Novel info
The Legend of Fatality
Author: Keihoku Yojin
Alternative names:法塔林传奇

The Legend of Fatality

Traditional Western fantasy adventure story

In the Black Tower, the instructors taught this group of young apprentices to use magic.

The young apprentices grew up in killing, conspiracy and betrayal.

Everyone needs a reason to live. When this reason no longer exists?

There will always be people who choose to avenge those who take away their reasons for living.

The gods created the world to share with the spirits,

Then the creatures of all races declare that the world belongs to them.

The seemingly weak forces are rising.

A brief calm will be followed by a more intense storm.

Lies, vanity, attachment, longing and unwillingness.

The war never stopped and the conspiracy never stopped.

Regardless of the nobles above,

Still a humble little man,

Every creature will usher in its own destiny.


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