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The Life of Maria Lewellin
Genre: Comedy

The Life of Maria Lewellin

Maria was brought to this world by an accident.
God gave her one ability, she can hear the voices of animals!
One day, whie living her hard life with onky a bit of pleasure, Maria hears a word that made her eyes sparkle…
“His majesty, the Crown Prince’s leopard is very sick. If someone can heal the leopard, the prince will grant any wish.”
Maria, visited the palace, hoping to cure the leopard safely and make the crown prince grant her wish as promised.
“Excuse me but….why do I have to live here?”
“You asked me. You said want to live here.”
“That’s not what I meant”
“It’s too late now…”
And that’s how Maria and the tsundere crown prince ended up living together in the Imperial Palace


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