Novel info
The Governor is Sick
Author: Yang Su
Alternative names:督主有病
Genre: Urban Life

The Governor is Sick

The world did not expect that the king of corpses in the mountains and the leader of the prodigal son Xia Houyu were reduced to the lowest level of the East Factory, with a monthly salary of two or two silver, which could not even afford the rent.

As a party of chaos in the rivers and lakes, Xia Houyi, the number one wanted to commit crimes in Dongchang, did not even realize that the young and fragile young master he met when he was a child turned into a hot, overturned cloud, and turned over the rain.

And the governor, in his heart, had a beam of white moonlight, coveted for a long time, but couldn’t help it.
I became a ghost for you, and you became a Buddha for me.


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