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The Daily Life of the Immortal King
Author: Kuxuan
Alternative names:仙王的日常生活

The Daily Life of the Immortal King

Wang Ling is a cultivation genius. Since a year old, he managed to achieve a new cultivation realm in every a couple of years. With the power beyond his own control, he became nearly invincible being.

Wang Ling is sixteen years old now and he has to face one of the gratest battle he never faced before, Senior High School. There are so many challenges popping up. Therefore, Wang Ling’s plans for a low-key school life become further away every time.

Wang Ling: “I just want to eat my crispy noodle snacks in peace..”

Father Wang: If you’re careless enough to destroy the country, it’s coming out of your pocket money.

Wang Ling: It’s not my fault that the backlash from punching me kills you.

Main Characters

Wang Ling

Wang Ling’s appearance is mostly a mystery because he can change his face on a whim based on the current trend to be average. He does have slightly handsome facial features, average build and a crew cut with his dead fish eyes.


Wang Ling is a non-talkative individual who‘s obsessed with being average and not standing out. He tries to avoid troublesome matters yet he still manages to get involved and has also secretly saved the world on numerous accounts. He also lives for and loves his crispy noodles.


Heavenly Eye (King’s Eye)

(Known) Three Thousand Great Spells (not sorted list)

  1. Great Transfiguration Spell
  2. Great Purification Spell
  3. Great Separation Spell
  4. Great Shielding Spell
  5. Great Illusion Spell
  6. Great True-World Spell
  7. Great Recollection Spell
  8. Great Moon-Reading Spell
  9. Great Mind-Reading Spell
  10. Great Blood Origin Spell
  11. Great Gravitation Spell
  12. Great Devouring Spell
  13. Great Transformation Spell
  14. Great Void Spell
  15. Great Fortune Spell
  16. Great Wind Spell
  17. Great Sacrifice Spell
  18. Great Weapon-Refining Spell
  19. Great Sealed Lips Spell
  20. Great Measuring Fate Spell
  21. Great Barter Skill Spell
  22. Great Skull-Flicking Spell
  23. Great Soul Shift Spell
  24. Great Fate Spell
  25. Great Sea-Parting Spell
  26. Great Mind Fill Spell
  27. Great Creation Spell
  28. Great Enlightenment Spell
  29. Great Data Spell
  30. Great Taste Spell
  • Jingke – Spirit Sword
  • Bai Qiao – Spirit Sword Scabbar
  • Sheep – Enlightened Tricycle
  • Lord Ma – Enlightened Toilet
  • Koi IPoid – Enlightened iPad
  • Nagato – Enlightened Door
  • Pen – Enlightened Pen Goblin
  • Eraser – Enlightened Eraser Goblin
Rank Realm Chapter Age
1 Physical Build Stage 1 0
2 Qi Condensation Stage 1 0
3 Foundation Establishment Stage 1 0
4 Golden Core Stage 1 1
5 Nascent Soul Stage 1 8
6 Soul Formation Stage 1 9
7 Void Refinement Stage 1 10
8 Itinerant Immortal 1 11
9 True Immortal 1 12
10 Venerated Immortal 1 13
11 Sage Immortal 1 13
12 Dao Immortal 14
13 Dao Master 14
14 Dao God 15
15 Dao Ancestor 15
Cultivation (Body)
Rank Realm Chapter Age Power
1 Golden Body 0 Stronger Body
2 Sage Body 1 16 Golder Shield
3 Immortal Body 0 (birth) Customization
  • He has Dead Fish eyes and his trademark has always been an ellipse; ex: Wang Ling “…”
  • Father Wang had a pair of very beautiful phoenix eyes. Since he had taken to wearing glasses after he started writing, this characteristic wasn’t so obvious… But this was the reason why Father Wang once suspected that Wang Ling wasn’t his flesh and blood. Mother Wang had very beautiful double eyelids and big eyes! And Father Wang had phoenix eyes… But how did the two of them end up having a son with dead fish eyes? Later, Father Wang convinced himself…His son Wang Ling… Must have mutated in the womb…
Lotus Sun

She met Wang Ling on the meet-and-greet for new students at No. 60 High School.


She was elegant, with long hair and fair skin, and wore a tight-fitting white T-shirt, jeans and casual shoes.

  • Vice President of the Student Union at No. 60 High School and class monitor of Grade One, Class Three.
  • The successor of Huaguo Water Curtain Group
  • Number one beauty of No. 60 High School
Mother Wang

Mother of Wang Ling

Cultivation Realms

Mortal Realms
Rank Stages Sub-stage Lifespan
1 Physical Build (锻体期)
  • Early
  • Mid
  • Late
  • Peak
2 Qi Condensation (凝气期)
3 Foundation Building (筑基期)
4 Golden Core (金丹期)
5 Nascent Soul (元婴期)
6 Soul Formation (化神期) 2.000 Years
7 Void Refinement (炼虚期)
Immortal Realms
Rank Stages Sub-stage Lifespan
8 Itinerant Immortal 1 – 9 Levels
9 True Immortal (真仙) 1 – 9 Levels
10 Venerated Immortal (仙尊) 1 – 9 Levels
11 Sage Immortal (仙圣) 1 – 99 Heavenly Daos
Dao Realms
Rank Stages Sub-stage Lifespan
12 Dao Immortal (道仙) 100 – 500 Heavenly Daos
13 Dao Master 500 – 1000 Heavenly Daos
14 Dao God (道神) 1000 – 3000 Heavenly Daos
15 Dao Ancestor (道祖) 3000 Heavenly Daos of more than one realm
Divine Realms
Rank Stages Sub-stage Lifespan

Chapter List


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