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The Devil President is a Baddy!
Author: Yanxi
Alternative names:恶魔总裁坏坏哒
Genre: Romance

The Devil President is a Baddy!

The dramas with the man stealing the bride from her marriage are already quite common, but who will explain why this man snatched her away when he doesn’t even know who the bride is!

“You don’t remember me? Then let me introduce myself once again!”

He said as she edged towards the corner of the bed. He was a cold, arrogant and bossy president, with a gaze that could make anyone doubt themselves. But for her? For her, he only had love, strong, obsessive love. If she didn’t remember him, then what? He would just etch on new memories onto her heart and brain. The question in her mind was, how was she supposed to lie to him? After one point, she couldn’t bear it.

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