Novel info
The Glamorous Plump Princess
Author: Crunchy Candy
Alternative names:肥妃如此多娇
Genre: Drama, Romance

The Glamorous Plump Princess

This is an encouraging story about how a plump and dark-skinned imperial concubine achieved her success. A pharmacist living in modern society suddenly became an imperial concubine endeared to the emperor through time travel. Being chubby, dark-skinned, as well as gluttonous, she went to great lengths to ingratiate herself with the emperor. After gaining the reputation as the most beautiful lady in the capital, she was pressed against the wall by the emperor when she intended to escape from the royal palace. “Want to flee, huh?” The hidden passion in the emperor’s heart turned into sweet love finally. The Glamorous Plump Princess VS The Bossy and Reticent Emperor.


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