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The Little Moments When I’m In Love With You
Alternative names:与你相恋的小时光

The Little Moments When I’m In Love With You

“You don’t want to learn math and you don’t want to learn English, so what do you want to learn?”

“Do you teach anything I want to learn?”

“Crap, otherwise why would I come to teach you as a home tutor.”

“I want to learn how to kiss.”


I originally thought that when I was going to tutor i was going to meet a little puppy, I didn’t expect it to be a little wolf dog.

Later, Yu Wan looked at Han Ye seriously: “Sorry, I have never considered finding a boyfriend younger than me.”

“Even if he’s an hour younger than you? ”

“A minute younger!”

Han Ye also thought about it, and the handsome boy approached her with a smirk. “Then you should start thinking about it now…”

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