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The Dark Ages
Author: Fairy Boy
Alternative names:黑暗大纪元
Genre: Sci-fi

The Dark Ages

The doomsday has begun, and a dark and bloody era of human evolution on earth has begun. For others, the doomsday is terrible, but for Qin Tiange, who has just been reborn from the fifteenth year of the doomsday, it is definitely a good news.

In this life, Qin Tiange vowed to be the strongest of the starry hundreds!

Human power in previous lives? First accepted as a younger brother!

Opportunities in previous lives? I contract first!

Terrible human forbidden areas in previous lives. Humans must die if they step into it? Just kidding, in this life, how can I lead my brother to settle those restricted areas and transform it into a human back garden!

Hundreds of starry sky invaded the earth, hunting human race? In this life, I will kill one person, one pair, one pair, and one hundred families will be scared, and one hundred families will not dare to cross Leichi half a step!

One day, my people will set foot on the ancestral land of hundreds of people and hunt the stars!

Our slogan is: The human race will not fall, and the expedition will not stop. Those who commit my race will be stunned even if they are far away!

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