The End of Online Games in the Three Kingdoms

~ End of this testimonial

First of all, I apologize to everyone. I ended up in a hurry, and I said that it was a bit unfinished. I am sorry to everyone.

I started writing in August 2018, and after writing for two months, I saved 200,000 words. I started uploading it in October. It took 616 days to this day, totaling 3.05 million words.

The shelf collection is about 800, the first order is 40, and you can't do it again; so far, they are all ordered at 1594, and the high set is 4218, which is incomparable with the big guys, but finally it is not so ugly.

In two years, I have experienced a lot, from a pink and tender single dog who just graduated from university to today's 200 kg big fat single dog. Thank you all for your company.

If I really continue to write, I can write another million words, but it doesn’t make sense. The rest is to fight and fight again. I feel a little tired of myself.

Looking back, I found a lot of problems in the book. I wanted to portray big scenes, but I didn't have enough writing ability and experience. In the end, I couldn't paint a tiger like a dog. The emotional drama is naive, the characters are face-to-face, and the storyline is pale. The counsellors use soy sauce almost all the time, and they can't write the feeling of fighting in the world.

Take a closer look, I feel that the writing is terrible. Thank you so many friends for reading my bad book. Thank you again.

Regarding the new book, I do not plan to open the book in the short term. I will take a rest for two or three months. Take exercise, get fat gradually, adjust my work and rest, by the way———————————————————— ———————————————————— Pursuing a girl I have long wanted for a long time, hoping to end my sad 20-year single dog life.

Finally, I hope every reader will be safe, fast and happy. Thank you again.

At the end of the end, this girl smiled really nicely (the idiot's smile—)

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