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The Heavens Come
Author: Off Fire Cannon
Alternative names:诸天降临
Genre: Sci-fi

The Heavens Come

God opened the Battle Royales game, randomly selected people will be sent to the battlefield to meet the killers from the heavens: Orcs, Vampires, Alien Invaders, Ultron Robots …

Or killed.

Or survive and get abilities, weapons, blood, and black technology from the heavens.

The hangover drowsy Ye Xing, woke up and found himself in a strange place, eh? There was a knife in the ground. He just picked it up and turned around, and only heard a whistle. A stealthy guy bumped into his knife-a grunt wearing a ring?

Congratulations, you got the legendary item, Lord of the Rings.

Ye Tzu: “???”

In simple terms, this is a story of an old insidious man who has been invisible to participate in the Battle of the Heavens …

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