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The Ancient Physician of the Future Beast World
Author: string
Alternative names:未来兽世之古医药师
Genre: Yaoi

The Ancient Physician of the Future Beast World

In an accident, Qi Jun traveled to the future orc world and became Qi Jun.
Being a human being in two lifetimes, his identity as an illegitimate child made him not seen by his “relatives”.
Facing such “relatives”, Qi Jun was happy to break away from them.
No matter how lonely a person’s life is, it is better than being spurned by others every day.
Eh? Why is there an extra herb space? Planting medicinal herbs will upgrade the space?
It doesn’t matter! What matters is that you can finally eat the food that people eat! !
God knows that the food of the beast world is not eaten by humans at all!
“Hey, don’t pretend to be okay? Eat it quickly if you want! It won’t taste good when it’s cold!”
“Hey hey hey!! Stinky wolf! It’s eating, not eating me!!!
Shut me up now! Your smart mech is peeping you bastard! ! ! ”
This is an inspirational story of a scrappy young shou trying to become the greatest ancient medicine practitioner in China… (???!!!)

There is portable space, food, medicinal materials, supernatural powers, mecha, exploration, archaeology and golden fingers~~~~~~
Forgot to say: there are still raw buns at the end, those who don’t accept it, don’t jump by mistake~~~
Special reminder: This article is a food article. Like the previous articles, the food series. Lots and lots of food. Farming text.
Those who pursue the passion of speed should be cautious. All the golden fingers and adventure activities in this article are for more delicious food,
Earn more money and achieve the ultimate prestige achievement. In short, patient foodies are welcome to jump into the pit!
My second orc world article~~I hope everyone will continue to support~~
Special reminder: I write the article, no counterattack, no mutual attack, no NP, no attack, no exchange. Shuang Jiewen welcomes stress-free jumping.

Content Labels: Farming Wen Portable Space Ability Another World Continent
Search keyword: Protagonist: Dongfang Rong, Qi Jun (Qi Jun)
Supporting roles: Qiu Xu, Luo Xuan, Dongfang Yiming, Dongfang Yuan, Qiu Bao, Duan Changhua, etc.
Others: portable space, food, medicinal materials, exploration, archaeology, mecha, abilities, childbirth


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