The Life of Maria Lewellin

Chapter 47

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find what I wanted. Maria’s diary only contained her daily life and her mood of the day.

But it’s not like I didn’t get anything from it.  In fact, I learned something new. It was the fact that Aunt Mary was a priestess* before she got married.

(t/n: the Korean term used for this is 신녀 ‘shinnyeo’ meaning a woman who supports/serves god. There’s no exact english tl to this word so I used the closest one.) 

A priest or a priestess can never be just anyone. Of course, one must have the power bestowed by God, and after a few years of rigorous training, only the final chosen person is appointed as the messenger of God.

Since then, I’ve heard that they have devoted their lives to God.  But how did Aunt Mary marry Uncle Jacqueline? And for what reason did they adopted Maria?

Does it have anything to do with me coming into this world?

“Uhh…I don’t know anymore!”

After thinking about it for a while, I decided to talk to Aunt Mary.

The answer will be in her hands.

[What’s the matter?]


[You seemed to be lost in your thoughts since earlier.]

“No. It’s nothing. “

I answered Boraeng-ie’s words with a smile.

But Boraeng-ie guessed right.

I’ve been sitting in a daze, lost in thought since a while ago.

About an hour ago.

After the busy lunch break, I asked Aunt Mary for a conversation. She readily complied with me.

“Can you tell me about myself?”

I hesitated and decided to rely on my luck, and asked questions one by one.

The conclusion is…

Well, to be honest, I wasn’t very satisfied.

Well, Aunt Mary dismissed all of my questions with a simple answer, saying, ‘It was because of God’s revelation.’

The reason she married Uncle Jacqueline is because she adopted a baby who had been abandoned in front of her house.

“It was all commanded by God in a vision.”

“By God… Do you mean the God, Atra? “

“That’s right.”

My chest felt stuffy. To be honest, it may probably just a mere dream, but it was hard to understand from my common sense that she got married and even adopted a child because of God’s command.

….No. That’s a possibility.

The fact that I’m in this world right now doesn’t make sense as well, but it still happened.

While I was at it, I told Auntie about the dream I’ve had for three days in a row.

Her conclusion was simple.

“It’s not a dream, it’s a vision. I guess God loves you very much.”

I couldn’t help but ask back this time.

“……God loves me?”

And they made me dream such a hideous dream?!

I felt confused and stuffy, but Auntie’s thoughts seemed to remain the same.

Looking at me with a straight and determined look, she added.

“Really…God loves you very much.”

“Haaaaaa…. “

A long sigh flowed out. I still couldn’t understand it no matter how hard I think of it.

No, if they truly love me, they’ll give me money.

How can they drop me in a world I’ve never heard of? I just want to see who they are.

[Are you okay?]

[….no, I’m not okay.]

My head is fuzzy because of that dream and my body felt heavy. Even taking a nap didn’t seem to be particularly refreshing.

I need to stop being like this, but I have to change my mood.

“Would you like to go for a walk? Not too far, just somewhere close by.”


Boraeng-ie’s tail twirled like a propeller. I soon held him in my arms and left the backyard.

“I don’t know if you like the food. If you had told me in advance, I would have prepared it more properly…”

“No. It’s great enough.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

There was relief in the Lord’s voice. His wrinkled face was full of emotion and passion.

All his hardships for that day were worth it because such a precious person was eating on the table as him right now.

Meeting the Crown Prince of the Empire, seeing him standing right in front of him, Viscount Hermann wondered if this is a dream or a reality.

The day was just beginning and he was in the midst of his work when a servant ran to him and gave him an unbelievable news.

“My L-Lord! H-His Highness is here!”

What he said was true. Hermann and his son rushed out to meet the Crown Prince and opened the office as he requested.

“Go ahead.”

Upon receiving Ains’ orders, the aides began searching the office at a rapid pace. After a short while, Tyr came back and reported the results.

“I don’t think there’s anything that could be a problem.”

Ains nodded satisfactorily. He had a pretty good hunch.

Even if he doesn’t loosen up the manpower or ask people on the street, it was clear that the Viscount was managing the place quite well with how full of vitality the village is.

In fact, when he arrived in Adella, Ains had no intention of meeting the local lord.

He was just going to see Maria for a moment and go straight to Dasca, but since he came all the way here, he thought it would be good to take a look.

The inspection was smooth.

When he tried to leave the castle after confirming that there was no problem, the lord almost grabbed him and begged.

“Please have a meal at least.”

Ains sighed and responded to his request. The Lord’s son was also present at the lunch. The son was quite different from his father.

