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The Group Pet Goose is the White Moonlight of the Paranoid Boss
Author: Sweet Sago
Alternative names:团宠女鹅是偏执大佬的白月光
Genre: Romance

The Group Pet Goose is the White Moonlight of the Paranoid Boss

The Jiang family, a wealthy family in Jincheng, adopted a pair of sisters. The younger sister Jiang Fanyue is sensible and generous, with both talent and beauty.

The impoverished biological family came to the door, and the Jiang family couldn’t wait to pack Jiang Zhe away, leaving Jiang Fanyue behind; family property, reputation, the identity of the eldest daughter, and fiancé, all have nothing to do with Jiang Zhe from now on.


Jiang Zhe stepped into the door of his house with suspicious eyes. Are the precious famous paintings of the Tang Dynasty hanging on the wall authentic? Is the bowl that holds vegetables and soup an orphan made of gold wire enamel?

What about poor families?

What, there is also a fiancé of the top wealthy family in the capital?

Can she break off the marriage?


The boss blocked her against the wall and wrapped her in his arms: “What do you think, Madam?”

“My grades are so bad that I fail all of them, and I don’t deserve to be in a giant.”

The boss turned out her full-scale college entrance examination paper.

“I’m nothing, nothing.”

The big guy lifts off her magic doctor, designer, hacker, composer… and other small vests.

He was small and gentle: “I work hard to be worthy of the lady.”

[I have no desire or desire since I was a child, but when I saw you for the first time, I prayed to the gods and Buddha for a moment, I want to beg you – Qin Jingchen. 】

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