Venerated Venomous Consort

Chapter 3070 Fanwai 3 - Cangyu Jade

Fanwai, Cangyu jade

I know from the knowledge of God that I am a different jade!

Other jade is jade, and I am the star stone of the heavenly master who controls the heavens and the earth. The master of heaven is controlled by stars, how many continents there are in the universe, and how many stars and stones are there under the master of heaven. Our function It is to pass the purpose of the Guardian of Heaven to guard the six realms.

I have many brothers and sisters, each with their own abilities, and each with their own guardians, and I was the one who was born the last one. When I was born, the lord of heaven was just recovering. At that time, he Very weak, the whole person lost his soul, he tried his best to infuse a remnant soul that did not know what method to use, in my body...

I only have the knowledge of God, but I still have a look. I only remember that it was in the forbidden land of God. It was surrounded by star-shaped stars. The Lord of Heaven stood on the high platform. The weak figure of the whole person was fished out of the water. The face is pale and not like words.

He stroked me and told me to ‘cheet,’ and said, “I’m sorry, I’ll never let you fly away! You must come back! I will do my best to make you return!”

So, I know that this little soul on my body is called 'Worry', but this soul is damaged too much, and it has been broken into thousands of small pieces. The three souls are not complete, and it is a soul. A glimpse of it, although it barely converges together, it is also ignorant, I suspect that it will not wake up on that day...

The Lord of Heaven will drop a drop of blood on my body, saying that this is his heart and blood, can nourish the soul, let the soul slowly repair the integrity, and set up a spiritual cover in my body, saying that with this, anyone else Can't destroy...

He let me nourish this soul, no flashes.

Listening to his meaning, when he recovers, he will use the magical method to bring the little soul to a complete resurrection. The period is one hundred years. He said that she will be born again in a hundred years.

But the plan will never catch up with the change. When he brought me out in the sleeves, he came across a mad van Gogh, and Van Gogh rushed into the forbidden place of God. The Lord of Heaven said that Brahman is the only apprentice she can remember. He had an accident, so he returned to the forbidden place to save him.

As a result, the Lord of Heaven is too weak, and using the forbidden technique to gather the soul has already consumed most of his spiritual power, and then condensed out a special nourishing soul, and he is close to the end of the tough.

And that Brahman may have been too sorrowful, and actually went into the temple of the forbidden place of God.

When he broke in, the temple was closed directly, and even the Lord of Heaven could not enter.

And the Lord of Heaven did not plan to go in, he sat outside the temple and slowly recovered...

Then the temple door opened and Van Gogh came out.

I don't quite understand what happened in the middle. Anyway, when Van Gogh came out, he and the Lord of Heaven had forgotten the existence of the cherished, even I forgot, I even forgot that there is still a hidden inside of my body. Remnant soul...

This remnant soul is in my body by the master of heaven. I don’t need a special method, it is extremely difficult to be noticed.

After the return of the Lord of Heaven, there are too many star stones around him, and I have been moldy in a corner of the storage space that he has thrown into.

I was not willing to stay here, I found an opportunity and finally got out of his storage bag.

At that time, he was playing chess with the creation **** of Brahman, and I fell on his board.

Coincidentally, I broke a chess.

The Lord of Heaven has picked up me with my fingertips and stunned: "This star stone is very fancy."

Van Gogh laughs: "I didn't expect that there would be such a fancy thing on the Lord. This color is very bright and very different from other stars."

The Lord of Heaven has placed me on the board: "It broke the chess of the deity, then right and fill the pieces."

I always feel that I still have a very powerful function, instead of posing as a chess here.

Take me as a chess piece. He also regards me as the color of chess. He said that if Van Gogh wins him in a game, he will give him ‘I’.

Fan Sanshi has a good impression on me, agrees, and he is more and more careful.

However, the chess of the Vatican and the Lord of Heaven are too far apart. Although he is very careful, he ends up defeating.

My color head is still owned by the Lord of Heaven and has not been sent out.

But I am annoyed! I feel that he insulted me as the dignity of the Heavenly Stone.

Looking for a chance to run away from home, wandering between the stars, I also gave myself a super-fan name - Cang Yuyu.

I don't know how many years have passed. The years of wandering years have made me forget my origins. I only feel that I am very ordinary. I have to guard against something, but I can't remember what I want to guard.

By chance, I met Van Gogh again.

He actually knew me and said hello to me: "Hey, this is not... that color head?"

I am very angry, you are the color head! You are a color head from head to toe!

Van Gogh seized me and said that he liked the brightness of my body and wanted me to make a night pearl and decorate his room.

I couldn't resist him, and I was not willing to be an embellishment, so I automatically converge all the edges of my body and become a gray stone.

Van Gogh naturally understands that I am not willing, he will check me to check, want to force me to restore the light, but did not expect yin and yang to make mistakes, let him feel the hidden little soul in my body...

I was fainted by him, and when I woke up, I found out that I came to a world of flowers and flowers and became a charm on the wrist of the mad scientist Long Van.

I always feel that I have lost something, but I have been checking myself for a long time, and there is no stone corner, but my heart always feels empty, as if my life is missing.

I followed him on the mainland, learned countless skills, and met a lot of people, but I forgot about the past, just remember that I should guard a person, but who should guard who can't remember it anyway.

Long Fan said that I am an advanced artificial intelligence and a heavenly stone that can sense the rules of heaven.

So he explained to me a heavenly mission, took me to the mainland of the flying star, gave me the knowledge of countless flying stars, and then let me find a woman named Gu Xiyu, staying by her, doing her gold. finger……

At the moment when I saw Gu Xizhen at the auction house, my consistently arduous stone heart boiled into magma.

It is her! I should guard her! I want to guard her.

I feel like she has been reunited for a long time -

My broken life is finally getting complete...


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