He gave off a strong impression that he was fierce because of his large body and his sharp eyes.

When the meal was over, the Viscount recommended having a tea, saying there were good tea leaves he just obtained, but this time he refused and left the dining area.

Walking along the long hallway, something caught Ains’ eye.

A large frame containing a portrait was hung on the wall.

Hermann, who noticed his gaze directed at one place, hurriedly added an explanation.

“It’s a portrait of my wife.”

The woman in the painting was holding a baby wrapped in a blanket in her arms, with her red hair tied neatly.

‘….Is it the son of a lord?’

“She’s quite a beauty.”

“I’m flattered…In fact, my wife was well-known as beauty even back when she was still alive. Haha.”

The door was just around the corner. When the door opened, the white flowers he saw on the way were in full bloom.

Ains jumped on his horse’s back.

He left the lord’s residence, leaving Lord and his son behind, bent over backward.

When they’re almost down the hill, he heard Tyr’s voice.

“He must have loved his wife very much,”

Ains agreed in silence.

When the lord introduced his family, his wife was not there.

There was only one thing that the fact meant.

The higher the rank, the more often an aristocrat has a concubine. Furthermore, it was very rare not to let another woman in even though her wife died.

“The son alone had two wives.”

As they talked about this and that- with Tyr doing most of the talking while Ains listened, a busy street appeared.

There was only one destination left. He was about to turn his head toward the restaurant run by Maria’s parents when Tyr exclaimed suddenly.


“What’s wrong?”

“Look, I think it’s Miss Maria.”

Tyr’s fingertips pointed somewhere.

What he said was true.

Fluffy yellow dress, red hair that comes down to the waist.

It must have been Maria who was walking with a small puppy in her arms.

“Shall we follow her?”

Ains didn’t answer. He looked at where Maria is and jumped off his horse.

“Wait here.”

“Y-your highness?”

Pretending not to hear Tyr’s flustered call, Ains strode toward the square.

Before going for a walk, I decided to stop by the market first today. Like I said before, it’s just sad not having a snack when taking a walk.

[The sun is so hot]


Is it because it’s hot?

The street was quieter than I thought. As I walked in search of shade, the market appeared.

[What shall we eat today?]

[Anything is fine.]

[Same here.]

There was a smell of bread somewhere. I paused and looked down at Boraeng-ie.

[Are you thinking what I’m thinking?]

[Yes, of course]

We must have been best friends in our previous lives! Yes, probably.

As I walked inward, the smell of freshly baked bread became stronger. Finally, I reached the bakery and looked down at the stand with sparkling eyes.

“Looks delicious….”

Just looking at it made my mouth water. This looks delicious, and that looks delicious.

I finally made up my mind and reached out to the big cream bread that was left.


Seriously…But why is this?

Almost at the same time, another hand popped up and snatched the bread I was going to buy.

Did you just take my bread away?! I was so shocked and irritated so I turned around for a moment.


When I checked the face of the bully, I widened my eyes wide without realizing it.

A familiar face was smiling down at me.

….Am I seeing things because of tiredness?

With my hands clenched in fists, I quickly rubbed my eyes. Then I opened my eyes again, and the same face was still looking at me.

“Your….. Highness?”

“Long time no see.”

I’m not just seeing things. As soon as I heard the calm greeting, I was sure that the man in front of me was Ains.

Oh, my God.

“What are you doing here?”

“That’s all you can think of when you see me?”

“That’s because I’m flustered. No, but what are you really doing here?”

Is it because you missed me? I’d be in trouble if I mess with you, right?

But I was really curious. How could someone who should be in the palace be in Adella?!

Come to think of it, I remembered hearing that he would go to the inspection soon. I looked around, covered my mouth with my hands, and asked Ains.

“Did you come to this area for an inspection?”

“That’s right. But I had another business to do.”

“What is it?”

Then he suddenly flicked my forehead with his finger, it made a sound but it didn’t hurt that much.

“Something like that.”

He paid the bread and looks back at me and asks.

“Are you here to shop?”

“No, I’m here to buy snacks. I was on my way for a walk.”

Ains’ expression changed strangely when I lifted Boraeng-ie in my arms.

“This guy….”

I replied with a playful smile.

“It’s the one I like the most, Boraeng-ie. He’s handsome, right?”

“He’s cute.”

As expected, our eyes are the same.

“But it’s really fascinating.”


“Adella is a big town. But we met like this.”

What’s with that? Thinking that it was Ains who took the cream bread, I laughed belatedly.

I thought, such coincidences really do happen.

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