do you think will need Level 2 puppets?”

After hearing him, Mu Yuanyi didn’t respond directly but asked a question instead.

“Who will need Level 2 puppets?”

“Level 2 puppets have combat powers that are equivalent to the Genuine Chi Stage, so it’d naturally be…”

Lu Qingfeng blurted out his words and was startled by Mu Yuanyi’s question.

It suddenly occurred to him that the price of a Level 2 puppet would be at least five Spirit Stones. For an ordinary cultivator in the Genuine Chi Phase, even after decades of savings, they might not have more than ten Spirit Stones.

Would they use all their wealth to buy a puppet with combat powers at only Level 2 of the Genuine Chi Phase?

That wasn’t realistic.

Lu Qingfeng immediately understood what Mu Yuanyi was implying.

“Looks like you understand my qualms.”

Mu Yuanyi looked at Truth Exterminator Two and said, “Level 2 puppets have combat powers at only the Genuine Chi Phase. It will only be used by great cultivators in the Foundation Building Stage and Cosmic Stage to explore perilous locations or wealthy cultivators in the Genuine Chi Phase to defend themselves.

“The former will need it to be powerful at melee and fast, while the latter will need it to have great defensive capabilities and be adequate at both long range and melee.”

When Lu Qingfeng heard this, he became enlightened.

When he was designing Truth Exterminator One and Two, he had been only thinking about his own needs. He had forgotten the demands of cultivators and players in “Primitive”. Now that Mu Yuanyi had brought it up, Lu Qingfeng couldn’t help but blush with shame.

However, according to what Mu Yuanyi had said, it wouldn’t be difficult to make the corresponding changes to Truth Exterminator Two. After all, the overall structure had already been perfected. He would only have to swap out the corresponding Runic Arrays according to specific needs.

For example, the scouting type.

Gale Runic Arrays could be engraved on its legs, and Runic Arrays for melee combat could be added.

For the defensive type, defensive Runes could be engraved, or the puppet could be paired with shields and other Runic Equipment.

“Give me six months!”

Lu Qingfeng got Mu Yuanyi and the rest of them to leave while he buried his head in the Emery Tool Refining Chamber to modify Truth Exterminator Two.

Seven months later…

After several failures, Truth Exterminator Two (Scouting Version) and Truth Exterminator Two (Guardian Version) had been refined successfully.

In fact, many parts hadn’t needed to be changed for this kind of modification. It had only required a slight modification at the part that outputs Spirit Energy.

“Truth Exterminator Two (Scouting Version) is engraved with the low-level spells of Gale, Smoldering Palm, Power, Earth, and Precision. Its melee combat capabilities have been improved, and for it to perform long-range attacks, it just has to be equipped with a bow.

“Truth Exterminator Two (Guardian Version), is engraved with the low-level spells of Smoldering Palm, Mantle Sword Style, Power, Golden Ray, and Fireball. It is suitable for both long-range and close combat. If equipped with broadswords and shields, it can be further improved.”

Lu Qingfeng pointed to the two modified versions of Truth Exterminator Two beside him and introduced them to Mu Yuanyi.


Mu Yuanyi tried the puppets himself and revealed a hint of joy on his face.

“On behalf of Singularity, I will purchase ten of the Scouting Versions!” Mu Yuanyi pointed at Truth Exterminator Two (Scouting Version) and gave Lu Qingfeng his first order.

“What is your price for these, Qingfeng?”

Mu Yuan asked for the price after placing the order.

“You have a better understanding of the market, Brother Mu. I was about to ask for your consultation in that regard.”

Lu Qingfeng’s understanding of the market was still at the stage where Mu Yuanyi had bought two Level 2 puppets for him seven or eight years ago. He really didn’t know much about the market prices at this stage.

When Mu Yuanyi heard him, he thought for a moment and raised his head, “The conflict between the Spectral Cult and the 100 Art Sect has been intensifying over the past ten years. Hence, the value of puppets has increased slightly. The price of the Scouting Version can be set at 12 to 13 Stones while the Guardian Version can be at around 14.”

“We’ll make it 11 and 13 then,” Lu Qingfeng decided casually.

What he needed now was quantity. Even with a lower price, he was still making a lot of money. At the same time, he could quickly improve his proficiency.

Killing two birds with one stone!

Making money in the game wasn’t all that important. What mattered the most to him now was to get his army ready in reality.

Lu Qingfeng knew his priorities.

“Is your price a little too low?” Mu Yuanyi said hesitantly.

The price he’d stated was based on the market price. If it were to be were lowered by one to two Spirit Stones on this basis, Mu Yuanyi was worried that Lu Qingfeng would not make any profit.

“Rest assured, Brother Mu, I’m still profiting.”

“In the future, Singularity will receive 20 percent off all my puppets,” Lu Qingfeng said to Mu Yuanyi with a smile.

20 percent was by no means a small number!

According to the Scouting Version’s price at 11 Spirit Stones, ten Truth Exterminator Twos (Scouting Version) would save the guild a total of 22 Spirit Stones.

“20 percent off…”

Mu Yuan glanced at Lu Qingfeng, “Qingfeng, you shouldn’t be working at a loss!”

“Nah, I’ll still profit.”

Lu Qingfeng waved his hands.

Singularity was the first guild he had ever stayed in. Besides, Mu Yuanyi and the others have treated him well. Naturally, Lu Qingfeng’s feelings for Singularity weren’t shallow.

On puppets, the profits he would be making were already immense. Giving Singularity a discount could be regarded as his payback to the guild.

“Material procurement and the sales of puppets are still on you and the guild, Brother Mu, just like my pills,” Lu Qingfeng added.

“That goes without saying!”

When Mu Yuanyi heard him, he laughed heartily!

After the negotiating with Mu Yuanyi, Truth Exterminator Two (Scouting Version) and Truth Exterminator Two (Guardian Version) were officially launched.

The first order was placed by Mu Yuanyi for the guild of Singularity at a total of ten Truth Exterminator Twos (Scouting Version).

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